How to Fix iTunes6464.msi Missing Error Effortlessly

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iTunes6464.msi missing

Many apple users have reported online that they can’t seem to install iTunes because of the iTunes6464.msi missing from their system.

If you are facing this error on your system, there is no need to panic over it, as it is one of the most common errors people make installing iTunes in their system.

Here, let’s go through why the system shows iTunes6464.msi missing error and the reasons behind this error occurring on your computer.

Know More About iTunes6464.msi Missing Error

iTunes6464.msi missing will prevent you from installing the application of your system. It can be very persistent before we jump down to the solution to fix the iTunes6464.msi missing error on your system. First, we have to know everything about the error. Exactly what is iTunes6464.msi?

The prominent reason you see this error on your windows computer is the corruption of windows registry keys linked with the iTunes6464.msi key file.

If the MSI file is infected with malware or virus, it can corrupt the whole database attached to that file. Hence iTunes6464.msi is missing error on your computer.

If you see this error on the screen, don’t worry, there are plenty of methods that you can follow to prevent the error from popping up on your computer and disable it to fix it.

Most of the methods mentioned on the list will have instructions you need to follow to properly handle the error. Miss a beat, then you have to start from scratch, in some cases.

So read all tutorials carefully, and then implement them on your computer. So you won’t have to see iTunes6464.msi missing error at the outcome.

Besides, click to fix issues, including iTunes being stuck on extracting software and iTunes has an invalid signature.

Method 1: Check HDD for Errors

Many users online have reported fixing their iTunes6464.msi missing error by checking on their HDD.

If you are facing a problem with your computer, then you certainly try to use this method to fix the problem on your computer.

Follow the instructions below to know how to check the HDD for errors.

  • First, you have to open up CMD on your computer. You can do that by pressing Windows + R key on the keyboard, then typing in CMD, and pressing Enter.
  • Make sure to run it as an administrator. So you will see C:\windows\system32 on the cmd menu.
  • Type in chkdsk /r /f and then press ‘enter‘.
  • This will check all the problems and errors in your HDD and perform a check at the end.
Check HDD for Errors

After a restart, Windows would try to fix the broken files before opening the profile on your computer. This will take quite a while. So be patient.

After that, your computer will be error-free. If this method doesn’t work out, you can switch to the next method on the line.

Method 2: Check on Windows Installer Service

This service might solve the iTunes6464.msi missing issue you are facing on your system. Follow up to fix it now.

  • Open the services app by the search bar.
  • Now look for the windows installer on the list of services that you see on the list.
  • Double-click on the Windows Installer Service. Go on to the General tab to see if the service is running or not.
  • As most of the problems on the computer will show up if the windows installer service is disabled;
  • If the service is stopped, click on the Start button and ok.
Fix iTunes6464.msi missing by Checking Windows Installer Service

This will fix the problem for you, as you can start installing iTunes again without seeing the iTunes6464.msi missing error on your system again.

Method 3: Delete Registry Key

Most problems can also occur on a system by a corrupted registry file; some people opt out of downloading iTunes6464.msi download to do it manually.

While it can solve the problem, it is not a guaranteed affair for all users. Deleting the specific registry key will have the potential to solve the issue.

Follow All the Instructions Below to Delete the Registry of the Computer.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R at the same time.
  • On the Run, write Regedit, then press Enter.
  • This will launch the Registry Editor; you need to find iTunes6464.msi.
  • If it sounds complicated, then go to Edit > Find. This will help you find the iTunes6464.msi file on your computer.
  • After finding the right registry file, right-click on the file, then hit Delete.
Fix iTunes6464.msi missing by Delete Registery Key

This would delete the registry file off the computer. This will solve the iTunes6464.msi missing error from your computer.

Method 4: Using Dr.Fone – iTunes Repair

If you found the above methods way too complicated for your taste, there is a simpler method you can try to remove the iTunes6464.msi missing error off your computer in no time.

Dr.Fone – iTunes Repair is the software you need to get rid of the error of the system, so you can install iTunes without facing any new errors on the way as the software here provides more features that not only help you install the software, as it will be a great fixing app if you ever feel slowdown on iTunes or if iTunes is not acting according to the way it used to before.

That is why so many people have downloaded Dr.Fone to fix the iTunes problem and maintain it daily. The automatic scan and repair features make this software one of a kind. That’s not only it.

Dr.Fone – iTunes Repair is loaded with other features that will help you hit the right optimization of your software to proper control.

As it will maintain the speed of the software every day, you won’t feel any bumps on the road—the program bosts to solve 100+ iTunes problems with just a simple click.

If You Are Facing iTunes6464.msi Missing, You Can Surely Use This Method to Deal with Your Problem. Just Learn How to Do It Now.

  • Download Dr.Fone by clicking the above button. Install and launch, and click “System Repair“.
Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair
  • On the next screen, select “iTunes Repair“> “Repair iTunes Errors.” Then dr.fone will scan and verify whether iTunes components are complete.
iTunes6464.msi missing by Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair
  • If it still pops up after the verification, you need to opt for “Advanced Repair.”
Dr.Fone iTunes Advanced Repair

Method 5: Using Tenorshare TunesCare

Here is another reliable software you can use to remove the iTunes6464.msi missing error from the screen. This powerful software will help you fix all sorts of errors in your iTunes software with a single click of a button. It supports the newer version of iTunes and is simple to get into.

It is one of the best alternative software to Dr.Fone; you can switch between the two software to fix the problem. TunesCare will provide you with an easier-to-navigate User interface with all the features directly on the home screen. Not cluttering it.

Steps to Fix iTunes Issues with Tenorshare TunesCare

  • Download TunesCare & install it on a PC. After installation, launch the app.
  • To start the process, you need to click the ‘Fix All iTunes Issues’ option. If you have sync problems with your iTunes, you can opt out of the fix iTunes sync problems later.
Tenorshare TunesCare
  • The software will help you troubleshoot the issues if your iTunes doesn’t work.
  • Here you have to click on repair iTunes. The software will automatically repair all the iTunes errors and download all the necessary components required to run the process.
Fix iTunes6464.msi via Tenorshare TunesCare
  • That’s it; you will not see the error iTunes6464.msi missing error ever again on the computer.
TunesCare fix iTunes6464.msi missing successfully

You can go back to the iTunes setup file and install it again. If you face any errors after installing the app, you have TunesCare ready to fix all problems immediately. The app has a trial period; if you find it useful, you can get the whole program later.


Q1: What is iTunes6464.msi? A1: iTunes6464.msi is an installation package required for the installation or update of iTunes on a Windows computer.

Q2: Why does the iTunes6464.msi missing error occur? A2: The iTunes6464.msi error occurs when the installer cannot locate or access the required installation package.

Q3: Can I fix the iTunes6464.msi missing error by reinstalling iTunes? A3: Yes, reinstalling iTunes is one of the methods that can help resolve the iTunes6464.msi missing error.

Q4: Is it necessary to update Windows to fix the iTunes6464.msi error? A4: Updating Windows can resolve compatibility issues and may help fix the iTunes6464.msi missing error.

Q5: What should I do if none of the methods mentioned in the article work? A5: If none of the methods mentioned in the article work, it is recommended to seek further assistance from official support channels or Apple’s customer support.


If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about the iTunes6464.msi missing error popping up on your device when installing iTunes on your computer. You can opt out to download iTunes6464.msi on your computer to fix the problem.

But make sure to follow all the methods because downloading an MSI file has a lower chance of fixing the problem. That is why a careful understanding of the registry file will lead you to find the proper solution for the problem.


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