How to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Android without Computer

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Text messages are an important part of a person’s daily life now. It doesn’t really matter what phone you have or which network you are on. Every phone has a default messaging app through which people can be in touch at all times.

It is a great alternative for phone calls. People choose to text over calling because it is much more convenient and the person can reply back when they are free. In this article, we will teach you how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

Text messages contain a lot of important information. They have the personal messages that you exchanged with your partner. Text messages also have contact information, and important addresses and can also have a number of other important information on there.

Now, imagine that you lost all the text messages that were on your device. You would greatly be upset. But, there is a way out. Read below to know-how.

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Method 1: How to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer

There could be a number of different reasons that caused you to lose your text messages. From a faulty update to maybe a virus attack, it can make you lose the precious data that is stored on your phone. It could also be as simple as you deleting the data by mistake. But, it is not really a big problem as there is an easy solution to this.

One of the best solutions to this problem is an app called dr.Fone – File Recovery App. This particular app is supported by all major companies that use Android OS 2.3 versions or later. The app can be installed from the Play Store.

But, if you want to use the recovering feature of this app, then you will need to root your device first. All different types of data like contacts, messages, pictures, videos, and others can be recovered by learning how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without the computer.

One of the special features of this app is that it has a folder called the recycle bin, in which all the deleted data from the past thirty days are saved. You do not need a rooted phone to access this information.

dr.fone – Android Data Recovery

dr. fone – Android Recover is a very popular application. People of all ages and backgrounds use this app, and they all talk highly about the features as well as the interface. It has mostly positive reviews.


  • You can view all the files and then choose only those files which you need. Other unimportant files won’t be recovered and will take up space.
  • The app can retrieve data by scanning your tablet or phone directly.
  • It is compatible with different types of files like Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, and documents, and even it can recover call recordings.
  • The app is compatible with more than 6000 different devices like Samsung.
  • It has over 3 million successful downloads. Learning how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

Dr.fone – Data Recovery app is a Wondershare creation. It can access the internal memory of a phone, and that is how it knows how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

The lost or deleted files are overwritten more frequently than you would think. The version of Android, along with the device itself, plays an important role in the chances of the recovery is successful.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

Follow these simple steps if you want to get to know how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

Step 1

The first step is to download and install the app on the device. You can find this app easily on the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Opening this app will show all the different types of data that it can help recover. Choose the option “Message Recovery” in order to recover the deleted messages and click to proceed.

Step 3

If you chose to recover pictures and videos instead, you would get a notification where you have to examine the extensions that you hope the app to be able to review.

Step 4

Once you have made a choice, dr.fone App will start to scan your device in order to recover the deleted files. This way, you will learn how easy it is to learn how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

Step 5

Once the deleted messages are recovered, they will appear in the form of a list on this screen. All you have to do then is to choose those messages you wish to retrieve & proceed on to recover them.

Step 6

If you want, you could also choose to very easily upload all the data that you recovered onto the cloud. You could choose cloud options such as Dropbox & Google Drive. It would be much safer this way.

If you follow these simple steps, then you will have successfully learned how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without the computer.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you retrieve lost & deleted messages in the future without needing a computer to do so.

Method 2: Tips on how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

Till now, you know the process of how to recover text messages on Android devices without needing a laptop or a PC; you can use dr.Fone – File Recovery App to recover lost data & recover deleted photos from Android internal storage. We have collected a small list of tips that you may want to notice if you want to get good results.

Data Overwriting

As you know, when important information or data suddenly disappears from your smartphone. It is still there on your phone, and you can retrieve it using different apps like dr.fone – Recover.

The only way that you could save and retrieve those deleted messages is if you could avoid overwriting them unless you recover the lost data.

To avoid overwriting the data, do not use any app or even play a video or view a picture on your phone. Basically, avoid performing any activity on your phone until you get your lost files back. Learning how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android without computers is very easy.

Be quick

You will have to take action fast if you want to recover all the data safely. You could potentially lose all the data if you put it on doing it later. Use an app that specializes in recovering data if you want to learn how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer.

Reliable app for recovery

Don’t just choose the first recovery app that you can find. Most of the apps out there do not deliver and will also download a virus on your phone. All of this will end up damaging your phone even more.

You might also end up losing all the data that you wanted to recover. You could use dr.fone – File & Data Recovery app. It is a very useful app that is also very reliable.

Do not restart your phone

People who lose their data start to panic, and the first thing they do is restart their phones hoping the data will come back automatically. This is a beginner’s mistake that you should avoid making.

Remain calm and simply follow the steps that dr.fone – Data Recovery App tells you to follow. Following the steps properly will teach you how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android without a computer.

Backup your device in advance

Losing the data on your phone can be extremely stressful. We usually have personal and professional information on there that we don’t hope to lose. Sometimes, the loss of a certain type of data could even cost us heavily. To avoid all the unnecessary hassle, all you have to do is back up your phone regularly via dr.fone – Android Data Backup and Restore.

This way, even if you lost some or all of the data, you could very easily recover it all from the backup without breaking a sweat. You wouldn’t even have to learn how to retrieve deleted messages on Android without the computer. However, if you do have to use this app, just follow the steps, and you won’t face any problems.

You need to be aware of the fact that this is the app version of the software. Using this app to recover deleted files may cause some data to be lost on the device.

It is highly recommended that you use the computer version of the app- dr.fone – Android Data Recovery to learn how to retrieve deleted messages on Android without a computer without facing any problems.

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