Phone Icon Missing on iPhone? – 4 Best Solutions!

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Phone Icon Missing on iPhone

Is your phone icon missing on your iPhone (iPhone phone app missing from your screen)? If that’s the case, you might be concerned about how to get it back, right?

Well, there’s no need to worry about this aspect anymore as this article explains how to overcome it.


The iPhone’s Phone app icon can be hard to find at times due to various reasons. When it comes to your iPhone, this specific app is undoubtedly the most used. Using it, you can place and receive phone calls.

iPhone’s Phone app also provides access to your messages and contacts. You might be wondering what to do if the icon suddenly vanished from your desktop.

Regardless of which iPhone model you have, you can always find this Phone app in its Dock. Have no fear; there is an easy solution to this. Just stick to the guidelines we detail below.

Besides, knowing how to ping an iPhone or an Android is advantageous if you need to find that device’s location. So, let’s learn how to ping a phone most simply.

Solutions to Try when Your iPhone Phone App is Missing from Your Screen

1. Restart the Device when the Phone Icon is Missing on iPhone 

The most basic solution to try if your iPhone phone app is missing is to restart the device. Well, this might sound like a very simple fix, but it actually works for many individuals.

First, you are supposed to switch off your device. To do that, you should go to “Settings” and select “General.” After that, you should select the option called “Shut Down.”

Restart the Device when the Phone Icon is Missing on iPhone

When the device is completely turned off, press the power button on and hold it for several seconds. You should do this until the Apple Logo appears.

The power button of your iPhone can be seen on the side of the device. Once the restart is completed, you will see that its phone icon has appeared once again.

Now, you should make sure that the iPhone is installed with the latest iOS version. To do this, you can go to “Settings” and select “General.” After that, select “Software Update.” That will allow you to check for updates.

Software update

If you see any updates, make sure to follow the onscreen instructions and install them.

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2. Use Siri or Search to Bring the Missing Icon Back

It is true that you might not see the icon for “Phone” in the Dock. If that’s the case, it’s possible that the respective Phone app is already running on any of the screens.

If so, the chances are that you might have inadvertently moved it. You may look it up using Search and move it back to your Dock.

You can easily follow the steps and see if the iPhone phone app is missing.

  • First, you should swipe the home screen down to open the “Search” option.
  • When you see the search field, you are supposed to enter the text “Phone.”
  • When you do this, is it possible to see the “Phone” app in the search results? If so, move to the next step.
  • If you see the app called “Phone,” you can open it at once. Otherwise, you can even perform a long press on the app, so you will see a small menu; when you see that, you can open and drag that icon while holding it.
  • Now, your home screen will appear again. And you will be able to drag it to the Dock or anywhere else on the screen.
Use Siri or Search to Bring the Missing Icon Back

In addition to that, you can even use Siri if your phone icon is missing on your iPhone. To do that, you should open the “Siri” app and say something like “Siri, open the Phone app.”

As a result, Siri will open the respective app. You can then check the voicemails or even make calls as usual.

By the way, in this article, we will uncover practical solutions for the ‘voicemail icon missing on iPhone‘ issue. Navigate iPhone settings, iOS updates, and carrier settings to restore your voicemail.

3. Check the App Library

Here’s another solution if your phone icon is missing on your iPhone. In fact, the phone app cannot be deleted completely from your phone.

Unlike other apps on your phone, the Phone app is designed to stay on your device. However, the truth is that it can be removed from the home screen only, and you won’t find it.

When the app is removed, it is always possible to perform a simple search. In this case, you are supposed to search in the App Library for the Phone app.

So, even if the app is removed from the home screen, you may open the app library. Once the app is found, you can drag it to the home screen as you wish.

That said, below are the steps you should follow.

  • First, you should open the “App Library” of your device. To do that, you can easily swipe the home screen to the left side. You should keep swiping to the left side to see the App Library screen.
  • Then, you will be able to see that all the apps are correctly organized into different categories. From this collection, you should find the app called “Phone.” If not, you can even perform a “Search” to locate the “App Library.” This option is found at the top of the screen.
  • After locating the app, press it, hold it and drag it toward the home screen.
Check the App Library

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4. Reset the Layout of Your Home Screen

This is the next solution you can try if your iPhone phone app is missing. As per this method, you are supposed to restore the default layout of your Home Screen.  

You should note that this will not necessarily get rid of any data or content in your device. But what you should remember is that this process will delete your app folders.

Once you do it, the preloaded apps, such as the Phone app, are sent back to the original locations. That means the app’s position when you purchased the phone.

In addition to that, all the apps will be organized properly in alphabetical order. Well, this is a very useful approach if your phone icon is missing on your iPhone.

So, if you wish to reset the layout of your device’s home screen, here are the steps.

  • First, you should go to “Settings” and select the “General” option. Once you have done that, you can select “Transfer or Reset.” After that, you can follow the onscreen instructions.
Reset the Layout of Your Home Screen
  • That’s basically it. You can now see that the app called “Phone” is placed properly in its original position.


Q1: Why did the phone icon disappear from my iPhone?

There could be several reasons for the phone icon disappearing from your iPhone. It may be due to a software update glitch, app restriction settings, or accidental icon movement.

Q2: Can I restore the phone icon without resetting my iPhone?

Yes, you can try searching for the phone app using the built-in search feature on your iPhone. Swipe down on your home screen to reveal the search bar, type “Phone,” and look for the phone app in the search results.

Q3: Will resetting all settings delete my data?

Resetting all settings on your iPhone will not delete any data or media from your device. However, it will erase your personalized settings and restore them to their default state.

Q4: What should I do if none of the methods work?

If none of the methods mentioned in this article work, you can consider restoring your iPhone from a backup. Ensure that you have a recent backup of your iPhone’s data before proceeding.

Q5: How can I create a backup of my iPhone’s data?

You can create a backup of your iPhone’s data by connecting it to a computer with iTunes or Finder. Select your device, then choose the “Backup” option to create a backup of your data.


So, those are the most practical options you can use if your iPhone phone app is missing. As you can see, there are several options to try.

However, the first option is the most basic and convenient one; after all, restarting your device doesn’t hurt. But if that doesn’t work, you can simply try one of the other solutions mentioned above.

That said, do you know other ways to fix this? If yes, please share your experience with other readers. Thank you!


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