How to Remove Getty Images Watermark from Pictures


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Remove Getty Images Watermark

Knowing how to remove Getty Images’ watermark can be handy for you at some point or another.

If you have the same requirement and want to remove the Getty Images watermark without any expert knowledge, keep reading.

We explain such methods in the easiest possible way so even a novice user can learn to follow them.

What Exactly is Getty Images


Undoubtedly, Getty Images is one of the world’s leading providers of stock photos, editorial photography, audio, and video.

Also, Getty Images has an archive of more than 200 million assets. Advertising or graphic design experts, the media (printed and online), and corporate clients are all targeted by this service.

Getty has distribution centers across the world and uses the Internet to distribute its content. Getty has digitized older picture agencies and archives that it has purchased, allowing for the online sharing of its holdings.

Using Getty Photos’ commercial website, clients may search and explore for images and purchase rights to use and download them. The cost of an image depends on its resolution and the rights it has. Corporate clients can also benefit from the company’s photo-editing services.

Despite the quality of Getty’s images, it is necessary to pay to use them. Getty Photographs watermarked images can be downloaded free of charge. After that, a watermark-removing application can be used to remove the logo from those downloaded images.

To remove the watermark of Getty Images from the images, you can consider this as a guide. In this post, we discuss the finest, most convenient, and free programs.

Also, please note that you should not use these images for commercial purposes at any time. In other words, use them for personal use only. That said, in the following parts, we explain how to remove the Getty Image watermark using different methods.

You should know that there is no shortage of methods for those who want to remove the Getty Images watermark.

However, the overall effectiveness and difficulty level of these methods vary significantly. So, choosing the best method out of the rest is a process that requires some research.

So, are you looking for how to remove the Getty Image watermark easily, quickly, and more effectively?

This is a desktop application called Apowersoft Watermark Remover. This application becomes exceptionally useful and simple to use.

Watermarks can be easily removed or added to images and videos using artificial intelligence. It contains simple-to-use tools, including the brush, marquee, and lasso for the purpose of selecting objects.

The user interface of this well-designed application is simple to navigate. You can get rid of watermarks from Getty Images by following the methods outlined below.

Steps to Remove Getty Images Watermark with Apowersoft

Apowersoft Watermark Remover

● Download Apowersoft

After downloading Apowersoft online, follow the on-screen instructions to begin editing.

You’ll arrive at the interface area to select the action you want to do after the launch. The option to remove the watermark from the image can be selected.

● Open the Image

To add a photo for editing, click on the button with a “Plus” mark.  Then choose one of the following.

  • To remove the watermark from a photo, use those selection tools so you can select the removable areas.
  • If not, select “Al Watermark Removal” to remove watermarks from multiple images simultaneously.

● Convert the Image

Converting your image is done by clicking on the “Convert” button at the bottom of this page. With the removal of the watermark, you are free to use the image for non-commercial and non-personal purposes.

Mentioned Below Are The Features You Can Enjoy with Apowersoft

  • It is a very simple and straightforward option.
  • A convenient, practical, and friendly tool.
  • It works perfectly compared to many other applications.
  • You can remove the Getty Images watermark using this application with a single-click operation.
  • This professional Shutterstock Watermark Remover tool lets you add or remove watermarks conveniently on both videos and images. The best thing is that it allows you to do it, leaving no trace.

Besides, let’s figure out how to remove watermarks from videos online with ease.

Part 2: Use Photo Stamp Remover to Remove Getty Images Watermark 

People use Photo Stamp Remover to remove image stamps from their photos. One of the best Windows watermark removal solutions may also be found in this software.

You, too, would be able to remove watermarks from your photographs by downloading this app. These instructions will help you achieve the perfect image. Even a novice user can easily follow the step-by-step guide provided.

How to Use Photo Stamp Remover Software

Mentioned below is how to use this application.

● Install the App

Well, the first step is downloading the app and uploading your photo. If you want to eliminate the watermark from an image, simply click the option “Upload.” After that, select the one you want to use.

● Select the Watermark

To identify the watermarked area, utilize the marker tool after uploading the image to the image. The toolbox of this application contains the marker, as well as a variety of other items.

Remove Getty Images Watermark from Pictures Using Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Make use of a smaller stamp while selecting the watermark area. Using a larger watermark will immediately obliterate non-watermarked regions. So, select only the watermarked region.

● Remove the Watermark

To get rid of the watermark, press the option “Run.” As a result, you can easily erase the image area you need by pressing the Run button. Non-technical individuals can easily delete unwanted elements from images using this method.


  • This specific tool can blend the pixels seamlessly and make the boundaries invisible.
  • It can remove many other aspects, including date stamps, logos, text, banners, etc.

Part 3: Use Adobe Photoshop to Remove Getty Images Watermark 

Photoshop may also be used to remove the watermark from Getty Images. Various capabilities allow you to erase the watermark and improve your photos using this professional photo editing software.

01. Open Photoshop

Immediately after starting Photoshop, you should select the images you wish to edit. It’s possible to open a folder and drag a photo into Photoshop directly from there.

You may also launch the browse window by clicking the “File” menu and selecting “Open”. That can be found in the drop-down menu.

Open PhotoShop

02. Make the Adjustments

If the watermark is on the photo’s edge, you can simply cut that picture to remove it. The Crop Tool is located on the left toolbar of the screen.

Then you can drag the frame and remove the unwanted section. To confirm your changes, use the enter key on your keyboard.

Make the Adjustments

03. Start Removing the Watermark

The “Content-Aware Fills” function is needed if you want to remove the watermark from the middle of the picture. Select the watermark by clicking the “Lasso” tool on the toolbar.

In the “Edit” menu at the top of your screen, look for the “Fill” option. In the “Use” field, select “Content-Aware Fills.” Remove the watermark by clicking the “OK” button.

Remove Getty Images Watermark from Pictures with PhotoShop

Using Photoshop, you may completely erase the watermarks without sacrificing the image’s quality or features.

In addition, Photoshop may be used to boost the resolution of your images and perform additional photo manipulation.

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Part 4: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

01. How to get rid of the Getty Images watermark without paying anything?

There are only a few ways for those who wonder how to get rid of the Getty Images watermark. That said, Apowersoft is the best of all those options due to various reasons.

To top it all off, Apowersoft lets you apply watermarks on images in bulk to safeguard your copyright. That said, it could be the perfect finishing touch for your photos and movies. Apowersoft is a one-stop shop for all your watermarking needs.

02. Can I add watermarks to the images?

Yes. Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a tool that lets you add watermarks apart from removing them. Also, it gives you the option of applying watermarks to images as batches as well.

03. Is it possible to use pictures that are available on Getty Images with watermarks?

Definitely, watermarks are placed on Getty Images’ images to indicate the copyright. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on personal usage of Getty Images with a watermark.

However, if you utilize Getty Images with no watermarks for commercial purposes, you may be violating copyright law.


So, that’s all about how to get rid of the Getty Images watermark. As you can see, the easiest and most convenient way to remove the Getty Images watermark is Apowersoft Watermark Remover. It is convenient, fast, and efficient.


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