How To Resolve the Issue Of iPhone Won’t Turn Off

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An iPhone user has great pride and feels great at ease using it in day-to-day work. He or she might be able to move around and use it for a lot more uses than just calling or messaging. The phone’s intuitive features are some of the big reasons for people to go for it.

The iPhone has become a leading Smartphone brand that has become a hot buy since Apple has expanded and reached out worldwide. It has become the lifeline, and many people are doing a host of chores like managing itineraries and schedules and even multitasking right from their homes.

However, just like any other technological device, even the iPhone has its share of issues, like the iPhone won’t turn off.

The issue of the iPhone won’t turn off by pressing the power button many times shall be disconcerting. This is where consulting the experts or even referring dr.fone‘s helpful resources might be of great help to anyone facing such issues.

5 Effective Ways To Sort The Problem of iPhone won’t turn off:

If you are one of the few iPhone users having such problems with the phone not turning off, even after pressing the power button, then you should read on.

However, try to understand that if any of the issues repeat, it is better to get the phone tested by the experts earlier since they would know the exact problem from its root and solve it right away.

Here, we are going to present before you a list of ways and methods to help you handle this issue.

Part 1: Force Restart of iPhone/ Hard Reset

If suddenly you check your iPhone for notifications and your screen freezes, and you are struggling, and your iPhone won’t turn off, then try restarting it. This is a simple way to get your phone to come out of that temporary state of responsiveness. This will help it to re-energize the power supply. This forceful restart process varies from one generation of iPhone to the other, which we shall discuss now in detail.

Force Restart or Reset of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Let us check out the latest models in the market and how to deal with this issue of an irresponsive iPhone. Do not waste time pressing the Home button.

Instead, click on the Power button that you use for Wake or Sleep, and simultaneously hold the Volume Down button for a minimum of 10 seconds. Do not remove the finger from these two buttons until you actually find the Apple icon to come up on your screen.

Force Restart of iPhone 6 and Older Models: Those who are using the older generations of iPhone, like iPhone 6 or older, can try pressing the Power button and Home button simultaneously for around 10 seconds. Shortly, the screen will go black before the Apple icon appears on the screen.

Part 2: Switching off the iPhone With Assistive Touch

If the iPhone has Assistive Touch enabled on it, and the screen is still responding to touch, then turning it off is easy. In fact, Assistive Touch is the finest and the most reassuring way to help in protecting data and restart the iPhone without any worries.

On clicking the Assistive Touch option, you shall get to see a few options. From there, you need to select the “Device” option and tap on it by holding on to the “Lock Screen” feature.

Within a few moments, the screen will display the Power screen. Slide down to turn the iPhone device as usual.

Part 3: Trying to Reset All the Settings on iPhone

In fact, one of the simplest and easiest ways to resolve the issue of the iPhone won’t turn off is by just resetting all the settings to their default condition.

If the iPhone is not working and is totally inactive, then this could be one of the best ways to get the phone to restart.

However, this would be able to work even when the Home or Power key is not working or if it is totally damaged. So resetting the settings would be a logical way. However, this might also mean that you would end up losing data on the phone.

When we say data, we mean the following data:

  • Passwords
  • Browsing preferences

However, you would not lose the photos, audio, and video files you might have saved on your iPhone. Try turning off the iPhone without any key easily. Try solving the issue by resetting the settings by following the steps given here:

  • Open the Settings button on your iPhone. Click on the General option.
  • Scroll down and look for the RESET button. Select the option.
  • This would prompt several other features, which you would need to click to specify what would get reset. However, it is better that you click the “Reset All Settings” tab.
  • There will be a prompt related to confirming your choice. Click on “Reset All Settings” before they perform the function.

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Part 4: Restore iPhone with the Help of iTunes

Yes, once again, iTunes shall come with the help of all iPhone users, and it is not just by managing playlists for the listeners alone. The application will be helpful when your iPhone won’t turn off.

It can help in storing all the data or creating a backup of all of the data for you too. So, even if you are worried about the data lost while resetting the phone, you can relax knowing that iTunes is there to back you up.

However, how would you actually take iTunes assistance for restoring your phone data? Here are the steps that you might follow to get the necessary help from iTunes when your phone is not turning off. Firstly, make sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer, and that too is the latest version only.

Open iTunes on your computer and connect it to your iPhone with a cable. Once you do that, check if the device is also visible from your computer.

If you had activated the Recovery option on your iPhone, then iTunes would offer you a pop-up message with the “Restore” option after sensing a problem with your device. This will restore the phone settings and even solve the issue that is bothering the phone right away.

However, there are times when you might not have put the phone in recovery mode and are in a dilemma too. Then what are you going to do about it? Do not worry; you can solve it by following the steps we are going to discuss now.

Once you connect the iPhone, iTunes will be able to detect the device. Select the phone device and visit the page named “Summary.” Then click on the Restore Backup option under the section “Backup.” This will take your data backup and then restore it.

iTunes would then allow a pop-up message to come up on the screen. Click on the Restore option to solve the phone’s problem.

Part 5: Take the Phone to an Apple iPhone Service Center:

This is the last option for those who are not really confident that they will be able to sort out the problem of the iPhone won’t turn off all by itself. This is also fine for older adults who struggle to get into the nitty-gritty of the latest technology.

If the iPhone is facing this problem repeatedly, and you have no idea whatsoever to sort it out, then taking your phone to a certified service center right away would be a cool deed.

This would sort a headache, and since the Apple repair store or the service center would have trained technicians to sort out the issues immediately, they would do so at the earliest, and you can get your iPhone tested and treated at the earliest.

However, try to recollect if you have already taken the backup of your phone’s data before you hand over the phone to the technicians.

Things to Remember Before Heading Off to the Service Center:

You can try out Dr.fone’s iOS Data Backup and Restore suggestions to get your data backup here. While many might negate the significance of taking the backup, it is nevertheless vital for you if you have made a lot of customization of your phone.

iOS Backup & Restore

It might also be easy to simply walk into the nearest Apple service center for your phone. However, before that, here are a few more things you would need to remember. That includes you keeping track of the number of times; your iPhone is showing problems.

If your iPhone won’t turn off a lot of times in a week, then just mark it and do not forget to mention it to the technicians. He or she would have specific reasons to know this, and they would work accordingly to examine if there is any serious problem lurking underneath it at all or not.

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Likewise, there might be other issues on the iPhone too cropping up from time to time along with this, which could be equally annoying.

Similarly, many people might just postpone these problems for the future and keep it like that. Instead, if they are a little prompt when their iPhones won’t turn off, they could save a lot of money, time, and energy.