Power Bi vs. Tableau vs. Qlikview – Comprehensive Comparison

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This Power Bi Vs. Tableau Vs. Qlikview review will help you to choose the best of the three. As you may have heard, Power Bi, Tableau, and Qlikview are popular business analytic tools.

In general, those tools are used for the purpose of representing business data, particularly for stakeholders.

Although all three tools are developed for the same purpose, each of them has unique characteristics. In other words, one option may be better than the other two always.

Key aspects to consider when evaluating Power Bi vs. Tableau vs. Qlikview

First, it is better to take a look at the key aspects associated with these three options. Mentioned below are six key aspects that make the difference between these three business analytic tools.

Basics introduction about the three options

● Power BI

Power BI is a product introduced by Microsoft, and it was launched back in 2013. It is considered one of the most prominent data visualizing tools in the modern-day market. Despite its relatively new existence, Power BI has become the preferred tool of many users. Power BI focuses more on providing a detailed visualization of the displayable data through reports and dashboards.

● Tableau

Tableau is older than Power BI – it was launched back in 2003. As of today, it is considered to be the number-one data visualization tool in the industry. This tool allows you to convert the available raw data and provide meaningful insights. In addition to that, it offers beautiful dashboards for the data.

● QlikView

QlikView is the oldest campaigner on this list, and it was introduced back in 1993. In fact, QlikView was introduced before the business industry started to make decisions based on data. In addition to that, QlikView mainly focuses on utilizing larger data sets to provide users with large data sets.

Comparison of the differences between Power BI vs. Tableau vs. Qlikview

Basically, Power BI is considered to be a powerful business intelligence tool with plenty of features. It can be used to upload data and publish that so the entire organization can access it.

When it comes to business intelligence, it is very important for any business to make decisions. Power BI can empower your business by visualizing data in the correct manner.

Moreover, Power BI offers a feature called Quick Insights so it can search for a specific dataset. Through that, they can search for interesting patterns to provide a list of charts.

As a result of this combination, the respective organization can get a better understanding of the presented data. It utilizes artificial intelligence with data mining strategies to have a better analysis of data.

Qlik is another tool that can be categorized as a data visualization tool with a good reputation. It is recognized as an end-to-end ETL solution that can end up providing excellent customer service.

With the assistance of Qlik, you can experience a very flexible user interface as well. You can use it to make excellent presentations to utilize the data. To make the presentation more attractive, you can use features like dynamic graphical charts, tables, etc.

In addition to that, you can use it to create customized expert systems as well. Qlik is compatible with virtual databases as well. This tool is compatible with the Windows platform, and it requires components such as Qlick Server and Qlik Publisher.

These components are used very often in the industry to present data in a productive manner. The smartness of the tool is used to create, display, and share the reports with any user. It can be done at any time.

Those reports are platform-independent, and they are exceptionally convenient to be used for business purposes. They work based on client-server architecture as well and facilitate speedy functionality.

They are exceptionally handy for top management employees who require good BI as well. When comes to Tableau, offers advantages such as faster access, interactive visualization, etc. On top of that, it is known for cost-effectiveness and a good amount of security.

Main features associated with Power BI

Here are the most notable features associated with Power BI.

  • It has a very rich graphical visualization system to present complex BI data.
  • Facilitate ad-hoc reporting.
  • Very friendly and pretty simplified navigation pane;
  • It has a dataset with highly customizable dashboards.

Main features associated with Qlik

Here are the most notable features associated with Qlik

  • If you are expecting a hybrid approach, Qlik is ideal. It allows you to associate data that are stored inside the big sources.
  • It offers you the option of performing business discovery and visual analysis with the assistance of direct discovery.
  • Be compatible with mobile platforms so you can expect a better user experience with it.
  • Interactive experience with dynamic apps and dashboards;

Main features of Tableau

Here are the most notable features associated with Tableau.

  • This platform supports drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Special Tableau Public feature to facilitate better data sharing.
  • Excellent implementation of interactive data visualizations for the web;
  • Stronger performance and highly reliable operation, especially with huge data;
  • They are mobile-friendly and compatible with online versions seamlessly.

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Analysis of main differences between Power BI vs. Tableau vs. Qlikview

Now, in our Power BI vs. Tableau vs. Qlikview comparison, we take a look at the most notable differences. These differences are mentioned in point form so our readers can understand that easily.

  • Qlick is easily accessible by multiple users simultaneously without any lag. Also, compared to Tableau, Qlik is faster. On the other hand, power BI can connect to any source of data without needing ETL.
  • When it comes to the document format, Qlik offers a proprietary communication protocol called QVW. They support the Windows platform. When it comes to Power BI, it facilitates three types of systems. They are Excel (.xls), Power BI Desktop (.pbix) and (.csv). On the other hand, when it comes to Tableau, it saves files in (.tde) file extensions.
  • Qlik is compatible with the OLEDB interface when it comes to external data sources. On the other hand, Power BI extracts data from OLEDB as well as from the BI server. As of this writing, they are compatible with a live connection only.
  • The structure of Qlik is not perfectly managed. However, when it comes to Tableau, the structure is well-managed.
  • Qlik works in the form of a standalone technique. It publishes the data to external parties, and they are managed through QlikView Publisher. Power BI, however, is available only on the SAAS version. On the other hand, Tableau has both cloud and on-premises options. Moreover, you can get the desktop version of PowerBI for free.
  • Power BI can be used to increase data modeling facilities. In Qlik Data insights, they are generated at a rapid pace.
  • Both Tableau and Power BI are user-friendly tools. Qlik comes with tailor-made patterns.
  • Qlik and Tableau are ideal for statistical analysis. However, with Power BI, you don’t get this ability.

A quick comparison of Power BI vs. Tableau vs. Qlikview

Here’s a comparison table on Power BI Vs. Tableau Vs. Qlikview. Here, we take 09 aspects into consideration.

Aspect consideredPower BITableauQlik
Performance Data visualization options are poor.This is a relatively user-friendly tool, and even a novice can use this tool without much trouble.This tool requires a steep learning curve.
UIPower BI has dashboards as the main feature of the tool. It has a good user interface that helps to publish the reports.It has a better user interface compared to Power BI.The user interface is not that good compared to Tableau.
Overall complexityAs long as you have good knowledge in MS Excel, you are good to go with Power BI.No specific technical or other skills are required to use this tool.If you have a background in data science, you can learn how to use it easily.
Supportive Requirements of the toolPower BI comes with features called Power BI desktop and Gateway.This tool requires a front-end tool called R.Qlik comprises special tools called Qlik Developer and Qlik Publisher for front- and back-ends, respectively.
LicenseYou can get the Power BI desktop version for free. However, if you go for Power BI Pro, you will have to pay monthly.When it comes to Tableau Reader, it is free. However, if you want to get the Tableau Server version, you should purchase a license.You can get Qlik Personal Edition for free. You don’t have to obtain a license key for that.
AffordabilityRelatively affordable.This tool can save you money and effort. Also, it can save you a considerable amount of time as well. The overall cost is very high.Qlik comes with two options. You can go for the free version for free. However, the enterprise version is costlier compared to Power BI.
Online Analytical ProgrammingThis tool builds a connection with OLAP cubes through SQL servers. As a result, you can expect a multidimensional analysis through this tool.Tableau connects with OLAP, too, but takes out the cube measures when it comes to its deepest level.It gains access to OLAP and provides encapsulated views of data.
Overall speedFair speed and it has a smart recovery as well.The speed of this tool depends on the RAM and its data sets.This tool shows better speed as it stores data in RAM.
BenefitsWhen it comes to Power BI, it is not that expensive, and it can be scaled to larger projects.This tool is ranked top when it comes to intelligence visualization.This tool has a wider range of deep analytics. In addition to that, it comes with an excellent customer satisfaction rating as well.


Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView are all leading players in the business intelligence and data visualization market. Choosing the right tool depends on your organization’s specific requirements and preferences.

Power BI offers seamless integration with other Microsoft products, while Tableau excels in visualizations and ease of use. QlikView’s associative data model provides a unique approach to data exploration. Consider factors such as data visualization capabilities, analytics features, ease of use, scalability, and pricing when making your decision.

In conclusion, all three tools have their strengths and cater to different user preferences. It is recommended to evaluate your organization’s needs, conduct thorough testing, and consider user feedback before selecting the most suitable BI tool.


Q1: Can I use Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView together?

A1: Yes, it is possible to use multiple BI tools together. Many organizations employ a multi-tool approach to leverage the strengths of each tool for specific use cases.

Q2: Are there free versions available for Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView?

A2: Power BI offers a free version with limited features. Tableau and QlikView also provide free versions, but with certain limitations on data connectivity and sharing capabilities.

Q3: Which tool is better for advanced analytics and machine learning?

A3: Power BI offers integration with Azure Machine Learning, making it suitable for advanced analytics and machine learning. Tableau and QlikView can leverage R and Python for advanced analytics capabilities.

Q4: Can I access my dashboards and reports on mobile devices?

A4: Yes, all three tools provide mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to access your visualizations on the go.

Q5: How do I get started with learning these tools?

A5: Each tool has its own learning resources, including documentation, tutorials, and training courses. Visit the official websites of Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView to access their learning materials.


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