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Net HELPMSG 2182

The Windows App Store is the gateway to a lot of many apps, but this path sometimes gets hindered by errors like Net HELPMSG 2182.

In the following article, we will analyze this error and then give you the five best solutions to get rid of it easily. Let’s begin!

What is the Meaning of the Net HELPMSG 2182 Error?

This error has been reported to occur when most of the users have emerged while trying to install new updates on their Windows 10 PCs.

Another case was when they tried to open the MS Store for installing new applications. The message that pops up on the screen looks like this-

Problem with BITS Service: The requested service has already been started. More help is available by typing Net HELPMSG 2182.”

What is the meaning of the Net HELPMSG 2182 error?

Now this implies that the error is associated with the BITS or the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. The major function of this service is to help the Microsoft servers with the update download.

This error disrupts this service, and it is due to this only that the users fail to get any update or download any Windows app.

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Major Causes of the Net HELPMSG 2182 Error

We carefully studied the user’s experiences and all the reports that came to us. This led us to understand that there are not one but several reasons that can be held responsible for the occurrence of the error. Let’s see what they can be:

  1. Malfunctioning BITS – Several services of the Windows function together to facilitate the download and installation of updates on the PC. BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) is one of them, and if any glitch in a particular service occurs, then the error mentioned above can be a result of it.
  2. System files that get corrupted – Some of the files that remain stored in the system for so long tend to get corrupted. If these files happen to be a part of the update service or process, then they end up affecting the entire task of Windows.
  3. Faulty update – The updates are deemed to carry a lot of useful services, but it cannot be the case always. They may also affect the system by causing numerous errors.

Besides, let’s figure out how to fix issues of Whea Uncorrectable Error.

Fix 1: Running the Troubleshooter of Windows Update

As we have already mentioned, the error Net HELPMSG 2182 is related to the app store; there is a high chance that it can occur as a result of any faulty update you were trying to install.

However, there exists the Windows Update Troubleshooter in the system itself that can help you to fix all such issues related to the updates.

Let us tell you the steps that you need to follow in order to make this method work:

1. Click over the search box inside the Start menu. Enter Settings and then open the relevant result.

2. Hit the tab of Update & Security here. Once inside that window, you will see the option of Troubleshoot. Click over it and then look in the windowpane that emerges on the right side.

3. Now, you have to double-click the option of Windows Update.

4. Lastly, hit over the tab Run the troubleshooter.

Windows Update

5. This will get you a list of all the potential fixes that you can apply to resolve the error.

Once the process finishes, you can expect the removal of the error.

Fix 2: Resetting the Windows Update Service through the Command Prompt

Yet again, a broken update service can affect Windows by causing many errors like the Net HELPMSG 2182 one too.

The logical solution that follows is to reset the Update Service with the help of the Command Prompt, for which we have to provide the Administrative privileges.

Follow the guide that we give next to be able to do so:

1. First, hit a right-click over the Start menu or press the keys Windows + X together.

2. In the contextual menu that emerges, click over the option of Command Prompt (Admin). This will open the command-line utility.

Resetting the Windows Update Service through the Command Prompt

3. Now we have first to turn the Windows Update off and to do that, enter the commands that we give below in the right order-

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop cryptSvc
  • net stop bits
  • net stop msiserver

4. Hit the Enter button after entering every command.

5. Now, you have to enter another set of commands which are as follows.

  • ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old

6. The first command will change the name of SoftwareDistribution into SoftwareDistribution.old. After entering the second command, hit Return.

Resetting the Windows Update Service through the Command Prompt
Resetting the Windows Update Service through the Command Prompt

7. Now, we have to restart the Windows Update Service. To do that, you will have to enter the first set of commands that we entered above again. Keep hitting Enter after every command that you enter.

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop cryptSvc
  • net stop bits
  • net stop msiserver

You are done here. The Net HELPMSG 2182 error would be gone by now.

Fix 3: Running the BITS Troubleshooter

BITS stands for Background Intelligent Transfer Service, a general feature of the Windows systems that regulates the operations running in the background in the OS.

Now any fault in this service might cause several Windows errors, the Net HELPMSG 2182 being one of them.

However, the BITS troubleshooter can fix any such issue, which easily deals with the very general BITS problems in Windows 10.

Let’s see how it is going to do so for you too:

1. Press the keys Windows + R together.

2. Enter Control Panel into the resultant search box and select the relevant option from the emerging list.

3. Click on the option View by and set Large icons there. Now navigate through the list and go down. You have to find the option of Troubleshooting and then click over it.

Running the BITS troubleshooter to fix Net HELPMSG 2182 Error

4. This will send you into the Window of Troubleshooting. On the pane on the left, click over the option of View All.

Running the BITS troubleshooter

5. Some categories will emerge then, and you need to select the Background Intelligent Transfer Service option. Now you have to hit double-click over it to launch the BITS troubleshooter.

Running the BITS troubleshooter

6. A window will pop up next, and click over the option Advanced. Now select the option Apply repairs automatically and then hit the tab Next for further continuation.

Running the BITS troubleshooter
Running the BITS troubleshooter

7. This will set the troubleshooter to work. The service will now automatically find out the error.

8. After the entire process ends, close the troubleshooter window for exiting.

Most probably, the error would be resolved now.

Fix 4: Running a scan through the System File Checker

The Net HELPMSG 2182 is also a result of the system files that get corrupted when stored for a very long time. Removing all such files is essential so that you become able to use the Windows app store easily.

The System File Checker is a utility that can help you with the task and remove the BITS error thereby.

Let’s see the steps that you need to follow to do so:

1. First, hit a right-click over the Start menu or press the keys Windows + X together.

2. In the contextual menu that emerges, click over the option of Command Prompt (Admin). This will open the elevated Prompt Window.

3. Before you begin with the SFC scan, you will have to enter a command into the Prompt window.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Running a scan through the System File Checker to fix Net HELPMSG 2182 Error

4. Now click on the tab Return to finally fix the image corruptions in Windows 10.

5. At this step, enter the following command into the window.

sfc /scannow

Using SFC scan in place of trustedinstaller

6. Hit the tab Return again, launching the File checker software to start the scanning process. This will last for more than half an hour, most probably.

7. Once the scan and repair of the detected files finish, close all the windows and restart the PC.

The error will be resolved in all probability after this method.

Fix 5: Resetting the Cache of the Microsoft Store

This particular solution will help certain users facing the problem of Net HELPMSG 2182 while trying to access the Microsoft Store.

Let us now move to see the method straightaway:

1. Before you begin deleting the cache, you must first open Microsoft Store and sign out of the user account there.

2. Now open the search box of the Windows 10 OS. Enter the option Command Prompt into that box.

3. Upon opening the Prompt, hit a right-click over it. Out of the options in the resultant context menu, select the one of Run as administrator.

4. In the next window of the Command Prompt that emerges, enter the following command.


Resetting the cache of Microsoft Store to fix Net HELPMSG 2182 Error

6. Hit the button Return. This will start the process of deletion of the cache of the Microsoft Store.

7. Once all of this gets completed, restart the PC.

By this time, the error will be gone.


Q1. Is the Net HELPMSG 2182 error specific to Windows 10? The Net HELPMSG 2182 error can occur on various versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Q2. Can I use the Windows Store app on other devices, such as smartphones and tablets? No, the Windows Store app is primarily designed for Windows-based devices such as desktops, laptops, and hybrid devices running the Windows operating system.

Q3. Will resetting the Windows Store app remove my installed apps? No, resetting the Windows Store app will not uninstall or remove any apps you have already installed. It will only restore the app to its default settings.

Q4. How long does it take to reset the Windows Store cache? The time it takes to reset the Windows Store cache depends on various factors such as the size of the cache and the speed of your computer. In most cases, it should only take a few seconds to complete.

Q5. Can I reinstall the Windows Store app if all else fails? Yes, it is possible to reinstall the Windows Store app if necessary. However, this process requires advanced knowledge and is not recommended for novice users. Contact Microsoft Support for guidance on reinstalling the Windows Store app.


That was all! We hope these solutions will help you troubleshoot the system and completely remove the Net HELPMSG 2182 error so that you don’t encounter it anymore.

If you have any more ideas and solutions to this issue, do share them with us.


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