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Are you looking for a comprehensive NuPrice review before using it? If so, look no further as you have landed on the correct article to grab the precise information.

So, keep reading and learn every important bit of information about NuPrice.

As you may notice at some point, NuPrice is a pretty different platform compared to other options. In fact, NuPrice uses your local device (computer) to reprice inventories.

Thanks to this exceptional functionality, it can make decisions quickly and make repricing a breeze.

On top of that, it lets you reprice any of your inventories with a single click. In this case, you don’t have to enter a price manually.

NuPrice Review – Automated Repricing Based on API

NuPrice Review

‍Each item in your stock is often called via a repricer’s API. Then, Amazon provides the pricing details for that particular book. Unfortunately, Amazon only provides information on the cheapest 15-20 offers as a result of this.

Well, assume that you’re trying to compete with any other FBA offer. However, your repricer won’t notice prime prices (any of them) that are lower than the initial one.

86 percent of books that are currently rated under 3m on Amazon fall into this category. So, 86% of the time, the respective repricer won’t look at a specific FBA price while repricing the inventory.

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Manual Pricing for Amazon

Manual Pricing for Amazon

‍Repricing your Amazon stock manually is an alternative to using an API repricer tool. As mentioned before, repricers have blind spots over 86% of their stock even if you pay subscription fees.

When you use this approach, you have complete access to all of the available offers for any product. That allows you to make exceptionally important, informed price decisions imaginable.

Repricing every item one at a time takes a long time, which is the primary drawback of this approach. This is true particularly as the inventory grows. The following is a typical day at work if you choose the manual path.

  • First, you should click on the specific product link that appears in the manage inventory.
  • After that, go to the option called Merchant Fulfilled Offer.
  • Then, you will see a check box. Just check it so you can view FBA Offers.
  • Then, go to Keepa Graph.
  • After that, go to the page dedicated to product information.
  • After that, you will be able to see the used box.
  • Go back to the page called “manage inventory.”
  • After that, you should enter the new price manually.
  • Then, hit the button called “Save.”

That’s it. You can continue with the other products and rename them with the same procedure.

What you should remember in this case is that this is a laborious process that takes a long time. So, it is more of a headache to reprice products manually.

NuPrice Eliminates the Manual Process

NuPrice Eliminates the Manual Process

Well, as we mentioned before, the manual process of repricing products is not that effective. It is a time-consuming option. This is exactly when an option like NuPrice comes to play.

In fact, NuPrice offers the best of both worlds: manual and automatic repricing in one. With manual repricing, you get all of the benefits of API repricing with no drawbacks. Look at the tool’s appearance and functionality.‍

It works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. So, you can use this tool no matter whether you have a PC or a Mac.

Besides, a Wayfair price tracker is required to keep track of the items sold on; here is everything about it for you.

Information Row

‍When you launch NuPrice, you’ll be able to see all the information displayed in the tool. To assist you in easily identifying the product you’re re-pricing, let’s learn about each of those items. 

You will see the option called Custom SKU. This specific SKU is related to the product that is listed on the Amazon marketplace. It is easy to sort your items simply by tapping on the top part of the SKU column.

NuPrice Information Row

After that, you will see options like fulfillment method, product title, the condition of the item, etc. Also, it will show the link that directs to items so you can have a quick view of them.

quick view

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Days In Inventory

After that, we can go to one of the most important parts of the NuPrice screen. It is named “Days in Inventory.” This number shows how long the current product in the inventory has been there.

Doing the calculation in your brain to see how long an item has been sitting in your inventory is difficult. Any individual will accept that manual calculation is difficult.

For example, things that are in your inventory for 368 days vs. 180 days are treated differently. Let’s get to the point where you arrange your items by that specific number.

In this case, you may first reprioritize your earliest items. After that, get rid of the ones you no longer need.

Days In Inventory

● Ranks Are Color-coded for More Convenience

The information provided under this number represents the existing rank of that specific product.

Thanks to the color-coded system, the ranking system gives an idea of the overall velocity of the product.

So, if you are a bookseller, this option will be exceptionally handy for you. Here’s a quick breakdown of that information.

  • The green color represents the ranks from 0 to 1.5 million
  • The orange color represents the ranks from 1.5 to 3 million
  • The red color represents the ranks from 3 million upwards
Ranks Are Color-coded

● Current Price ‍

After that, you’ll see a summary of your current purchase price. This is the price at which Amazon lists your goods right now.

It is possible to change this number yourself by clicking on it and entering a new number.

Current Price ‍

The icon for a chart can be found at the end of the info row. When you hover your mouse over this graphic, Keepa’s data is displayed.

If you have a subscription to Keepa, you’ll notice the green ranking indicator in the upper right.

However, they’ll soon be changing this graph with a personalized one. Eventually, that will eliminate the requirement of paying the monthly cost of Keepa, and that’s impressive.

You can simply hover the cursor over its chart icon. That will display the Keepa graph.

display the Keepa graph

Pricing Column

After discussing the informational column, let’s move on to the pricing one (where the real magic happens).

Assume that you open NuPrice for the first time. In that case, this part will be empty and just feature a button called “Reveal Current Prices.” 

Pricing Column

● Reveal Current Prices

When you click on the option called “reveal current prices,” Amazon FBA prices will all be displayed. In addition to that, new & used buy box prices too will be displayed. There are no omissions because you are utilizing your PC/Mac to check this data.

Assume that there’s an FBA price. In that case, you will be able to see it. That is irrespective of the number of merchant-fulfilled items that are available for purchase.

Depending on the user’s eligibility, the New Buy Box and the Used Buy Box may also be displayed. “SUP” will only appear if Amazon stops the new & used boxes from appearing.

The item’s status is displayed next to the product’s name when it is loaded.

Reveal Current Price

● It is Fast

It would take a few minutes to go through all of these costs one at a time. It takes just a few seconds for all of the prices to be loaded into NuPrice and shown. The magic, though, goes much beyond that.

Now that those prices are loaded. Go ahead and click on any price in the inventory. That is needed to have your product’s price instantly updated. Type-ins are not necessary!

Now, your item’s current price will be shown in blue after it is repriced. Once you have done that, a date indicator will be added to the far left.

This will keep note of when each item was repriced last, so you may work through the inventory. And you will know when each of those items was the last re-priced.

It is Fast

Additional Filters

Now, in this NuPrice review, let’s pay attention to some additional filters it has. Product information and price are critical, but how do you organize and categorize your inventory? The answer is yes!

Clicking on those column headers that are located within the information rows will arrange your items for you.

Simply click on the header. That will sort up or down if you intend to sort your items by SKU or Day in Inventory. You can key in a part of the SKU in the search field with ease.

If not, just click the additional filters button if you want to filter the items. You can sort by price, date, or even method of fulfillment. 

Additional Filters


Well, NuPrice is offered to you as two packages; a monthly plan and an annual plan.

If you go for the monthly plan, it starts at the price of $14.95. On the other hand, the annual plan costs $129.

NuPrice Price


  1. Can I use NuPrice for multiple Amazon marketplaces? Yes, NuPrice supports multiple Amazon marketplaces, allowing you to expand your business internationally and repricing your products in different regions.
  2. Is NuPrice suitable for sellers with a large inventory? Absolutely! NuPrice is designed to handle large inventories and can efficiently reprice thousands of products simultaneously.
  3. Can I customize my repricing strategies in NuPrice? Yes, NuPrice offers a wide range of customizable pricing rules, giving you control over your repricing strategies based on your specific business goals.
  4. Does NuPrice offer customer support? Yes, NuPrice provides dedicated customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.
  5. Can I integrate NuPrice with my existing inventory management system? NuPrice integrates seamlessly with popular inventory management systems, ensuring accurate repricing and inventory synchronization.


So, that’s our NuPrice review.

Simply put, it is a tool that can make your life a lot easier when dealing with Amazon selling.

It is a great tool that makes the repricing process a much more convenient, fast, and accurate one.


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