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Remove Glare From Photo

The 21st century is all about advancement in technology. Even when we talk of pictures and video recordings, things have evolved significantly.

We have handy cameras attached to our smartphones these days, and there are literally no limitations when it comes to capturing pics.

Those days are gone when people used to limit the number of photographs in those heavy camera setups. Capturing pictures was very costly, but the scenario has completely changed these days.

One cannot imagine going out on a special occasion and not capturing selfies and hundreds of pics on phones and digital cameras. Even editing has gone to the next level with better cameras and more pictures.

One of the most frequent disturbances seen is the glare on photos. But these days, we have fantastic options such as specialized glare removal apps to completely remove the glare from the photos. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the best apps to remove glare from photos. All these glare removal apps are very good in improving the image’s quality and can help remove glare from photos.

List of The Best Applications for Removing Glare from Pictures

Below given are the best apps that you can use for a purpose to remove glare from your photos:

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1. Retouch Me – Body Editor & Face Tune & Skinny App

Retouch Me

Retouch Me is one of the best editing applications available, which can boost image quality. It is a great application that can adjust and edit the body to provide you with the best looks.

Once your photo is edited and there is a proper body posture seen in the photo, it can also boost up the contrast and provide the best touch-up on the picture. 

The app is very easy to get started with, and all you need is to install the application from the Play Store. Once you install the photo app, you must select a photo from the photo gallery and upload it to the application.

A special “Face” button is available on the application’s main screen, which can help you with the glare. All you need is to select the anti-glare option, and within a few seconds, the entire glare from the photo will be removed like magic. 

One of the main concerns is about the glares seen on the glasses. Many applications are not that great at adapting to the glass glare but Retouch Me can adapt to the glare just by a touch.

There is a specific option known as “Remove glare from glasses,” which makes editing easy. If you want an easy option for removing glare from photos, then there cannot be a better option.

Remove Glare From Photo with Retouch Me

2. PhotoDirector – Photo Editor & Pic Collage Maker


If you are looking for the best application to remove glare from the photo, then here is the answer. This app is very different from others as it is full of advanced features and effects.

Photo editing needs a lot of precision, so you need to have special skills to edit and take out the glare from your photos to get a natural look. But this application can edit on your behalf, and it feels as if the pic is edited by special professionals. The best part of this app is that you can remove glare in seconds just by a touch.

There is also an option for color correction and enhancement. Once the glare from your photo is gone, there is a possibility that the color balance from the pic is degraded. The app reads the image and provides an accurate color to make the picture lively.

If the glare in your pictures is too complicated, then this application is not the best idea. However, if you are good with manual editing, you can use the app to remove the hardest glares. But always remember that such editing with this app is going to take time. You need to have a professional handset to completely remove the glares. 

The Glare Removal app can judge and clone the exact pixel of the color required to fill the gap on the part where the glare is removed. This way, you can ensure that the app never destroys extra pixels from your image. A special option known as the “magic blush” acts as a color enhancer over the entire image.

Remove Glare From Photo With PhotoDirector

3. AirBrush – Best Glare Removal App to Remove Glare from Photos


As the name suggests, this glare removal app works like an airbrush on pics. This app is very great at providing the last touch finishing. AirBrush is not an app that you trust for initial finishing on your images.

However, the glare removal option is good, making it one of the most efficient glare removal apps. The application does not have lots of options; hence it is a small size app. You can easily download it, and it won’t take much of your space. 

Many imperfections removal functions are available with the app, which helps improve the body shape and size in an image. This app is one of the best for glares as it allows both manual and automatic removal of glares on what you need. 

Sparkling flashes on faces can be another issue people face in day-to-day life with photos. The AirBrush app is very amazing in removing such shiny flashes from your face and also from the eyes. 

You can even add several details, such as teeth whitening and removing unwanted spots from your image. The app is a very basic editing app to remove glare from photos, and if you want to go for secondary editing over your pic, this can be a good option.

Remove Glare From Photo with AirBrush

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are an editing pro and then there is no way you haven’t heard about Adobe Photoshop. This version of Photoshop here is a specialized version for quick editing and more.

The glare removal app is multifunctional and can be used for minor and major editing. The company defines it as a retouching application that can add to the details of your photo. 

There is a special feature called “Heal spots.” It is one of the most magical features of Adobe Photoshop. This feature efficiently recognizes the blemishes on an individual’s face in a photo.

The app also provides an option where you won’t have to work hard manually to get these blemishes off your face, and the app does it for you in the smartest way possible. Every pimple and abnormality can easily be removed by this feature. Hence you don’t have to remove the glare, as Adobe Photoshop will automatically remove it with the heal spot feature.

It even comes with a retouching tool that can easily help you gain the best contrast, color, and sharpen details. Even if we talk of the glare related to the glasses, this app can help you get rid of it, although it can make the image look unnatural.

One must remember that this application can be used on a free trial, but the main features get unlocked only when you pay a good amount for the premium membership. 

Remove Glare From Photo with Photoshop Express

5. Fotogenic: Body & Face Tune and Retouch Editor


The Fotogenic app is as exciting as it sounds. This means that it is a new and modern way to edit photos & remove glare From Photos out there.

The main smoothening effect used in the app provides a great touch-up to the pictures without exaggerating the glare removals. As mentioned in the title, it is basically a body and face tune that is amazing with basic editing on pics.

This application can be very handy if you need assistance while editing. It has several small tools, such as defocusing, sharpening, and clarity clearance, which can easily help you improve the entire image quality.

On the other hand, it is equipped with many advanced features which are focused on resize editing to make the image more lively. It can help you to replace those lost pixels where the glare has been removed. You can also consider editing it on your own according to your choice to get the best balance on the pixels. 

Body shape editing is available, but we won’t suggest this glare removal app for getting the best edits on body shapes and tones. 

Remove Glare From Photo with Fotogenic

Final Words

Above in the article, we try to mention some of the best applications in the stores that can let you remove glare completely and make the picture better with the pixels.

There are many options available with editing these days, and you can even try to fix it manually or leave it completely to artificial intelligence.

Most applications mentioned above are efficient in providing you with the best edits with glare removal; hence be free to try any of these to get the best results.


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