[EXPLAINED] How to Join Someone’s Live on TikTok?

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Do you wonder how to join someone’s Live on TikTok? Well, if you know the correct steps, it is a very simple process.

So, let’s find out the easy way of doing it.


Over the course of the past couple of years, TikTok has experienced tremendous expansion. It has surpassed Facebook and Instagram in terms of user engagement. Therefore, it is now the most popular social media site.

Through various software updates, TikTok has introduced a plethora of brand-new features. On TikTok, users now have the ability to Live broadcast thanks to a function that was just added.

This guide will walk you through the steps of joining the life of a user on TikTok.

Part 1: Important Things You Must Know Before Joining Someone’s Live Stream

Are you a social media user and familiar with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? If so, you might be thinking that joining TikTok Live is similar to the methods with other platforms.

But the truth is that things are somewhat different when it comes to a platform like TikTok. In other words, if you wonder how to join someone’s Live on TikTok, you should follow different steps.

When you use TikTok and want to join a Live, you are supposed to send a request. Until then, you are not able to join their love.

So, in this article, we explain how to join someone’s Live on TikTok if you are new to it. In addition to that, we explain more about TikTok; for instance, how to start a Live.

Besides, if you wonder, is it possible to enable the TikTok auto-scroll function? In this article, let’s figure out how to auto-scroll on TikTok on iPhone and Android separately.

How to Join Someone’s Live on TikTok?

TikTok has achieved a great deal of success thanks to its simplicity and availability. It is not restricted to only focusing on notable public figures.

On this app, becoming famous is open to everybody. Interacting with one’s audience is something that everyone enjoys doing.

The Live broadcast is considered to be an exceptionally convenient way to maintain communication with one’s following. It also allows you to cultivate a more personal connection with them.

Broadcasters of prominent users with a large number of followers are open to anyone who wants to join. Therefore, there’s no need for you to wait in order to be accepted or to be sent an invitation.

If you want to join a Live video broadcast, you may follow the steps that are mentioned below. Truth be told, these steps are exceptionally simple.

  • As the first step, you should select the respective Live video you intend to join.
Select Live Video
  • Now, tap on the icon that appears as smiley faces (two). You can find them in the comments section.
click smiley faces icon
  • Now, you should send a request. You should wait until the user accepts your request. You should know that it is possible to join their Live video only if the broadcaster accepts your request.
Send guest request

Your device’s screen will be divided into two pieces. This happens if the user you requested to join that Live video confirms your request to do so.

Then, you’ll get a notification informing you that a user may join the Live stream in the near future. So, that’s how to join someone’s Live on TikTok. As you may notice, it is a very easy process.

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Part 2: Joining via an Invitation

You are able to make a request for an individual to join your Live stream. We mentioned that in the previous section. 

However, they also have the option of asking people to join that specific Live video broadcast.

You may already know that some TikTok profiles maintain a vigilant watch over the people that follow them. These individuals leave comments, like every one of their videos, and may even maintain fan pages for the artist.

As a sign of their gratitude, they can therefore invite other accounts to participate in their Live broadcast.

It is a routine task that is, for the most part, performed by smaller accounts. These accounts work at cultivating a following that is both dedicated and engaged in their participation.

There is a decreased probability that prominent accounts will submit join requests on newer or smaller follower accounts.

Mentioned below are the tips you should follow to invite another user to a TikTok Live.

  • First, you should start your device’s camera through its app.
Start Camera on TikTok
  • Then, you should go to the option called “Live.” You can do it by using the menus that are located under that red color button. Just tap on that “Live” icon to proceed.
Tap Live Option
  • Once the Live stream option is open, just hit the icon located at the bottom (toward the left).
Hit the icon on the bottom
  • Now, you will see a window. It will appear with suggested users on your screen. You can then click on the button called “Invite.” You can find that button next to each user. Carefully select the user who should be invited to the Live video.
Invite Friends to TikTok Live
  • Now, you should wait for 20 seconds. The user will either accept your invitation or reject it.

Part 3: Live Streaming on TikTok by Yourself

Now that you know how to join someone’s Live on TikTok. How about streaming on TikTok by yourself? If that sounds interesting, this section is just for you.

If you like to get in touch with your followers and enjoy your TikTok account more, keep reading.

But we should remind you that TikTok Live might not be working for every profile. There’re some prerequisites you should follow to gain the TikTok Live feature.

Mentioned below are those for your reference.

  • There must be at least 1000 followers in the TikTok account in question.
  • You are supposed to be at least 16 years old to become eligible for this specific feature.
  • To send and receive gifts through a TikTok account, you must be 18 years or older.

Please find below the steps to start a Live Stream on TikTok.

  • First, you should start your device’s camera through the TikTok app.
Start Camera on TikTok App
  • Once the TikTok app is open with the camera, tap the option “Live.” You can locate it easily under the red-color button.
Tap Live Option
  • After tapping the “Live” button, you should select a title for your streaming session.
Add a title for your streaming
  • You can then select a specific subject, any filter, and a cover picture to make it better.
Add filter and cover picture
  • Now, you should tap the icon that says “Go Live.” You can see that icon in pink color, so it is not that difficult to locate it. That’s basically it. You are set to stream now, and your followers will enjoy it.
Go Live

Reasons Why Some Users Cannot Go Live on TikTok

As we have noticed, in some cases, some users say that they cannot go Live on TikTok.

In fact, there can be several different reasons why a specific user cannot use TikTok.

Mentioned below are those reasons for your reference.

  • It’s possible that some of your followers have abandoned you. Let’s assume that your number of followers falls below 1,000. In that case, you will no longer have access to the TikTok LIVE feature.
  • It’s possible that you’re currently located in a region that doesn’t support TikTok LIVE. You won’t be able to produce or upload a TikTok LIVE video when you’re in India, Hong Kong, etc. That’s because these countries have blocked the feature. This is particularly due to the fact that TikTok is restricted in many jurisdictions.
  • It’s possible that your TikTok app is out of date. Checking for potential app updates, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and power cycling your phone is standard troubleshooting steps. There are occasions when you fail to install a necessary update. This obviously results in your gadget being unable to function properly.

Let’s imagine you’re in a TikTok Live-enabled region and have more than a thousand followers. You’re equipped with an updated app, too.

Even if you have those bare essentials, what good is it if you can’t use TikTok LIVE? Then you should definitely contact the TikTok help desk.

Your profile’s “Settings & privacy” can be accessed via the profile’s “Profile” menu at the top right. Find the section labeled “Report a problem” and click on it.

The ‘LIVE’ section is displayed there. Simply select “I can’t start a LIVE,” explain your predicament, and hit “Submit” to send your response.

I can't start a LIVE


Q1: Can anyone go live on TikTok?

Yes, any TikTok user who meets the eligibility criteria can go live on TikTok. However, certain requirements, such as having at least 1,000 followers, must be met to access this feature.

Q2: Can I join a live stream anonymously on TikTok?

Yes, you can join a live stream on TikTok anonymously. Your username and profile information will not be visible to other viewers unless you choose to participate in the chat or engage with the streamer.

Q3: How long can a TikTok live stream last?

TikTok live streams can last up to 60 minutes for accounts that meet the minimum requirements. However, TikTok occasionally provides the option for popular creators to extend the duration of their live streams.

Q4: Can I replay a live stream on TikTok?

After a live stream ends, you won’t be able to replay it within the TikTok app. However, some creators may choose to save their live streams and share highlights or excerpts on their profiles or other platforms.

Q5: How can I find popular live streams on TikTok?

To discover popular live streams on TikTok, you can visit the Live tab and explore the featured and trending sections. Additionally, TikTok may notify you about ongoing live streams from creators you follow or based on your interests.

By the way, this guide offers a detailed walk-through on how to unfollow everyone on TikTok safely and effectively for you.


Joining someone’s live on TikTok allows you to be a part of the dynamic TikTok community. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can connect with your favorite creators in real-time, engage with their content, and foster meaningful connections with fellow viewers. Enjoy the immersive experience of TikTok Live and discover exciting moments with your favorite TikTokers!


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