Methods to Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on iOS

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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is such a useful and popular social media app that you can keep the connection with your friends and family. However, due to many reasons, you may want to delete these Facebook Messenger messages on your iOS device.

For example, maybe you just want to free up more space for other files, delete messages that are useless anymore, or erase troublesome messages. However, you may delete emails by mistake.

What’s more, you may find these deleted messages quite useful in the future. As you find in the Facebook app, there are two options: Delete and Archive, when you decide to erase messages.

Please note that there is a big difference between the two options – through Archive, your removed messages will disappear on the checklist while you can still get access to them in the future; by choosing Delete, your messages will be deleted forever.

Since Facebook Messenger doesn’t provide you the chance to recover deleted conversations, you need to turn to a third-party recovery tool for help if you want to complete the task in all these types of messages and conversations.

Here I recommend the ever-best recovery tool – dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery for you, which enables you to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger through your iOS device in an easy way.

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Best Third-Party Facebook Messenger messages Recovery Tool for iOS Device

To spy on somebody’s Facebook, you need the top Facebook messenger spy apps; To recover deleted files for your iOS device, you cannot miss the professional third-party tool – dr.fone, the ever-best Facebook Messenger message recovery program to retrieve data in just one click.

The program works well on iOS 15 and iOS devices such as the iPhone 13/12/11, iPad Pro, iPad Air / with Retina display/mini, and iPod touch 6.

The program is a clean one without malware, so you can install and run the program safely. In addition, the program is quite easy to use; and you just need to connect your device to a PC, then the program will start to detect deleted files automatically. You can choose the files and even the whole files to recover smartly.

1. How to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger on iPhone?

Here is to show you steps to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages with the help of the program Dr.Fone; just follow me to have a try.


Step 1: To start with, please install the program on your computer and launch it by double-clicking to bring up the starting window. Click the “Recover” feature and select “Recover from iOS Device” on the left.

Please connect your iOS device to the computer via a USB cable. The program will start to detect your device automatically. You can then see the whole results after the scan and choose the files to recover. Please note that the screen will be black during the scan.

Step 2: After the scan, you can see the whole results and complete information, including images, calls, messages, acquaintances, diary, calls, reminders, paperwork, etc. here, you can find the messages that you want to recover and even click to check the content of the messages. After selecting the messages and other files you want to recover, just click on the Recover button to continue.

2. To remove unwanted Facebook messages, you can choose to Archive them on your iOS device. Then, how to archive your Facebook messages on your iOS device?

When you want to remove Facebook Messenger messages from your iOS device, you can see two options, which are Delete and Archive. Once you choose Archive, you can see your messages disappear from the checklist. However, you can still find them in your Facebook account in the future.

Here are steps to show you how to archive Facebook Messenger messages:

Step 1: Firstly, please turn to your Facebook Messenger app and choose the Messages tab.

Step 2: Here, you can find all messages in the list; please choose the messages that you want to archive and click on the messages. You will then see a new screen showing you options, including Delete and Archive. You can choose either option according to your condition.

Step 3: Here, we choose to click on the Archive option to remove your messages from the list. After the conduction, you can still search for your deleted messages on your Facebook account since they are not erased permanently.


3. You may have archived many Facebook Messenger messages earlier. If you want to view them again, you should learn to recover them. Here is to show you how to retrieve archived Facebook messages in steps:

Step 1: Review Archived Files

Please note that all archived files are saved in your archives on your iOS phone. Thus you can search for messages by typing the name of your friends in the search bar. Here you can also find the whole archive by clicking on the tab “More” and then choosing “Archive” under the Messages tab.


Step 2: Retrieve Archived Facebook Messenger Messages

Please tap “Message” as you did when you want to start a new conversation. Then just search your friend’s name in the search bar to find the archived messages fast. Just click on the messages you want to recover, click them, and then choose the “Unarchive” tab. After these steps, you will see the recovered messages on your Facebook Messenger.


As you can see, it is quite easy to recover archived Facebook Messenger messages and conversations in just one click. However, please note that you can only recover archived files with the help of Facebook Messenger since they are just hidden by the app and not deleted from your device.

In another way, if the messages you want to recover are removed from your archive folder, you cannot get them back only with the Facebook Messenger app. If you want to recover messages and conversations deleted from your Facebook Messenger app, you will need help from dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery.

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