How to Remove Watermark from Video Online Conveniently

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Individuals and companies tend to apply watermarks on their videos before sharing them online. As we believe, they have enough reasons to do so.

Usually, these watermarks are embedded in the videos, and they stay even if you download them.

What if you are in a desperate situation in which you need to remove a watermark from a video online or offline? Is there software or an online tool to do it? Well, with this article, we will explain how to get rid of the watermark from videos conveniently.

This article comprises all the required information one might require to remove a watermark from a video. In fact, there is more than one option to consider when you need to eliminate a watermark.

Part 1: Remove watermark from video using Filmora

The most professional solution we have found to remove the watermark from the video is Filmora. We have enough and more reasons to consider Filmora as our preferred solution to accomplish this task.

In fact, Wondershare Filmora is a professional video editor, but it comes with a very convenient user interface. Thanks to the friendly user interface, even a total novice user will be able to use it without any trouble. All the actions related to video editing are simplified in this software.

The actions you should perform in this software are pretty simple. Listed below are some of the editing options that can be handy to remove the watermark from the video.

Option 1: You can blur the watermark

As the first option, you can consider blurring the watermark applied to the respective video. However, you must remember that this option doesn’t get rid of the watermark completely. Instead, it makes the watermark less accentuated.

In fact, Filmora can do this through its Mosaic feature. Through this option, you can blur the logos and other elements you would see in the video. To achieve this, you should only deploy a couple of clicks. Mentioned below are those steps.

mosaic remove watermark
  • Click on Effects located at the top.
  • Go to the Utility option which is found in the Filter list.
  • Then, navigate to Mosaic.
  • You can then either click on the Plus icon of the thumbnail. If not, you can simply drag it and drop it onto the timeline.
  • Once it is applied, you will see that a mosaic square appears. You can see it in the preview window clearly. You can drag this square on the video and place it where you find the watermark.
  • If there is more than one element you should cover, you should get another Mosaic rectangle. To do that, you can simply click on the plus icon once again and drag the appeared box accordingly.
  • To adjust the effects (type and amount of the blur), you can simply double-click on the effects clip. Then, select the required blur amount and size.
  • Finish the process by clicking OK.

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Option 2: You can crop the video to eliminate the watermark

With this option, you will be able to eliminate the watermark completely. However, a portion of your video will be eliminated with the watermark. So, please note that this option doesn’t work if the watermark is placed somewhere in the center.

Also, you should know that there is no software that can cut the watermark completely. There are obvious ‘side effects’ after each watermark removal. In order to crop the watermark out, just follow the steps below.

remove watermark from video by Crop Videos
  • Locate the video clip you need to edit and place it within the timeline of Fimora9.
  • Then, right-click on the same clip, and you will be able to select the Crop and Zoom option.
  • Now, the crop window will appear on the screen. This window allows you to crop the video manually or maintain automatic aspect ratios. To accomplish this task, you can simply drag and adjust the corners of the rectangle. Let this rectangle be positioned in a way that the logo is outside of it. Also, try to leave the video as much as possible so the loss is minimal.
  • Then, click OK so the outside area of the crop rectangle will be eliminated.

In fact, this method is successful if the watermark is placed more toward the edge of the video. Also, it works perfectly as long as the video doesn’t have important details closer to the edge.

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Option 3: You may replace the existing watermark

You already know that cropping the video causes a loss of details. If you cannot afford to lose any of the details on the video, you should look for another way. This is when an option like replacing the existing watermark becomes handy. Mentioned below are the steps to achieve this.

import video to Filmora
  • To make it happen, you will have to have a new logo saved on your computer. Then, you will have to use the Import Media feature and navigate to the same file. Place this file in the timeline of the video.
  • Now, you should set the duration for the new logo to appear on the video. Make sure that this watermark appears for the same duration the existing logo appears. So, the watermark will be masked, and it will be hardly noticeable.
  • The preview window will now display the file you have added to the project. Just drag the logo (from the ends of the box) to match its size to the original logo. Make sure to place it precisely to cover all the parts of the logo.

That’s it.

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Part 2: Remove the watermark from the video online using an online tool

If you don’t want to use professional software like Wondershare Filmora, you can consider an online tool. Since it is an ‘online’ tool, you don’t necessarily need to download any software at all. So, the preparation is minimal in this case.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the OS and the device you are using. Online tools are both device and platform-independent. Moreover, the removal of the watermark is quite an easier process using this tool.

All you have to follow are three simple steps which are mentioned below to remove the watermark from videos online.

01. First of all, visit the website They have a very simplified interface that has a button labeled “Choose File.” Click on this button and select the file from which you intend to remove the watermark.

Remove watermark with Video Watermark Remover Online

02. Once the file is imported, you can click on the option “Remove Watermark.” The time the process would take may depend on the size of the video.

remove watermark from video online

03. Once the process is completed, you will be able to download the video to your computer. Then, you can open the video. You will be thrilled to see that the video doesn’t have a watermark.

Please note that you will have to register for an account in order to download the file. If you use their free account, you will be able to remove watermarks from videos online within five videos every month. The videos will be exported in the same format as well. If you go for the unlimited paid version, however, the number increases.

The price of this tool comes under two basic packages; Standard and Unlimited. The standard version costs $49.99. The unlimited version costs $79.99.

If you need to remove watermarks from a large number of videos, you should use an unlimited version. It allows removing watermarks of 95 videos per month. If you go for the standard version, you will get the opportunity to remove watermarks from videos online from 25 videos monthly.

By the way, click here to find out how to download KineMaster with no watermark.

Part 3: Remove the watermark from the video using Remove Logo Now

If you are a novice user, you are very unlikely to use complicated software to edit videos. This is why you should use logo remover software to get rid of logos.

In fact, there is no shortage of options to consider when you are looking for logo remover software. However, as we believe, Remove Logo Now is one of the best tools in the market.

Remove Logo Now comes with an advanced algorithm to remove elements like watermarks, logos, and subtitles from videos. However, there is a notable disadvantage associated with this method. That is, the quality of the output video can be low. Apart from that, the functionality of this software is pretty impressive.

Many users consider Remove Logo Now as one of the best logo removers. The good news is that this software comes with a free version as well. Of course, the free version comes with some limitations.

To eliminate those limitations, you will have to go for the Pro version. This version can be purchased at the cost of $139.99. Also, you should know that this software supports only the Windows operating system.

Steps to remove watermark from video

Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing watermarks from videos using Remove Logo Now.

remove watermark from video with Remove Logo Now
  • Launch Remove Logo Now on your Windows PC and click on Add Files button.
  • Navigate to the folder in which the respective video is saved and select it to import.
  • Click on the Find Logo option so the program will automatically search for the watermarks.
  • If the program cannot detect the logo, go to Manual Mode.
  • Now, highlight the area where the watermark is positioned using the Marker tool.
  • Customize the radius of the marquee using the slider. Then, click on the Clear Section button.

That’s it!

Pros of Remove Logo Now

  • Higher accuracy in defining the watermarks due to advanced algorithms
  • Convenient user interface
  • You can customize watermark removal parameter settings

Cons of Remove Logo Now

  • If you go for the Pro version, you will have to pay $139.99
  • It takes time to export files
  • Watermarks of some videos won’t be removed

If the truth is to be told, removing a watermark from a video will give you an imperfect outcome. There can be slight imperfections compared to the original file. However, in most cases, the output file is sufficient enough for the intended purpose.

Part 4: Removing Watermarks with Artificial Intelligence

Advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionized watermark removal processes. AI-powered tools offer automated and efficient solutions for removing watermarks from videos. Here are three notable AI-powered watermark removal tools:

AI-Powered Video Watermark Remover

AI-Powered Video Watermark Remover utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify and remove watermarks from videos. It offers a user-friendly interface and delivers high-quality results, ensuring your videos remain intact after the watermark removal process.

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects combines AI technology with artistic filters to remove watermarks while adding creative effects to your videos. This tool provides a unique blend of watermark removal and artistic enhancement, allowing you to customize your videos according to your creative vision.


Inpaint is a versatile tool that offers watermark removal capabilities. It employs advanced algorithms to intelligently analyze the video content and eliminate watermarks without compromising the video quality. Inpaint also provides additional features like object removal and image retouching.

6. Considerations and Limitations

While the methods and tools mentioned above can help you remove watermarks from videos, it’s essential to consider certain limitations:

  • The effectiveness of the removal process depends on the complexity and visibility of the watermark.
  • Some online tools may have file size limitations or require a stable internet connection.
  • AI-powered tools may have subscription-based pricing models or impose usage restrictions.
  • Removing watermarks from copyrighted content without permission may infringe upon intellectual property rights.

It’s crucial to respect copyright laws and obtain necessary permissions when dealing with watermarked videos.


Q1: Can I remove watermarks from any video using online tools? Online tools can remove watermarks from many videos, but the success rate may vary depending on the complexity and visibility of the watermark. Additionally, copyrighted content may have legal restrictions.

Q2: Are AI-powered tools better than manual techniques for watermark removal? AI-powered tools offer automated solutions that can save time and deliver satisfactory results. However, manual techniques provide more control and customization options.

Q3: Can I use AI-powered watermark removal tools for free? While some AI-powered tools offer free versions with limited features, most of them have premium versions or subscription-based pricing models for full access to all functionalities.

Q4: Are there any legal implications when removing watermarks from videos? Removing watermarks from copyrighted videos without proper permission may infringe upon intellectual property rights. It’s important to respect copyright laws and obtain necessary permissions.

Q5: Can I remove watermarks from videos without any loss in video quality? Advanced tools and techniques strive to minimize quality loss during watermark removal. However, it’s advisable to use high-resolution source videos and choose reputable tools for optimal results.


We have revealed several options in this article so you can choose the best method that addresses your situation. If you don’t want to install software on your computer, you may go for the online option to remove the watermark from the video online.

However, you should also know that online tools are usually less stable. If you prefer a more stable, solid way, we highly recommend Wondershare Filmora to remove the watermark from the video.

Apart from removing the watermark from the video, Filmora can perform a variety of other tasks. In fact, it is a highly versatile video editing tool that can be used for a variety of other purposes. So, that’s a really good value in addition to the price you pay.


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