How to Repair ‘iTunes Has an Invalid Signature’ Error

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iTunes has an invalid signature

iTunes has been a great iOS management program since Apple’s first device release. It’s great for backing up data, installing apps in batch, and general storage management.

But one problem that users encounter is that iTunes has an invalid signature during the installation. This results in the program not installing and therefore, some users can’t get the most out of it.

For some users, it means they can’t update the program and access the most recent features. If this is an error that you’ve been encountering recently and you’d like to use iTunes, try out some of these solutions.

What Causes ‘iTunes Has an Invalid Signature’?

The first thing we did was investigate the error. By finding out what was causing the error in the first place, we’ve been able to assemble an effective list of possible fixes.

After browsing the Apple forums and finding out about other user’s experiences with the signature error, we got to work. Some of the top reasons can be found below.

  • Older versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP, don’t support the latest versions of iTunes.
  • While installing an iTunes update, the computer might not detect an iTunes digital signature. Without this signature, the Windows system isn’t able to verify the authenticity of the iTunes installation so it simply won’t install it.
  • Various Windows security features may prevent iTunes from installing. Again, this could be due to Windows not being able to find a digital signature.
  • Users sometimes accidentally delete the iTunes installation folder or other Apple folders.

This isn’t to say that you’re seeing iTunes has an invalid signature definitely as a result of one of those issues. Simply, this is what we found during our research. We used this information to analyze the error and come up with reliable solutions.

Besides, if you are bothered with the sync session failed to start error, here are the top solutions for you. And find out why is iTunes so slow.

Fix #1 – Reinstall iTunes

First of all, you should reinstall iTunes on your computer. Since this error usually happens when updating iTunes, a previous version is already there.

The updater tool downloads the newest iTunes version to overwrite the files; therefore uninstalling can be a great help. It removes any files that the program no longer requires and generally helps to prevent problems with updating.

Depending on whether you have a Windows or Mac computer, the steps are different. Thus, we split this section into two parts for your convenience.

How to Reinstall iTunes on Windows

If you have a Windows computer, then you can follow these steps to reinstall iTunes.

#1 – Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open up the search bar.

#2 – In the search bar, type “Control Panel” and click on the app that appears.

Run Control Panel

#3 – Under the “Programs” header, go ahead and select “Uninstall a Program”.

Uninstall iTunes to fix iTunes has an invalid signature

#4 – You’ll now be able to see a list of all the programs which you have on your computer. Scroll down and locate “iTunes” from the list.

#5 – Click on “iTunes” and then click on the “Uninstall” button at the top of the window.

#6 – Verify that you want to uninstall iTunes and follow the uninstall guide on-screen.

You should now proceed to use this same process to uninstall the following Apple software components:

#7 – After completely uninstalling all Apple components, restart your computer.

#8 – Download iTunes from the Apple website and install a fresh copy of the program.

Even though this will likely cause you to lose your library and other iTunes data, a fresh install can be incredibly useful. And here are more ways to know how to uninstall iTunes.

How to Reinstall iTunes on Mac

Alternatively, if you have a Mac computer, follow the steps below to reinstall iTunes.

#1 – From the Finder menu, click on “Go” and then select “Applications.”

#2 – Click on the iTunes app logo to open the program.

#3 – At the top of iTunes, select the “File” drop-down menu and then on “Get Info.”

#4 – Next, click on the tab “Sharing Permissions,” and then you must click the lock icon, which can be found at the bottom right.

Reinstall iTunes on Mac

#5 – If prompted, type in your computer’s administrator password to proceed. Next to the “everyone” entry, select the option “Read & Write.”

#6 – Exit iTunes and then back to the “Applications” menu, and drag the iTunes logo into your trash.

#7 – You may now restart your Mac computer, but this isn’t necessary. Now simply download and reinstall iTunes on your computer.

As we said before, this will delete your iTunes library. That said, it’s great to do this every once in a while, and if you keep seeing “iTunes has an invalid signature,” then this might prevent it from happening again.

Also, get to know how to use iTunes Dark Mode.

Fix #2 – Tenorshare Tunescare

Another fix for iTunes problems is to use Tenorshare Tunescare. This third-party tool is one of the best iTunes repair solutions out there. Here are some of the key features that you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Permanently fix problems like the invalid signature error, iTunes not opening, iTunes error 54, iTunes could not connect to this iPhone & Facetime camera not working.
  • Delete unnecessary files from the iTunes installation to enhance performance.
  • Tunescare does not interfere with your personal data (e.g., backup files).
  • Supports recent Windows versions, including 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  • Completely uninstall iTunes and all relevant components from your computer.

There’s a free version of Tenorshare Tunescare available, meaning that you can fix ‘iTunes has an invalid signature’ without buying a copy. Before following either of the guides below, download and install the program so that it is ready for use.

Repair iTunes with Tenorshare Tunescare

For this first solution with Tenorshare Tunescare, we’ll walk you through repairing iTunes.

#1 – Download Tenorshare Tunescare, install it and click “Fix All iTunes Issues.”

Tenorshare Tunescare

#2 – Click “Repair iTunes,” and iTunes repair drives will be downloaded.

Tenorshare Tunescare - Repair iTunes

#3 – Tunescare will repair iTunes automatically in 2 minutes.

Repairing iTunes

#4 – A prompt stating iTunes has been successfully repaired will appear.

iTunes has an invalid signature by Tenorshare Tunescare

These repairs will take no more than 5 minutes, but usually, it takes a lot less time. If this doesn’t help you, then try the next set of steps instead.

We are confident that using a combination of Tenorshare TunesCare features will fix the error and give you full access to iTunes again.

Fix #3 – Changing Windows Security Settings

For this final solution, we will be recommending that users adjust their Windows security settings. The reason for us suggesting this is simply that we found a direct connection between the signature error and Windows security settings.

However, be aware that you must change these settings back after you fix iTunes to prevent security vulnerabilities.

#1 – On your keyboard, press the Windows key and R simultaneously.

#2 – When the “Run” box appears, enter “inetcpl.cpl” and hit the Enter key.

#3 – From the menu that now appears, please check the box of the option “Allow the software to run or install even if the signature is invalid” and click “Apply.”

#4 – Restart your computer and then go ahead to open iTunes.

#5 – Click on “Help” on the top menu, and then “Check for Update.”

#6 – iTunes should now successfully update to the most recent version that is available.

Again, please remember to revert these security changes after following the steps above. Now that you’ve tried all of the methods that we recommend, this will hopefully eliminate whatever iTunes errors you’ve had to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I update iTunes on a Mac?

Yes, you can update iTunes on a Mac by launching the App Store, clicking on the “Updates” tab, and installing any available updates for iTunes.

Q2: Will reinstalling iTunes delete my music library?

No, reinstalling iTunes will not delete your music library. However, it’s always a good practice to back up your music library before performing any major changes to your iTunes installation.

Q3: How long does it take to repair the iTunes installation?

The time taken to repair the iTunes installation may vary depending on your computer’s speed and the size of your iTunes installation. It usually takes a few minutes to complete the repair process.

Q4: Why is it important to verify the digital signature?

Verifying the digital signature ensures that the iTunes application is authentic and has not been tampered with. It provides an extra layer of security and helps protect your computer from potentially malicious software.

Q5: Can I use an alternative media player instead of iTunes?

Yes, there are several alternative media players available that you can use instead of iTunes. Some popular options include VLC Media Player, Winamp, Foobar2000, and MusicBee.

To Conclude

Keeping your iOS version up to date is important, but your iTunes version is just as important. If you find iTunes has an invalid signature error to be bothersome, then consider the fixes above, especially using Tenorshare Tunescare.

One of the best things about this program is that it can repair virtually every iTunes problem without losing your personal data in the process. While backing up your personal data is important, with this tool, it isn’t necessary!


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