Hanabi Mobile Legends – Skill Analysis, Emblem and Tips

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Hanabi Mobile Legend

Hanabi Mobile Legends is a hero who can also be categorized as a marksman. She has some amazing skills of a wider range.

For instance, she has a skill set ranging from basic ricocheting attacks to crowd control.

Moreover, she has damage skills. Mobile Legends Hanabi becomes absolutely useful when it comes to poking heroes on the enemy side.

Is Hanabi Good in Mobile Legends?

This specific character has an exceptionally important devastating mass immobilization feature.

It is true that Hanabi Mobile Legends is a pretty weak character at the beginning.

However, as you go on, the character grows stronger. As long she has great support, Mobile Legends Hanabi can grow stronger and more powerful.

It will become an almost-invincible character.

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Skill Analysis of a Hanabi Mobile Legends 

Just like other heroes, Hanabi has three active and one passive skill sets.

Let’s take a good look at Hanabi’s talents in the game of Mobile Legends. That will let you use them effectively.

Passive: Ninjutsu: Equinox

Passive: Ninjutsu: Equinox

A shield of 25% of Hanabi’s maximum HP will be created by converting 60 percent of the incoming health.

That means the health gained through lifesteal while she is fully charged. Hanabi’s movement speed is raised by 30% at that point.

On the other hand, the shield will become enabled, making her impervious to all forms of control.

Increasing the amount of lifesteal she gets from her assaults is the goal of Hanabi’s passive ability.

She will become even more lethal with the shielding. She will receive enhanced movement speed as well as immunity to CC because of this shielding.  

Skill 01: Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage (BUFF/AOE)

Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage

Passive: The character Hanabi gains values from 8 to 18 percent of physical lifesteal permanently.

Active: When she is active, with each hit (basic attack), she gets a Petal Blade. This blade bounces between enemies close by.

Also, with each bounce, the damage will be reduced by a staggering 25%. It is true that this skill demands a value of 15 mana.

However, such an approach is useful when it comes to poking enemies combined with multiple hits. Also, it helps gain more HP from the lifesteal passive, and it’s useful.

Skill 02: Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll (BUFF/CC)

Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll

Mobile Legends Hanabi can fire energy scroll at a target direction with substantial physical damage.

The amount of damage can be 550, 520, 490, 460, 430, or 400, and that’s impressive.

Moreover, Hanabi Mobile Legends can slow them down for 2 seconds by a value of 50%.

After hitting each target, Hanabi can generate 240, 220, 200, 180, 160, or 140 Manas. By hitting multiple enemies, even the restored enemies will start to decay.

Skill 03: Forbidden Jatsu: Higanbana (CC)

Forbidden Jatsu: Higanbana

Hanabi has the ability to through Higanbana in any targeted direction. Also, it can bloom fully when hitting a specific target. That creates 400, 500, or 600 physical damage.

Also, it can immobilize enemies for a period of 2 sends. The best thing is that this specific effect spreads to nearby enemies as well. And, each nearby enemy will be affected only once.

A second Higanbana will blossom if the adversary is still within the radius of the first. That’ll happen when dealing with the same level of destruction and immobility.

Due to its mass immobilizing impact, this talent may be employed for both defense and offense. It is true that Higanbana blossoms so readily when there’re a lot of foes in the vicinity.

So, this talent may be highly handy in gank situations. The Petal Barrage would have a greater chance of success if they were immobilized by this ability.

Skill-Up Method for Mobile Legends Hanabi 

Skill 1 should be prioritized while upgrading Hanabi’s skills.

You can notice that it lacks cooldown, and it remains her lifesteal’s primary even when she is not equipped.

Also, whenever possible, skill 2 should be upgraded.

The Best Spells and Emblem Set for Hanabi

Let’s learn about the best spells and emblem sets you can use for Hanabi.

Battle Spells

● Inspire

Hanabi’s attack and damage speed are considerably increased by this combat spell. As a result, it makes it more lethal against opponent ganks.

● Flicker

It is true that Hanabi has incredible abilities. However, she lacks the ability to dash or blink.

That means she cannot either catch up to fleeing adversaries or escape the ambush. Therefore, Flicker is a good option.

● Retribution

This spell may be extremely helpful in taking down monsters and creeps in the Jungle Lane.

The ability to steal enemies’ Turtle/Lord kill may also be used to one’s advantage.

However, that should be done at the right moment.

Retribution’s slowing effect on opposing heroes may also be employed to slow down faster adversaries. That gives you more chances to finish things off.

● Purify

It is possible to choose “Purify” when enemies come with plenty of CC. When timed properly, it can become a lifesaver.

Emblem Set

Emblem Set
  • Well, custom marksman emblems are the best emblem you can use with Hanabi. When it comes to the game’s first tier, it is better for players to go with Greed. That will allow players to have additional lifesteal.
  • When it comes to the second tier, you should choose Swift as it boosts the Hanabi Mobile Legends speed. That will eventually make her deadlier.
  • Last but not least, players are supposed to choose Weakness Finder at the last tier. It grants players a 20% chance to reduce enemy movements. As a result, you can enjoy more chances to finish up enemies using skills.

What Are the Best Builds?

Now, let’s talk about the best builds for Mobile Legends Hanabi.

best builds for Mobile Legends Hanabi

● Haas’s Claw

Lifesteal from this item and Hanabi’s own lifesteal from Skill 1 make a good combination.

They make it easier to start building the passive shield she gets from the passive of her quicker. 

● Swift Boots

As a result, both attack and mobility speed are boosted. Skull 1 significantly uses up all your mana early & mid-game.

Because of that, you should use Demon shoes if you’re more focused on your mana regen.

● Demon Hunters’ Sword

This item provides excellent damage and additional HP regeneration with lifesteal.

● Windtalker

Windtalker comes with an excellent synergy along with Hanabi’s Skill 1. The good news is that it can help Hanabi to clear all those minion waves.

Also, it can deal with greater AOE damage, specifically during team fights.

● Berserker’s Fury

With this specific build, Hanabi can manage greater target damage.

● Blade of Despair

This build can increase the damage output of Hanabi.

At the completion of the build, this option offers excellent sustainability as well as damage.

Such damage is exceptionally important in the latter part of the game.

Tips for Playing This Game

The late-game marksman Hanabi is a force to be reckoned with.

However, to get the most from any hero, a player should have a thorough grasp of the map.

Well, we can split her gaming down into three periods based on her actions.

In this gameplay strategy guide, you’ll learn how to win in each phase of the game stage.

Early Game Stage

Start the match with the Red Buff if you’re utilizing vengeance. In the early stages of the game, this will offer you a significant increase in damage.

Take the Purple Buff after you’ve taken the Red Buff. Then support your allies in the game’s top lane simply by eliminating waves of minions. You should also be destroying that gold crab.

Afterward, Help from the teammates is needed if you want to bring the turtle down.

You should proceed to its Gold Lane mainly due to the additional gold it provides. It is true even if there’s no retribution.

Early Game Stage

● Important: Activate Skill 1 at the Early Stages

Skill 1 should only be activated during the early stages of this superb game.

This is done in order to employ ricocheting strikes against the other team’s heroes. Due to the skill’s high mana cost, it’s best to avoid using minions at this time.

The last thing you want to do at the beginning is having to go back and recollect something. It is imperative that Hanabi be played under turret or tank safety.

That is because she has a very good early game start. This is because her being too flimsy to dominate the early going.

Mid Game

Mid Game

Playing aggressively is necessary for the middle of the game. Well, Skill 1 must be used in order to inflict damage on the enemy.

To get the most life steal, keep your shield raised and only strike when absolutely required. Aim for numerous hits on the target with Skill 1 and Higanbana (Skill 3) if your opponents are ganking.

Within seconds, this should inflict a significant amount of agony and damage to the enemy. Your adversaries should be out of a job if he has a well-equipped support team. Assume that you’re playing alone or pushing turrets alone.

In that case, keep in mind that Hanabi may be the primary focus of your adversaries in the mid-game. Therefore, don’t overplay your offense.

Late Game

Late Game

In the latter part of the game, Mobile Legends Hanabi is far more lethal. This is because of her unrivaled Lifesteal with damage output abilities.

Berserker’s Fury’s effects allow her to easily push your turrets even if she does it alone in this phase.

Even when opponent tanks are available, she poses a serious danger to hostile ganks. Within 5 seconds, you should be able to take out an enemy tank with this combo.

Heroes that are countered by HanabiHeroes that can counter Hanabi

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is Hanabi suitable for solo queue or requires a team?

Hanabi can be played in both solo queue and team environments. However, she thrives when supported by a team that can protect her and provide crowd control abilities.

Q2: Which lane is the best for Hanabi?

Hanabi is primarily played in the bottom lane as the marksman. She benefits from the support of a tank or support hero to ensure her safety.

Q3: How important is farm and gold management for Hanabi?

Farming and proper gold management are crucial for Hanabi to obtain the necessary items for increased damage output. Focus on last-hitting minions and participating in team fights to secure kills and objectives.

Q4: Can Hanabi carry games?

Yes, Hanabi has the potential to carry games with her high damage output and team fight presence. However, it also relies on the player’s skill and decision-making abilities.

Q5: How should I position myself in team fights as Hanabi?

Position yourself in the backline, away from immediate danger. Focus on dealing damage to enemy heroes while staying protected by your team’s frontline. Avoid overextending or getting caught out of position.


It is true that you can buy plenty of skins for Mobile Legends on a weekly basis. That said, Hanabi Mobile Legends got a very special skin that comes with the codename called “Field-Op” too.

With a considerable amount of practice, players will be able to dominate no matter, even if it’s the mid-game. The above tips mentioned in our article will help you acquire easy wins. The CC skills and AOE she processes are a magnificent experience for any player.

Do you want to add anything to the above article? If so, please let us know. We will update this article based on that information.


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