How to Recover Unsaved / Deleted Word Document Easily

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There are situations when we create a document of the Word and then forget to save it. In such a case, a person may have to rewrite the whole document once again.

If something like this has been troubling you, you should follow the various ways you can recover deleted unsaved Word documents.

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Part 1: Use Microsoft Word to Recover Deleted Word Documents

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix how to recover unsaved Word documents.

#1: Click on the manage documents or the file tab.

how to recover unsaved word document with Microsoft Word

#2: Go to the button of manage document.

#3: Go to recover deleted Word documents from the dropdown list.

#4: A dialog box will appear showing the list of lost documents that can be recovered. Now, select all the documents that you want to recover. After that, click on the button to open it.

#5: The Word document that has been recovered will open up and show the option of saving the file.

Recover Deleted Word Documents

#6: Now, save the Word document by clicking on the button of saving as.

This does not only save future access but also quickly recovers the document.

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Part 2: Closing the Word Document without Pressing the Save Button

Another difficulty you may face while operating on the Word document is forgetting to save the immediate changes made in a previously saved Word document. MS Word can assist you in saving the work that you did in the past 10 minutes.

Additionally, you have a choice to change the time period of your work’s recovered copy. Moreover, you have the option of converting the default settings of a temporary copy of a Word document that you saved after every minute.

Follow the steps mentioned below to discover how to recover the unsaved document of MS Word.

#1: Go to the manage documents or the file tab.

#2: Find and then select the most recent auto-saved version of the document for recovering all the modifications made in the Word document. Remember to save the recovered document in MS Word.

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Part 3: Alter the Information Time to Save AutoRecover

If you are willing to alter the frequency of the Word that it uses to recover a copy of your document automatically, which is the standard time of ten minutes, then follow the steps mentioned below:

#1: Go to the options or file tab.

#2: Go to the option of Save in the dialog box of options, which is positioned on the left side.

Recover Deleted Word Documents from word options

#3: Go to the option of saved documents to alter the period to how many times you would like MS Word to save the document’s recovered version.

#4: When you are done, click on ok.

Part 4: How to Recover Unsaved Word Documents by Using the Word Recovery Tool

If you can still locate the document that you are trying to find, then you should try to recover your document by going to this option.

If the previously mentioned methods don’t work in your case, then you should use the data recovery tool.

A number of recovery tools are available online that you can use to recover your unsaved document in MS Word, but they are not reliable. If you are looking for a reliable tool to recover unsaved Word documents, then the best option for you is Wondershare Recoverit & Easeus Data Recovery.

Method 1. How to recover unsaved Work documents via Recoverit

Features of Recoverit

  • It recovers deleted audio, music, photos, files, or emails from a storage device in an effective and efficient manner.
  • It can also recover files from external hard drives not detectedNTFS hard drives, recover information from memory cards, recycle bins, digital cameras, flash drives, and camcorders.
  • Additionally, it offers recovery of data from hard drive corruption, system crash, virus attack, formatting, sudden deletion, and various other situations.

This PDF Recovery is available for a free trial, but it has limited benefits. If you wish to get unlimited benefits from this tool of recovery, then you should buy its registered version. Recoverit, offered by Wondershare, can recover lost files from any removable drive.

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This software can support any recoverable drive. So, if you are not able to locate the original document in MS Word, then you also have the option of looking for temporary files.

Mentioned below are the steps through which you can come to know how to recover unsaved Word documents.

#1: Choose the type of scenario that you wish to recover. You can begin the procedure by selecting the option of deleted files.


#2: Select the place where your documents got deleted. You can search the entire system to find the lost files.

#3: The scanning results will appear on the screen immediately. If you are still unable to find the desired results, then make use of the “All Around Recovery” function of the recovery tool.

how to recover unsaved word document with recoverit

#4: After deep scanning, you can look at all the recoverable files of the Word document. Now, click on the button “Recover” to save.

Recoverit is a great tool for recovery, which can recover the files that got lost due to an accident, crashes of the hard disk, improper operation, and computer viruses.

The deep scanning of the Recoverit tool can recover any lost files of the Word document.

Method 2. How to Recover Unsaved Word Documents via EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard can help you recover unsaved Word documents or other deleted, hidden, formatted Word files effortlessly too.

And it’s 100% compatible with Word 2002/2003/2007/2013. Just follow up below the simple user guide to retrieve your lost files.

Step 1. Click to choose the Word file location

To recover unsaved Word documents, you should know where the Word files got lost clearly, and then choose a specific folder or hard disk drive.

If the lost Word file was on the SD card or USB flash drive, please connect it to the computer first.

Now, right-click on the drive X and then tick the button ‘Scan’ to go on.

Step 2. Now scan the lost file

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard now starts scanning your lost files on the selected drive; you can see data showing up in the below scan results.

Step 3. It’s time to select your unsaved Word files to recover

Once the scanning is finished, choose’ Documents’ from the drop-down list in ‘Filter’ to get to your wanted Word documents the quickest.

You can preview any Word file before data recovery. And then, select the right files to start Recover.

how to recover unsaved word document with Easeus

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Part 5: Go to the Word Backup Files to Recover Deleted Word Documents

If you select the option of creating a copy of the backup, then a backup copy of your Word document will be created.

To go to this option, go to the tools menu and select “options,” then go to the save tab and then click on it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to find a backup copy of your Word document.

#1: Try to find the folder in which you previously saved the missing files.

#2: Look for the files which have the name extension of .wbk.

Mentioned below are various procedures appropriate for the different versions of MS Word.

Microsoft Word 2007

  • #1: Open Word 2007
  • #2: Go to the button of Microsoft Office and then open it.
  • #3: Go to all files from the list of all the files available.
  • #4: Select the backup file that you were looking for.

Microsoft Word 2010

  • #1: Open Word 2010
  • #2: Go to the File menu and then go to open.
  • #3: Go to all files in the list of all documents in Word.
  • #4: Select the backup file that you were looking for.

If you are not able to find a .wbk file in the actual folder, then you should search for those files on your system. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover deleted Word documents through the backup on different versions of Windows.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • #1: Go to the start menu and the search box to look for *.wbk files, and then click on the search icon.
  • #2: If the backup file is present in the list of files that appeared, repeat step 1 to open the file.

Windows XP

  • #1: Go to the start menu, then go to search, and then click on folders or files.
  • #2: Type *.wbk in the search box.
  • #3: Point to the arrow in the box of look-in and then go to my computer.
  • #4: Now click on the search now.

So, these were some of the ways through which one can come to know how to recover unsaved Word documents.

All these options can help you recover your lost Word documents, but Recoverit is considered the best tool to recover deleted Word documents.

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