Why Can’t I Trim Music on TikTok? Is This Issue Fixable?


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Why Can't I Trim Music On Tiktok

The inability to trim music on TikTok has left users questioning, “Why can’t I trim music on TikTok?“.

Do you have the same question and want to know the practical solutions to fix it?

If so, look no further, as this article is composed based on that information.

Why Can’t I Trim Music on TikTok?

Let’s address the main question; why can’t I trim music on TikTok? TikTok doesn’t let you cut music since the app’s algorithm prevents you from recording videos longer than 60 seconds.

Furthermore, a video that is already fifteen seconds long cannot be shortened. With that said, TikTok also provides alternative options for cutting songs to the right length.

Besides, if you wonder how to make a playlist on TikTok and rearrange the video orders, this guide explains everything about TikTok playlists.

How to Trim Sound on TikTok Prior to Recording

It is possible to trim sounds or music through TikTok in two different ways. This means you can trim music before or after recording the video.

Below are some TikTok music editing guidelines for you.

How to Trim Music on the TikTok App Before Creating the Video

Step 01: As the first step, you are supposed to open the TikTok app on your device. Then, you should see a “+” icon on the screen. You can tap this icon to proceed.

Tap "+" icon on the TikTok

Step 02: Then, you can add a sound using the top of the screen. You can select a song that should be added to the video.

add a sound using the top of the screen

Step 03: When the sound clip is selected, you can trim it. In fact, you can trim it until you get the perfect length you desire. You can do so using the icon that appears as a musical note and scissors on your interface.

Trim Select Sound Clip on the TikTok

Step 04: After tapping on the icon dedicated to trim music, you can see a wave shape icon. This icon represents the music you have already added. All you need is to drag this waveform so you can select the part of the respective song.

How to Trim Music on the TikTok

Step 05: If you have placed the song correctly and you are happy with you, you should tap its checkmark. This will confirm your action. You can now start recording and making the video as you usually do.

Also, if you wonder how to block a sound on TikTok, the best approach is to select “Not Interested.” You can do it with the simple steps listed here.

Trimming Sound on the TikTok App After Performing a Record

Those who are curious about TikTok music editing tips and tricks should remember this step as well.

As per this step, you can cut the respective music once the recording is done.

The process is very simple, so you can trim sound clips easily, even if you upload a clip.

Step 01: First, you should open the “TikTok” app as you did earlier. After that, tap the “+” button so you can start recording a new video clip. If not, you can even upload a video from the library itself.

Step 02: Click the “Sounds” icon (located at the base of the main screen) so you can select music files.

Step 03: This will open the sound library. You can then select music that matches your video. You can select music from the library itself. Or, you may even use a sound from favorites.

Step 04: The next step is to trim the video as you wish. Then, press the symbol that represents scissors. After that, you can drag the respective sound wave. With that, you can define the beginning and the end of the respective audio.

Trimming Sound on the TikTok App After Performing a Record

Step 05: Once you have finished that, you can go back. Then, you can add any effects, filters, or stickers. Then, you should text to pull the video so it will be more appealing.

FAQs: Unraveling More TikTok Mysteries

Yes, you can add your own original music to TikTok by uploading it as a sound when you create a video.

The availability of music on TikTok depends on the app’s licensing agreements with music labels. If a song isn’t available, it likely means TikTok hasn’t secured the rights to it.

As of my knowledge, the cut-off in September 2021, TikTok allows videos up to 3 minutes long.

No, you can’t edit a TikTok video once it’s posted. You need to delete it and re-upload the edited version.

No, due to copyright agreements, TikTok only allows the usage of 15-second clips from songs.

As of now, there’s no official information regarding TikTok planning to introduce a music-trimming feature.

More Questions About Music on TikTok

Here are some more questions that will clear any doubts you may have about music on TikTok.

TikTok has licensing agreements with various music labels, allowing users to access a vast library of popular songs. However, using copyrighted music on TikTok without the appropriate licenses or permissions may infringe upon copyright laws. It’s best to use the music provided in TikTok’s library or explore royalty-free music options to avoid legal issues.

TikTok automatically attributes the music you choose from its library in the video’s caption. It displays the song title, artist, and album information. When using copyrighted music, the platform ensures the necessary attribution is included. However, if you are using music from other sources or platforms, it’s important to follow their specific attribution guidelines. Then, you should give proper credit in your video description or captions to stay away from potential issues.

To use royalty-free music on TikTok, you can explore various online platforms that provide a wide selection of music tracks with royalty-free licenses. Some popular sources include websites like Epidemic Sound, Artlist, and YouTube Audio Library. Download the desired royalty-free music from these platforms and save it to your device. Then, you can follow the earlier-mentioned steps to add the sound to your TikTok video.

Soundcloud music is a popular choice for many creators. However, it’s important to note that not all songs on Soundcloud may be available for use on TikTok. The availability of Soundcloud music on TikTok depends on the licensing agreements between TikTok and the music labels/artists. Some songs may be restricted or have limited availability. It’s recommended to check the TikTok music library first to see if the desired Soundcloud track is available. If not, you can consider using royalty-free or licensed music options instead.


So, that’s our comprehensive answer to the question, “Why can’t I trim music on TikTok.”

In conclusion, TikTok provides a dynamic platform for users to express their creativity through music-infused videos. It is true that the app offers a vast library of licensed songs.

However, it’s important to be mindful of copyright laws and permissions when using music on TikTok. Properly attributing music is crucial to ensure compliance and respect for the original artists and creators.

This is true whether it’s from TikTok’s library, royalty-free sources, or Soundcloud. By staying informed about the latest guidelines and using music responsibly, you can enjoy the vibrant TikTok community.

If you have any other doubts pertaining to this matter, please keep us informed. We will address your queries in a future article.


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