What To Do When Apps Disappear From Your iPhone

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Have you ever searched all over your iPhone for an app only to realize it has mysteriously vanished? Apps disappearing from your home screen or app library is a common issue that can happen after an iOS update, restoring your phone, or even just moving apps around.

Don’t panic – a disappeared iPhone app can usually be recovered with a few simple troubleshooting steps. This guide will walk you through all the possible causes of missing iPhone apps and how to get them back.

Why Do iPhone Apps Disappear?

There are a few common reasons apps can go missing on your iPhone:

  • Accidental deletion – You or someone else may have deleted the app.
  • Home screen organization – The app icon was moved into a folder or a hidden home screen page.
  • Offloaded by iOS – The “Offload Unused Apps” feature removed unused apps to save space.
  • Needs an update – Outdated apps can disappear until you update them.
  • iOS bugs – Software glitches, especially after an iOS update, can cause apps to vanish.
  • Jailbreak issues – Jailbroken iPhones are prone to more app errors and crashes.
  • Restricted by Screen Time – Enabled content restrictions in Screen Time can block apps.

So don’t assume your apps are gone forever! Chances are the apps are still installed or can be easily recovered.

How To Find Missing iPhone Apps

Follow these steps to troubleshoot disappeared or missing apps on your iPhone:

1. Restart Your iPhone

The first step is to power cycle your device. Restarting your iPhone will clear out any minor glitches that could be preventing apps from appearing correctly.

Reboot iPhone to Solve iPhone app disappeared

To restart, press and hold the Side/Top button until the power menu pops up. Swipe to turn your iPhone completely off. Wait 30 seconds, then press and hold the Side/Top button again to turn it back on.

Once it reboots, check your home screens and app library to see if the missing apps have reappeared.

2. Check Your Home Screen and Folders

Tap through every home screen and folder looking for the missing app icon. Apps can sometimes be accidentally moved around, so check thoroughly.

Also look in your App Library, available by swiping left on the last home screen page. The app could have been buried in an App Library folder.

3. Search Using Spotlight

Use the iPhone Spotlight search to find missing apps that are still installed. Pull down anywhere on the home screen to bring up the search bar. Type the name of the app and tap the result to open it if it appears.

Please Ensure That They Were Not Moved Around

4. Ask Siri to Open the App

Say “Hey Siri” or hold down your home button to activate Siri. Then say “Open [app name]” to have Siri find and launch the app if available.

This works as another way to confirm if the app still exists or not.

5. Reinstall Missing App Store Apps

If a missing app came from the App Store, you can always redownload it. Open the App Store app and go to the Updates tab to see if the app needs an update first.

Or search for the app by name and tap Get to install it again for free if it’s been deleted. Your app data should reappear after reinstalling.

6. Turn Off “Offload Unused Apps”

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and turn off “Offload Unused Apps” if it’s enabled. This setting automatically deletes unused apps, so turning it off prevents further app offloading.

You can also reinstall offloaded apps by going into Settings > General > iPhone Storage and tapping Reinstall App under that app’s listing.

7. Check Screen Time Settings

Open Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. See if any app limits have been enabled that could be restricting the missing app. Toggle settings back on for that app if needed.

8. Reset Your Home Screen Layout

For a last resort, you can reset your home screen which will force all installed apps to reappear in a default layout.

Warning: This will also delete your home screen customizations.

To do so, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

How To Recover Deleted iPhone Apps

If your investigation reveals the missing app was accidentally deleted, don’t panic yet. You have options to restore deleted iPhone apps:

  • Restore from a backup – Recover the deleted app from your latest iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • Check the App Store – If it was an App Store app, simply redownload it.
  • Use iPhone data recovery software – A deleted app’s data can be retrieved with Tenorshare UltData.
  • Jailbreak your iPhone – Jailbreaking grants access to file system tools to search for deleted apps.

Overall, avoiding permanent data loss just requires regularly backing up your iPhone. Then you can easily restore missing apps from a backup as needed.

Fix iPhone Apps Disappearing After Update

App issues appearing after an iOS update are usually caused by software bugs. The update process can sometimes corrupt or disrupt apps.

To fix apps gone after updating, first try restarting your iPhone and reinstalling affected apps. This often resolves any post-update glitches.

If apps are still missing or crashing, you may need to either downgrade or repair your iOS:

  • Downgrade iOS – Restoring to the previous iOS version can fix issues caused by the latest update.
  • Repair iOS system – Use a tool like ReiBoot to repair iOS without data loss.
  • Report to Apple – Provide feedback by emailing bugreport@apple.com or using the Apple Feedback Assistant app. Bug reports help Apple improve future iOS updates.

FAQs About Missing iPhone Apps

Have any other questions about dealing with disappeared iPhone apps? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why did my iPhone apps disappear after restoring?

Restoring an iPhone from backup will only recover the apps that existed in that backup snapshot. Any apps installed since the backup will be gone and need redownloading.

How do I find purchased apps no longer on the App Store?

Go to App Store > [Your Profile] > Purchases to redownload previous App Store purchases that have been removed from the store.

Can I recover data from a deleted app?

Yes, if you backed up your iPhone before app deletion. Use iTunes or iCloud to fully restore your device to retrieve the lost app data.

How do I get rid of app icons for deleted apps?

The ghost grey icons for deleted apps will disappear after you restart your iPhone or reset your home screen.

Why does my iPhone say an app is still installed when I can’t find it?

This usually means the app data is present but the home screen shortcut is missing. Resetting the home screen should make the app icon reappear.

What happens if I delete a default iOS app?

Default Apple apps will be permanently deleted but can be easily redownloaded from the App Store for free.

Besides, if your phone icon is missing on your iPhone (phone app missing from your screen)? Here are the four practical solutions you should try if that’s the case.

Key Takeaways

To recap, here are the key solutions to bring back your apps when they mysteriously disappear from your iPhone:

  • Restart your iPhone to refresh the OS and make glitched apps visible again.
  • Thoroughly check all your home screen pages and folders.
  • Use Spotlight Search or Siri to find and open the app if installed.
  • Reinstall deleted App Store apps by downloading them again.
  • Turn off “Offload Unused Apps” to prevent automatic app deletion.
  • Reset your entire home screen layout to recover hidden apps.
  • Update or reinstall any apps reporting issues after an iOS update.
  • Repair system-level iOS problems with a tool like ReiBoot or Apple support.

With the right troubleshooting steps, you should be able to swiftly recover those valuable missing apps on your iPhone. Just stay calm and work through these solutions until your app icons reappear where they belong.


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