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WhatsApp Status Quotes

The task of uploading WhatsApp status quotes daily could be hectic as how one can have unique WhatsApp status quotes handy at all times.

Not anymore; you can have WhatsApp status quotes for every mood right here. Now, post them before others lay hands on them.

What Should I Write In My Status?

Here, you will get a huge list of WhatsApp status quotes to choose from. Now, you can upload a new status every day using this list of amazing WhatsApp status quotes.

It will not be a hectic task for you, but it would be really fun with these incredible WhatsApp status quotes.

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Part #1: Cool WhatsApp Status Quotes

1. I’m excellent at sleeping, but I can perform it with my two eyes CLOSED.
2. The Earth with no “Art” is only “Eh.”
3. Life is just too short. So, do not waste it while reading my useless WhatsApp status. . .
4. I do not like math, but I like to count money.
5. We are all supposed to die, so don’t feel you’re more extraordinary than me.

6. I don’t have an attitude issue; I just have a persona that you can’t handle.
7. I’m envious of my parents as I’ll never have a child as cool as theirs.
8. I’m not quarreling; I am simply fed up explaining why I’m always right.
9. I love purchasing new things, but I don’t like spending money.
10. I haven’t changed; I’ve just grown up. You ought to try it once.

11. I wish to create the rest of my days to be the best of my days!
12. If you are going to leave me without reason, do not try to come back for a reason.
13. I began with nothing, but I still used to have most of it.
14. I’ve got hold of the recipe for happiness. Could someone just lend me some cash so that I can purchase the ingredients?
15. I love to hang out with those that make me forget to gaze at my mobile phone.

16. I require Google in my head.
17. I converse with myself because I like to date a better type of person.
18. I’m in desperate want of a 6-month vacation, two times a year.
19. Yesterday, I started nothing, and today I’m concluding what I started yesterday.
20. I don’t require a hairstylist as my cushion gives me an innovative hairstyle every dawn.

21. I am familiar with the fact that I’m awesome. Hence, I don’t bother about your judgment.
22. I’m not lazy; I am just saving my energy.
23. Dear mathematics, please grow up and resolve your own problems; I’m exhausted from resolving them for you.
24. I stopped combating my inner demons. We both are on the same team now.
25. I’m not concerned about what people think or say about me; I haven’t taken birth on this earth to entertain everyone.

26. Today’s dawn, when I was going on a drive in my Ferrari, my alarm woke me up.
27. I say my mind. I never mind what I said.
28. God is actually innovative, I mean . . . just take a good look at me.
29. HOME: where I can look horrible and take pleasure in it.
30. Be joyful in front of people who hate you; It murders them.

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Part #2: Funny WhatsApp Status Quotes

1. I used to adore my next-door neighbors until they placed a password on their Wi-Fi.
2. I just have an allergic reaction to the world.
3. If common sense is just too common, why so many people do not have it?
4. Try to utter the letter B without your lips meeting.
5. If time is not waiting for you, relax. Just get rid of the battery of your clock and enjoy your life.

6. Running away does not help you out in your troubles unless you are obese.
7. C.L.A.S.S – Come by Late And Start-off Sleeping.
8. People who say “Good Morning” every Monday deserve to get beaten up.
9. You can by no means purchase love, but still, you need to pay for it.
10. I adore my six-packs away too much that I keep them protected with a cover of fat.

11. I don’t like people who stole my thoughts prior to my thinking of them.
12. My bed becomes s extra comfortable when I have to get out of it every morning.
13. We all have that buddy who says, “I’ll be there around 8,” and then shows up at 11.
14. I love my work only when I’m on holiday.
15. 70% of boys have girlfriends. Rests the 30% have brains.

16. The most dominant words other than “I LOVE YOU” are “Salary has been credited.”
17. Sorry about those messages I sent you last night; my mobile phone was drunk.
18. I want somebody to grant me a Loan and, after that, leave me alone.
19. All my existence, I believed air was free until I purchased a bag of chips.
20. True friends don’t make judgments on each other but judge other people together!

21. Life is NOT long; Converse Fast!
22. I speculate what happens when a doctor’s spouse consumes an apple every day . . .
23. Performing nothing is a very hard thing to perform; you would not know when to stop.
24. Light moves faster than sound that’s why people appear dazzling until they speak.
25. The moment when success comes earlier than work is only in the dictionary.

26. If my college has taught me anything, it’s texting without staring at my phone.
27. Mosquitoes are like relatives. All annoying, but carry your blood.
28. My biggest worry in life is in fact how my online contacts will get informed about my death!!
29. A bookstore is the only proof we have that people are pondering.
30. Those who change their love statuses after 30 seconds. My girlfriend is the culprit.

Part #3: Attitude Towards Life Quotes for WhatsApp

1. I desire could keep my dreams recorded so that I can watch them later on!
2. I kill my enemies by making them my friends.
3. Sometimes, you have to maintain a distance from some people to keep them close.
4. I desire I have ‘Google’ and ‘Anti-virus’ in my brain.
5. ‘Dream’ as if you’ll be in this world forever . . . Live as if the next day is the final one.

6. Every trouble comes with a way out, and if not, it’s no trouble!
7. Achievement is not easy and is definitely not for lazy ones.
8. I never fantasized about success. I labored for it.
9. Always keep in mind that you are distinctive, just like everyone else.
10. A style is a mirror image of your outlook and persona.

11. I’m only answerable for what I speak, not for what you comprehend.
12. If you are BAD, then take me as your DAD.
13. It’s my existence, so keep your snout out of it!
14. Life will offer you exactly what you necessitate, not what you desire.
15. The biggest punch to your rivals is your success.

16. The only ailment in life is a bad outlook.
17. Good looks are like Moon; looks much enhanced at night.
18. The greatest happiness in life is doing things that others say you can’t.
19. When you truly care for someone, their contentment matters more to you than yours.
20. Persons are like Music, while some say Truth and the rest just Noise.

21. If others are trying hard to bring you down, that only means you are on top of them.
22. I don’t want to explain myself since I know I’m correct.
23. A dreadful personality demolishes a pretty face.
24. Don’t judge me because of my past as I don’t live there anymore.
25. An awful attitude is like a flattened tire; you cannot go with it anywhere until you amend it.

26. Brilliance is not a talent; it is an outlook.
27. The quickest way to twice over your money is to FOLD it partially and put it back in your wallet.
28. Attitude is similar to a magnet; what you reflect is what you pull towards you.
29. My approach will always be based on your treatment.
30. It’s my life and my rules, so keep your snout out of it.

Part #4: Romantic Quotes for WhatsApp

1. It’s good to have someone by your side that makes you grin even when they’re not near.
2. Love is not about how many times you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ but how much you show it’s true.
3. A real lover is one who undertakes your past, assists your present, and motivates your future.
4. Once in a while, in the center of a normal life, love offers us a fairytale.
5. I want to get old with you; will you permit the same?

6. I have missed you since you left; I miss you more and more with each passing day!
7. I was playing a hundred memories back, wondering about all things we’ve been through.
8. Love someone who makes your life beautiful.
9. You are the only reason why I laugh, I live, I breathe . . .
10. My affections for you are like a mirror. You can shatter them into pieces, but when you gaze narrowly, you are still in them.

11. In the universe, there are millions of people, but in my eyes, there are only you.
12. Aging does not guard us against love, but love to some level guards us against aging.
13. I desire dreams to be like wishes, and those wishes would come true because, in my dreams, I’m at all times with you.
14. Your pretty smile is all I want to battle all struggles of my life.
15. I cannot assure you that I will solve all your problems, but I make sure that I am not going to let you face them all alone.

16. You are like a blazing Sun, as your bright love can even make stars fade out.
17. Choose the one who makes your life beautiful!
18. I love you takes one second to say, minutes to clarify, and a lifetime to show it.
19. I dropped down a tear in the sea when I faced the day on which I stopped loving you.
20. I love you for all the things you are, you have been, and all you’re going to be.

21. Love is a language spoken by all but understood by the heart alone.
22. I’ll run with you forever.
23. Nothing can be perfect, but when I’m around you, everything seems perfect.
24. I love my existence because it offered me you; I love you since you are my existence.
25. Thinking about you is just so easy as I carry it out every day while Missing you is the ache that never passes away.

26. Now and Forever: the only times when I want to be with you.
27. If I could decide between loving you and breathing, I would prefer my last gulp of air to utter I love you.
28. Life can provide us with lots of beautiful people, but only one being is enough for a stunning life.
29. The core of true love is that magnificent beginning, after which sorrow and unfeasibility may become the regulation.
30. Everybody says you will fall in love just once, but that’s not correct. Like every time I see you, I fall over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a WhatsApp status quote?

A WhatsApp status quote allows you to express your thoughts, feelings, or moods in a creative way.

2. How often should I change my WhatsApp status quote?

There are no set rules, but changing your status quote once a week keeps things interesting.

3. Can I use song lyrics as my WhatsApp status quote?

Absolutely! Song lyrics can be deeply relatable and make great status quotes.

4. Where can I find the best WhatsApp status quotes?

You can find great quotes in books, songs, movies, or online databases of quotes. This article is a great start!

5. Can I use a quote from a famous person as my status?

Yes, you can. Quotes from famous people can be insightful and inspiring.

6. Can I make up my own WhatsApp status quote?

Of course! Making up your own status quote can be a great way to express your creativity.


Finding the “Best WhatsApp Status Quotes for You” can be a fun and personal journey. Whether you prefer quotes that are inspirational, funny, or situation-specific, the perfect phrase is out there waiting for you. So go ahead, find a quote that speaks to you, and let your WhatsApp status do the talking!


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