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Twitch Chat Logs

Are you wondering what Twitch chat logs are and for what purpose you should use them?

Well, look no further, as this article explains everything related to Twitch logs and more.

Introduction to Twitch Chat Logs 

Twitch’s chat features make it easy to form active online communities centered on gaming. You can converse with others who are watching the live broadcast at the same time.

You can talk with other viewers while watching a live broadcast in its stream window. And this feature is separated from the Chat by a vertical bar.  

As a result, the Chat serves a dual function. It’s how viewers communicate with the streamer (broadcaster) and each other in real time. Streamers should check this Chat to make sure nothing offensive has been posted there.

Abusive language, threats, or comments intended to cause harm are examples of content that are appropriate on Twitch.

As you can see, there are good arguments in favor of monitoring and managing your Twitch chats. You can do so in the capacities of owner or moderator.

Third-party applications can track your messages even if you’re simply a reader. Nonetheless, Twitch prohibits users from viewing the conversation histories of other users.

Check Twitch Logs In Different Ways

Eventually, Twitch implemented features that made it possible to monitor the chat.

However, without the use of additional software, there is no simple method to review complete conversation histories.

Here are the options:

  • When channel owners or moderators use a moderation tool, they may verify the identities of each viewer. Basically, it will let you access a user’s full chat history.
  • Access your Twitch VOD library at this time. You’ll need to set up your channel’s storage settings so that the record may be kept in the cloud. That’s because this is basically the archive of your stream.
  • After joining a chat, a third-party app can get the whole conversation history. It’s a method for vetting the entire discussion.
Check Twitch Logs In Different Ways

Also, please note that there’s no manual method to check a specific video’s Twitch chat logs.

Besides, if you want to perform a Twitch clip download, here, we will explain how to download Twitch clips using some convenient methods. 

1. Use the Search Function

The search engine is the first tool available. It allows for speedy verification of individual users. If you’ve already banned or timed out the user, the search feature will reveal this information as well.

The chat’s owner and authorized moderators can use the search feature and other moderation features.

Mentioned below are the steps.

  • Sign into your Twitch account
  • Select the channel and let the respective chatroom load.
  • Use the search function and enter the user’s name.
Check Twitch Logs Using the Search Function
  • Hit “Enter.”

Has the stream gone online? If so, follow the steps below.

  • Stop the respective chat.
  • Search for the user.
  • Click on the username.

Access the user card with either method. The profile displays the count of messages, bans, and timeouts. You can see their complete conversation log when you tap on the message option.

tap on the message option

Below is What a User Card Display

  • The number of messages left by the users.
  • The date when the respective user account is created.
  • How many times is the user timed out in a given chat?
  • How many times has the user been banned from the channel?
  • Comments left on the channel.
  • The comments that are left by a moderator are related to the user you are focusing on.

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2. Check the Log with Moderator Privileges 

  • Log into the Twitch account.
  • Select the Sword-like icon.
Check Twitch Logs with Moderator Privileges 
  • Select the username.
  • Select the messages tab.

3. Use VODs

Well, when a specific broadcast ends, Twitch saves it in the form of a VOD. Replay the video on demand to see the broadcast and participate in the conversation in real time. It takes a lot of time, but it really works.

Also, you can view deleted comments that administrators have removed. However, you’ll need to turn on the feature in Twitch’s settings in order to record your VODs. Following these directions will ensure success.

Here’s how to switch on saving VODs.

  • Sign in to the Twitch account.
  • Tap on the channel icon.
  • Select “Creator Dashboard.”
Check Twitch Logs Using VODs
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “Stream.”
  • Go to “VOD Settings.” Enable “Store Past Broadcasts.”
Enable Store Past Broadcasts

The VODs will be stored for 14 days. It gives you the option of downloading the videos.

You can find videos using the following steps.

  • Go to the channel icon and select “Creator Dashboard.”
  • Select “Content.”
  • Tap “Video Producer.”
Tap Video Producer

Click on any video and download it.

4. Use a Third-Party Application

Check Twitch Logs Using Third Party Application

You can even use a third-party application to find Twitch logs. Twitch does not permit the downloading of a conversation log. Also, it doesn’t necessarily permit the viewing of other users’ chat histories by viewers.

However, viewers, streamers, and moderators can use safe and lawful third-party tools. One such program is Chatty, a free and open-source tool for retrieving past conversations.

This’s a very user-friendly tool that gives you a wealth of information regarding the conversation in a certain stream.

Only those who have downloaded and installed Chatty will be able to access the messages you send them.

Aside from this, users have no other way of accessing their conversation history on Twitch. That’s important news for those who are curious about Twitch chat logs.

Using Chatty to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Using Chatty to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Chatty will join your Twitch chats. It also can moderate discussions, leave messages, or download chat records. Download and install Chatty. After that, log onto Twitch. Then the functions become available.

To join other chats, follow the guidelines. The application opens a dialog box. In this, you can even join channels. You can comma-separate channel names. Hit Enter and then tap on the option called “connect.” 

After that, select the option “Join channels” from the Channel option at the top. Alternately, type the command /join channelname.

The application can join chats, download logs, moderate, and more. Chatty keeps chat logs for seven days before deleting them. This functionality must be configured.

  • Go to the option called “Main.”
Chatty Main Menu
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Go to “Log to file.”

Using this option, your chat history is stored in discrete text files. Both the chats you create and the ones you participate in fall into this category. You’d rather access your log directory through the following command (on the chat box).  

/showLogDir / “/openLogDir

What Exactly Are Chat Logs on Twitch

Chatting with other viewers on Twitch is on the screen’s right side. Viewers can instantly communicate with streamers. A broadcast’s whole conversational history can be found in the chat log.

It is the standard procedure for streamers to monitor police and assess their audiences.  

Why Should You Check Their Chatlogs?

For some, seeing Twitch Chats could feel like prying into someone else’s personal space. But there are many good reasons to go through with it.

● To Report Inappropriate and Unwanted Comments

The remarks you’re receiving are probably fine. On the other hand, you must know that the platform is getting concerned about it. Assume that you were unable to report viewers during the stream. If so, you should do it afterward to protect the integrity of your content.

● For Moderation Purposes

You may also choose to ban some chatters. People who may harass you with hate speech, harsh comments, threats, etc. You select the word’s harshness and who gets banned. Try not to utilize this technique against those who dislike or criticize your content.

● Checking the Response of the Audience

Like any social media platform, you must also monitor audience response on Twitch. Checking comments helps you gauge your followers’ moods. You’ll see their substance, new and old concepts.

● To Check User Feedback

Ask for comments during the stream and watch Twitch chat. Engaging with fans or responding to criticism is fun. It could help you grow as a person and streamer. So that will make your viewers feel involved. Note their suggestions and respond, alter, or apply them.

● For a Better Understanding

There is rapid expansion and change in online subcultures. You might miss out on some of the latest memes, chats, and trends if you don’t check chats often.

● To Identify Loyal Supporters

Twitch chat logs become helpful in identifying the loyal followers you have. When you go through Twitch logs, you can differentiate the most loyal ones from the rest.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Should You Do to Assign a Moderator?

If you want to add a moderator, here’s how to do that.

  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Expand the option called “Community.”
  • Go to the option called “Roles Manager.”
  • Go to “Add a Role.”
  • Enter the name of the user. Hit enter so you can add that name as a moderator.
Roles Manager on Twitch

What is the Role of a Moderator?

A moderator can;

  • Implement timeouts and bans.
  • Check the cards for chatlogs
  • Activate features like follower-only and subscriber-only on chats.
  • Starting, managing, and finishing polls.  
  • Starting, managing, and finishing predictions.

Does Twitch Come with Other Moderation Features?

Well, you can use it to block or ban some words or even phrases. Also, it lets you ban specific users or odd rules.

  • Open “Dashboard.”
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “Moderation.”
  • Find the tools on your right-hand panel.
Does Twitch Come with Other Moderation Features

Are Twitch chat logs available offline?

Yes, Twitch chat logs are available even after a live stream ends, allowing streamers to review and engage with viewers’ messages.

Can I export Twitch chat logs for analysis?

Yes, you can export Twitch chat logs using various tools and services, allowing you to analyze the chat data in different formats.


So, that’s what you should know about Twitch chat logs. As you can see, Twitch logs are an important aspect, specifically to maintain good standards within a channel.

If you want to know more about Twitch, please let us know. We will attend to your queries at our earliest.


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