Google Photos Not Backing Up? Here’s the Best Solution

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Google Photos Not Backing Up

Indeed, an issue like “Google photos not backing up” is a bothersome issue for any user. In fact, hundreds of thousands of users across the globe have encountered this issue and are searching for solutions.

Google photos not backing up is an issue that can occur in both Android and iPhones. This error becomes visible when a user starts to upload one or several images to Google photos.

This issue can occur in multiple forms. The most common forms are “Stuck on backing up 1 of (number)” and “Checking for items to backup.” In addition to that, it can also display the message “checking for items to back up” and get stuck.

It is needless to mention how annoying this issue is for any Google Photos user. The frustration keeps increasing when the “Google photos not backing up” issue persists. Leave aside novice users; even some of the experts cannot find a solution to this issue.

With that being said, here are some practical solutions to try and solve “Google photos not backing up.” You can go through the list of these options and check the most appropriate solution to address your situation.

Part 1. 7 Normal Ways to Fix “Google Photos Not Backing Up”

1. Check the status of the Google Photos backup

As the first solution to address this issue, you can check the status of the Google Photos backup. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Be sure to use your Android or iPhone and sign in to the Google account that gives problems.
  • After signing in, you can tap on the Assistant located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Refer to the first card that appears under Assistant.
  • The actions you should take may vary depending on what the card says.

Waiting for connection/waiting for Wi-Fi

Either the device is connected to a weak network or not connected to a network at all. To resolve this, you must tap on the card and connect your device to an appropriate network.

Back up & sync is off

Just like the name suggested, this issue occurs when the Backup and Sync feature is turned off. To resolve this, you should tap on the card labeled “Turn On” and enable Google Photos.

A photo or video was skipped

Google Photos have some limitations when uploading files into it. If a file doesn’t meet this requirement, it will not be uploaded. Check if the photos and videos you try to upload meet the following requirements.

Photos should be smaller than 75MB.

Photos also should be smaller than 100 megapixels.

Videos should be smaller than 10GB.

Any other item must not be smaller than 256 X 256 pixels.

2. Configure the settings of Back Up & Sync

If the previous option cannot give you a satisfactory answer, and Google photos do not back up, try the following.

Launch Google Photos on the device and go to Menu.

Now, you should select the option called “Settings” and then go to Back Up & Sync. Under this, you can change the settings as follows to see if it solves the issue.

Check if you have logged into the correct Google account.

Tap on the Backup Device Folder and see if the folders are enabled for Automatic Backup. If Google Photos aren’t turned on for the folders, you cannot back them up.

Enable Back up & Sync on Google Photos Setting to fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

Change Upload Size to the highest possible quality in order to allow more storage space on Google Photos.

3. Permit Google Photos to use Wi-Fi & Mobile Network

Although it sounds pretty strange, some of the users were able to resolve the issue after changing the network, for instance, after permitting Google Photos to use cellular data.

When it comes to the iPhone, you should open the Settings app and move down to locate Google Photos. Then, you should tap it and choose Wireless Data and then enable WLAN & Cellular Data.

Using WLAN & cellular Data to fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

When it comes to Android, you should go to Menu and select the Settings option. Then, you should tap on Back Up & Sync. Under Cellular Data Back Up, enable the buttons that are dedicated to backup photos & videos with mobile data.

Back up & Sync

4. Clear App Data and Cache

If Google photos are not backing up even after trying the above methods, you should try clearing App Data. Also, you should try clearing the cache of Google Photos and Google Play.

On Android

Go to Settings and select Apps. Then, select Photos, Storage, and tap on Clear Data & Clear Cache.

Clear App data and cache to fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

On iOS devices

Go to Settings App and tap General. Then, go to iPhone Storage and select Google Photos. Then, choose to Delete App. You can then reinstall the app through the App Store.

5. By Uninstalling updates of the Google Photos

This is another way to fix the Google Photos not backing-up issue. To perform this action, you should uninstall all the updates related to the Google Photos app. However, this method is applicable only to Android devices.

Uninstall updates of Google Photos to fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

Here’s how to do it

  • Go to the Settings app and select Apps. Then, go to Photos.
  • Tap the three-dot icon and select the option “Uninstall Updates”

6. Upload your photos and videos manually

If Google photos are not backing up even after all those methods, you should try the manual method.

For Androids

You should first find a photo or a video on your Android device. After opening it up, you can tap on the upload icon and get it in Google photos.

Upload Photos manually to fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

For iOS devices

Open the Google Photos app and then select a video or a photo to upload. You can now tap on the icon with three dots and select Back Up.

7. Restart the device and configure your Google account

If the problem persists, you can consider restarting your device and reconfiguring your Google account. If not, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Photos app.

And if your Google Photos takes a very long time to process, you should consider a couple of things. The memory of the device must not be full. If there is insufficient memory, the Google Photos app will take a long time to read the available data.

Part 2. Professional Way for Android Backup and Restore

What is the professional alternative to Google photos not backing up issue?

If nothing works your way and you feel helpless, we recommend you look for an alternative. In fact, there are several reliable options to try if your Google photos are not backing up properly.

In this case, we strongly recommend a powerful tool like dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android) or dr.fone – Backup & Restore (iOS).

If you use Dr.Fone – Backup & Restore as an alternative backup tool, you are likely to experience better performance. Compared to the features offered by Google Photos, Dr.Fone – Backup & Restore is a reliable and powerful option.

This product works faster and smoother as opposed to other backup tools. More importantly, this tool doesn’t need the assistance of a network connection to back up your photos or videos.

Apart from limiting your backups to photos and videos, dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android) supports all file types. It can back up and restore Phone Data in one click.

Also, it doesn’t have any size limitations when it comes to creating backups. In other words, it supports all the file formats and sizes in your backup.

How to use Dr.Fone – Backup & Restore app when Google photos is not backing up

01. As the first step, you should open Dr.Fone software on a computer system. Select the option Phone Backup on the main screen.


02. Now, get the Android device connected to the same computer using the original USB cable. Be sure that the device is enabled for USB debugging.

03. Now, the device is connected and recognized by the program; you should select files to back up. And you will see that all the file formats are checked for you as the default option. You can deselect any file as per your wish. Then, you should click on “Backup” to begin the process.

Try dr.fone Backup to fix Google Photos Not Backing Up
select data type to backup

04. The process will take a couple of minutes to get completed. Be sure that you keep the device connected to the computer until the process is finished.

Backup Android Data

05. At the completion of the backup, you may select “View the backup” to preview the contents of the backup.

Android Data Backup Completed

How to Restore the backup using dr.fone – Restore & Backup

Now that you have found a way to solve the Google photos not backing up the issue. Let’s restore the backup.

01. Open dr.fone on your computer and get the phone connected to the same. Be sure that you use the original USB cable to avoid potential interruptions to data transferring.

dr.fone android data backup

02. Go to the backup file you need to restore on your phone. You can do this simply by clicking on the restore button on the main screen. The program will direct you to the Android backup files stored on your computer. Be sure that you click on the right backup file and click on View.

view backup list

03. Now, you can preview the data available in the backup file. Select the files you need to restore on your phone and click the “Restore to Device” button.

Restore to Device

04. Now, the process will be completed within a couple of minutes.

Restoring Android Data
Android Data Restoring Completed

Well, that is how to solve Google photos not backing up issues and use a superb alternative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Google Photos not uploading my photos?

Google Photos may not be uploading your photos due to reasons such as insufficient storage space, disabled backup and sync, slow internet connection, or incorrect app settings. Review the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to resolve the issue.

2. How do I fix Google Photos backup errors?

To fix Google Photos backup errors, you can try clearing the app cache and data, updating the app to the latest version, checking your internet connection, verifying backup and sync settings, and restarting your device. These steps can help resolve common backup errors.

3. Does Google Photos backup videos as well?

Yes, Google Photos can backup both photos and videos. By default, the app is set to back up both media types. However, you can customize the backup settings to include or exclude videos as per your preference.

4. Can I backup photos on Google Photos manually?

Google Photos primarily offers automatic backup functionality. However, you can manually initiate a backup by opening the app and tapping on the “Backup” option. Keep in mind that manual backup may consume more battery and data compared to automatic backup.

5. Is Google Photos backup unlimited?

Google Photos offers unlimited backup for photos and videos with some limitations. By default, photos and videos are compressed to reduce file size and storage usage. However, you can choose to back up in original quality, but it will count towards your Google Account’s storage quota if it exceeds the free storage limit.


Google Photos is a convenient tool for backing up and organizing your photos and videos. However, if you encounter issues where Google Photos is not backing up, it can be frustrating.

In this article, we discussed some of the common reasons behind backup failures and provided troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. By following these recommendations and ensuring optimal app settings, you can ensure a seamless backup experience with Google Photos.


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