The Complete Guide to Transferring Data to a New iPhone

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How To Transfer Data To A New Iphone X

Getting a new iPhone is always exciting! However, moving your data from your old device can seem daunting.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process, from backing up your old iPhone to restoring that data onto your new device. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions for 3 easy methods, along with tips to make sure nothing gets lost along the way.

Whether you’re switching from an older iPhone or making the move from Android to iOS, we’ve got you covered. By the end, transferring your contacts, photos, videos, and other important information to your new iPhone will be quick and painless. Let’s get started!

Overview of Transferring Data to a New iPhone

When you set up a new iPhone, you’ll be asked if you want to transfer data from an old device during the initial setup process. This makes it easy to move your information from your previous phone to your shiny new one.

Here are the key things to know about transferring data to a new iPhone:

  • You can transfer data from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Apple provides tools to migrate your data from iOS devices as well as Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Data includes contacts, photos, videos, apps and more. Your messages, device settings, app data, and other information can also be transferred to the new iPhone.
  • Back up your old device first. To ensure no data is lost, you should back up your old iPhone or Android device before transferring.
  • Transfer process is automatic. The data transfer happens directly between your old phone and new iPhone via a direct wireless connection or cable.
  • You’ll have options to transfer some or all data. The transfer interface lets you select which data to move to your new device.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure the data transfer process goes smoothly! Now let’s look at the step-by-step instructions for three easy methods.

Method 1: Transfer from Old iPhone Using iCloud

If you’re upgrading from an older iPhone to a new model, the easiest way to transfer your data is wirelessly using iCloud.

How to Transfer Data to a New iPhone X with iCloud

Here are the simple steps:

On Your Old iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top.
  2. Tap on iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  3. Tap Back Up Now to create a recent iCloud backup. Exit Settings when complete.

On Your New iPhone:

  1. Turn on your new iPhone and proceed through the initial setup prompts.
  2. When asked how you want to transfer data, tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID and select the desired backup from your old iPhone.
  4. Your new phone will download and restore the iCloud backup. Be patient, this can take awhile depending on size.
  5. After restoring the backup, you can continue setting up your new iPhone. All your data is now on the new device!

This method requires you to have an iCloud account and space available for the backup. An iCloud backup includes most of your data like photos, messages and device settings. Just make sure you run a backup on your old iPhone right before transferring for best results.

Method 2: Transfer from Old iPhone with iTunes

If you don’t use iCloud backups, the iTunes method lets you transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one using a wired USB connection.

Follow these steps to transfer data with iTunes:

On Your Computer:

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect your old iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.
  3. In iTunes, click on your connected iPhone icon. Go to the Summary page.
  4. Under Backups, click Back Up Now to backup your phone to iTunes.

On Your New iPhone:

  1. Turn on your new iPhone and proceed through the setup.
  2. When asked how you want to transfer data, choose Restore from iTunes backup.
  3. Connect your new iPhone to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. iTunes will detect the new phone. Choose the backup you just made and click Restore.
  5. After restoring the backup, your new iPhone will reboot and finish the setup process.

The iTunes method doesn’t require iCloud, but needs a computer with iTunes installed. Make sure you have enough free storage space on your computer for the backup file.

Method 3: Transfer from Android with Move to iOS

If you’re switching from an Android device to iPhone, you can transfer your data wirelessly using the Move to iOS app.

How to Transfer Data to a New iPhone X

Here are the steps for Android to iPhone transfer:

On Your Android Device:

  1. Download and install the Move to iOS app from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the app. Read the summary of what data can be transferred. Tap Next.

On Your New iPhone:

  1. Proceed through the initial iPhone setup until you reach Apps & Data. Tap Move Data from Android.
  2. A code will appear on your iPhone screen. Enter this code into the Move to iOS app on your Android device and tap Next.
  3. Select the data you want to transfer from your Android device. Tap Next to begin transfer.
  4. The transfer process will take some time depending on how much data is being moved.
  5. Once complete, you can finish setting up your new iPhone, now with your transferred data ready to use!

The Move to iOS app transfers contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, mail accounts and calendars from your Android phone to your new iPhone. Just note the app needs to be version 1.0.3 or later to work properly.

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Key Things to Keep in Mind When Transferring Data

Here are some important tips to ensure a smooth and successful data transfer process:

  • Use a strong WiFi connection for wireless transfers via iCloud or Move to iOS. Avoid public WiFi networks.
  • Charge both devices before starting the transfer, or keep them plugged in.
  • Free up storage space on both the old phone and new iPhone if needed.
  • Sign out of iTunes and iCloud on the old device after the transfer is complete.
  • Transfer apps will need to be redownloaded from the App Store and signed in again.
  • Some data can’t be transferred, like Apple Pay cards, Touch ID, and certain app data.
  • Disable Find My iPhone on your old device if still activated.
  • De-register iMessage to continue receiving texts if keeping your old number.

Following these tips will help prevent any potential issues during the data transfer process.

What Data Gets Transferred to a New iPhone?

When you transfer data to a new iPhone, here are some of the main items that will be moved from your old device:

  • Contacts – Names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.
  • Messages – Conversations including iMessages and SMS/MMS texts.
  • Photos – Camera photos, screenshots and albums.
  • Videos – Home movies, downloads and recordings.
  • Music – Songs, artists, playlists and music settings.
  • Books – Audiobooks, ebooks and PDFs purchased from Apple.
  • App Data – Game progress, documents, and some settings.
  • Calendars – Events and reminders from synced calendars.
  • Mail Accounts – Email accounts and contacts.
  • Safari Bookmarks – Favorites and reading lists from Safari.
  • Health Data – Activity, sleep, nutrition and other fitness data.
  • Device Settings – Display, wallpaper, notification settings and more.

Note that you can select which specific data gets transferred if you don’t want everything from your old device moved to the new iPhone.

Transferring Data from Your Old iPhone to Your New iPhone


  • All your stored contacts will transfer over, keeping your address book intact.


  • The camera roll on your new iPhone will contain all your albums and photos from the old device.


  • Conversations from iMessage, SMS and MMS will remain available in the Messages app.


  • Your home movies,downloads, and recordings can be viewed in the Photos app or synced with iCloud.


  • Your Apple Music library, playlists, and listening history moves to the new iPhone.


  • Events, appointments, and reminders are preserved in the new Calendar app.

What Data Doesn’t Transfer to a New iPhone?

While most of your important data will transfer directly to the new iPhone, there are some items that will need to be set up again:

  • Passwords – You’ll need to enter passwords for email accounts, WiFi networks, and apps.
  • Health data – The Apple Health app will be empty unless using an iCloud backup.
  • Apple Pay – Wallet cards and Apple Pay settings do not transfer over.
  • Touch ID and Face ID – You’ll need to re-enroll your fingerprint or face on the new iPhone.
  • Wallpaper – Your new iPhone will have the default wallpaper until changed manually.
  • Ringtones – Custom ringtones will need to be recreated or purchased again.
  • App Layout – The layout of apps on your Home Screen will be reset.
  • Activity History – Your personal activity data does not sync between iPhones.

Overall, you may need to reconfigure some apps manually, but the bulk of your important data will transfer seamlessly to the new device.

Key Takeaways on Transferring Data to a New iPhone

  • Back up your old iPhone before beginning the transfer process. Use iCloud or iTunes.
  • For iPhone to iPhone, transfer directly using iCloud Backup or iTunes.
  • Move from Android to iPhone with the Move to iOS app.
  • Transfer contacts, photos, messages, videos and other media to the new iPhone.
  • You’ll need to re-enter passwords, set up Apple Pay, organize apps and more after transferring data.
  • Use a WiFi connection and keep devices charged during wireless transfers.
  • Select the data you want to move if you don’t need everything transferred.
  • Sign out of iCloud and other accounts on your old device once the transfer is done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring to a New iPhone

Can I transfer data directly from an old iPhone to a new iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer data directly between an old iPhone and a new iPhone wirelessly using iCloud or a wired iTunes connection. This allows you to migrate your data without needing a computer backup.

Will my apps transfer to my new iPhone?

Most apps will transfer to your new iPhone, but you’ll have to reinstall and sign in to them from the App Store. Some app data can also transfer during the process.

Can I transfer data from an Android phone to an iPhone?

Yes, you can use the Move to iOS app to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, mail accounts, calendars and other data from an Android smartphone or tablet to your new iPhone.

How do I transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without a computer?

Use the iCloud wireless transfer method. This allows you to transfer data directly from your old iPhone to your new iPhone over WiFi, without needing a computer backup.

How long does it take to transfer data to a new iPhone?

It depends on the amount of data and method, but it typically takes less than an hour. An iCloud restore or backup/restore via iTunes is faster than wireless Android transfers.

Will my photos transfer from my old iPhone to my new iPhone?

Yes, all your photos and albums will transfer from your old iPhone to your new one when you migrate your data using iCloud, iTunes or Move to iOS.

Can I transfer just some data, like contacts or messages?

Yes! You can select the specific data like contacts or messages that you want to move to the new iPhone. The transfer interface gives you granular control.

What iPhone models can transfer data between each other?

All iPhone models from iPhone 5 forward can transfer data between old and new devices, including iPhone 5S through iPhone 15. Older models may have limited transfer capability.

What should I do with my old iPhone after transferring data?

After confirming all your data transferred successfully, you should sign out of your accounts, erase the content and settings, and factory reset your old iPhone before reselling or recycling.

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Summary: A Seamless Data Transfer for Your New iPhone

Getting everything moved from your previous smartphone to your slick new iPhone doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right preparation and these step-by-step guides, you can easily transfer all your precious data.

The key is properly backing up your old device, understanding what transfers, and choosing the optimal wireless or wired transfer method. In just a short time, you’ll have your contacts, photos, messages and more up and running on your new iPhone.

We hope this guide provides you with a smooth, worry-free transition. Now put that data transfer behind you and start enjoying your new iPhone!


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