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Mobile Legends Nana

Mobile Legends Nana is an exciting character with Mage/Sport characteristics.

With that said, this article covers the most important and sought-after information about Nana.

So, if you are a Mobile Legends enthusiast, this information would be handy.

Part 1. What is the Story of Nana in Mobile Legends?

This special character – Nana, has various skills like Crowd Control, Burst, Summoning, and AOE (Area of Effect). She’s more of offensive support because most of her abilities inflict damage.

Nana has little trouble using her passive, which does damage to the team and is useful in team fights.

As a result of her level 2 skill, she is an ideal support hero. When it comes to playing a Mage, Nana is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use options.

Here we go: Let’s go right into the MLBB arena with Nana, shall we?

We’ll cover the most impressive emblem, spell, and build for Nana in Mobile Legends. Moreover, we will cover some helpful hints and advice.

Part 2. Mobile Legends Nana Skill Analysis 

She has one passive skill and three active ones, which is typical for a hero.

To experience the most out of Nana’s powers in Mobile Legends, we’ll look at how and when to utilize each of them.

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Passive – Molina’s Gift

Passive – Molina's Gift

In Nana’s opinion, this is her most distinctive passivity. When she suffers a fatal injury, she is alive.

This is the amount of time it takes her to turn into a lovely little bunny. All damage to Nana is absorbed.

Moreover, her movement speed is increased by 70% over time. In addition, no CD reduction works for her Passive’s Cool Downtime of 120 seconds.

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Skill 01: Magic Boomerang

Skill 01: Magic Boomerang

When Nana uses her Boomerang, she slows the enemy by 40 percent for one second.

She does it while making 300/280/260/240/220/200 points of magic damage in the region it lands.

There is a 20% to 60% reduction in damage taken by the following adversary after the first.

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Skill 02: Molina Smooch

Skill 02: Molina Smooch

Mobile Legends Nana is capable of summoning Molina to the area that is designated.

Whenever there is a short delay, she (Moline) can transform her enemy for a period of 1.5 seconds.

That’s when she starts to deal with 375/350/300/275/250 amount of damage.

She also slows them down by values of 70%/66%/62%/58%/54%/50%. Magic defense value will be minimized by a percentage of 25%, and that’s for morphed enemies.

Once Molina is locked on a specific target, you can dodge it. However, you can do that when another player wants to block the way of the target.

Skill 03: Molina Blitz

Skill 03: Molina Blitz

With this talent, Nana deals AoE damage three times.

For two seconds, each of her attacks slows the target by half while dealing 680/540/680 points of magic damage.

A single adversary is stunned for one second if that power strikes it twice.

Part 3. What Methods Can You Use for Nana

When it comes to upgrading Mobile Legends Nana, you should first Unlock Skill 1.

After that, you can upgrade to Skill 2.

In addition to that, you are supposed to upgrade to the level “Ultimate” when it is possible.

Part 4. What Are the Best Spells and Emblem Set in Mobile Legends Nana?

Here are the most useful spells, along with the Emblem Set.

First, you should use the option called Mage Emblem. That is required to deal more damage. You are supposed to use the talent point so you can attack enemies more frequently.

In this case, we focus mainly on the movement speed along with her magic power. As the final step, you should use the option called Impure rage so you can deal with substantial damage.

Best Spells and Emblem Set in Mobile Legends Nana
  • +3 Agility
  • +3 Catastrophe
  • +1 Impure Rage

Another useful item for this person would be a Magic emblem. If you need a lot of Mana, put your talent points into Energy first.

After that, put it into Desire if you want to reduce your CD time.

Finally, if you want to deal even more magic damage, use your Power Surge point.

For this, the Lightning Truncheon and the Clock of Destiny can be considered the most important artifacts.

Magic emblem
  • +3 Energy
  • +3 Desire
  • +1 Magic Power Surge  


Sprint or Flicker are the only options available to Nana, as she lacks evasive powers.

Because he’s a weak hero, flicker will be an invaluable ally in helping him escape sticky circumstances.

The flame shot feature can also be used to inflict greater damage.

Part 5. What Are the Best Builds for Mobile Legends Nana?

As we mentioned earlier, Mobile Legends Nana is a hero that falls into the Mage/Support category. In this case, you can use Nana simply by changing the build.

Do you play in the form of a Mage? If so, you will come across plenty of damage. So, the best approach is to build Magic Shoes.

That will spam the kills. In addition, you can also build Demon Shoes to regenerate Mana.

Best Builds for Mobile Legends Nana

● What Else Can You Do to Create More Damage?

Both Glowing Wand and Lightning Truncheon are considered to be the core elements for Mana. That will do some additional damage.

When it comes to Clock of Destiny, you will see additional damage by using Lightning Truncheon.

So, you can build it and then complete ten stacks to create more damage. It is possible to use Blood Wings or Holy Crystal to boost more damage.

If we play Mobile Legends Nana as a supportive role, Genius Wand becomes helpful. You can use it to minimize magic defense. You can also use Necklace of Durance to get the regen effect of enemies.

Also, you can buy Immortality in the late phase. That will bring extra life to you. It is possible to use the Magic Damage build along with Custom Flicker and Mage Emblem.

Part 6. Gameplay Tips when Playing Legends Nana with Nana

Nana is an incredibly adaptable hero that can navigate any course. Assume that you’re the sole mage on your team.

In that case, the mid-lane is where you should go to get the most experience and money. You may, however, purchase an offlaner and a wooden mask if you are a support.

Since Nana is a team-fighting hero, you should not play her alone. As a result of the way she played, we may categorize it into three distinct stages.

Our guide for Mobile Legends Nana provides a detailed strategy for each stage of the game. To get the most out of any hero, a player needs to have a thorough grasp of the map.

Part 7. Tips for Early Game

Here are some important tips to follow when playing Mobile Legends Nana during early game tips. First, you are supposed to buy an element called “Elegant Gem” so you can recover both HP and Mana.

After that, you can buy a normal Boot. And then prioritize the element called “Clock of Destiny.” However, it is better to avoid blue buff if the carry requires hyper.

Tips for Early Game

In this case, you should start clearing the wave of minions and focusing on level upgrading. You should try to build the element called “Clock of Destiny.”

You should do it immediately. Also, you should go for Build Lightning Truncheon. You should rotate with the team once reaching the fourth level.

Mid Game Tips

Make a surprise assault with your buddies after transforming your second talent into a bush.

The importance of creating goods cannot be overstated.

If you’re a support player, your job is to aid your team’s damage dealer.

Mid Game Tips

Well, the enemy’s regen will be ruined if you create a Necklace of Durance.

And, you should develop things that are exclusive to the other side.

It is possible to push those turrets and then rotate with teammates at all times. 

Nana places a high value on the ability to see clearly.

Late Game Tips

Here are some late-game tips for those who want to play Mobile Legends Nana.

What you should remember is that Nana doesn’t work in solo mode after the developers nerfed her.

Consequently, her mid and late phases are mostly focused on ganking with the squad. 

Be sure that you avoid being caught by a heavily CCed adversary since you are extremely vulnerable. 

Increase the frequency with which your enemies are poked by building as many objects as possible.

What’s More?

When it comes to team battles, try to use the ultimate to shock your opponents. 

During turret dive, always check the passive. 

Don’t play too aggressively if your passive isn’t accessible. 

Nana’s full potential in this game may be tapped into using the skill combinations mentioned below.

Skill 02 + Skill 01 + Skill 03

Skill 02 + Skill 03 + Skill 01 (this creates a heavy damage)

The above combos have become very useful. You can use it based on the situation.

Turn the enemy into a rat so it will help allies for an easier assassination.

Also, you should spam skill 2, and that will help identify the enemies.


  1. What role does Nana play in a team?
    • As a support hero, Nana excels in crowd control and providing assistance to her teammates.
  2. What are Nana’s skills in Mobile Legends?
    • Nana’s skills include Magic Boomerang, Molina Smooch, Molina Blitz, and her passive ability, Nimble.
  3. Who are some notable players who excel at playing Nana?
    • Some noteworthy Nana players include Diggie, Loong, and Kielvj.
  4. What items are recommended for Nana in Mobile Legends?
    • Items like Enchanted Talisman, Demon Shoes, and Ice Queen Wand are highly recommended for Nana.
  5. What are common mistakes when playing Nana and how can they be avoided?
    • Common mistakes include overextending on the map, not utilizing Nana’s skills effectively, and neglecting support duties. Practicing and learning from each game can help in avoiding these mistakes.


It is true that Mobile Legends Nana is an exceptionally helpful hero. However, in certain cases, the respective enemy will mark Nana to protect the “damage dealer.” Because of that, you should place skill two fast, wait for a while, and push.

As a matter of fact, Mobile Legends Nana is a pretty annoying hero, specifically due to her second skill. The combination of Nana and a stunner tank will be ideal and very dominating.

Anyway, Nana becomes useful if the enemy team has Aldous, Saber, Esmeralda, Odette, etc.


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