How to Export iMessages to PDF & Download Text Messages

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By Jason

Are you considering converting all your important text messages into PDF format on your computer? iPhone manager tools like AnyTrans are ideal programs for exporting iMessages to PDF successfully.

Since PDF is the universally accepted and favored file format that everyone prefers, it is natural to think of converting important messages to PDF format, so they are saved for future reference.

In this article, you will learn how to download text messages from iPhone to PDF via the two popular software.

Export iMessages to PDF by AnyTrans

As an alternative method to voice calls, text messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication, which records the treasured memories of our life. It is not an uncommon occurrence to have our iPhone messages easily lost.

This loss may be due to several reasons, like mistaken deletion, new iOS update, jailbreak, device crash, etc.

Keeping important messages on your iPhone is not a good way to safeguard them, and more and more people are searching for ways to export their messages to PDF or other formats and keep them on the computer. It is a difficult task to convert iMessages to PDF on the computer.

However, with an excellent file manager for iPhone like AnyTrans, you can easily download text messages from iPhone to PDF & export iMessages to PDF form. Here is a guide on how to accomplish this task.

Salient Features of AnyTrans

Let us first look at the important features of AnyTrans software that make it ideal for converting iMessages to PDF.

  • It can download text messages from iPhone to PDF directly and export the SMS and iMessages in iPhone to formats like Text and HTML. The software further helps in saving the converted PDF files safely.
  • It can copy messages present in one phone and transfer them to another phone without complete restoration.
  • AnyTrans can also transfer other data files such as videos, photos, contacts, notes, music, and more such information to the computer from your iPhone.
  • For iDevices operating on versions below iOS 9, the software program enables viewing of text messages in backup done on iCloud. It helps download the viewed files to the computer.

How to Download Text Messages from iPhone to PDF with AnyTrans

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to export iMessages to PDF & download text messages from iPhone to PDF using AnyTrans.

Follow the steps to perform an efficient and successful export of text messages:

Step #1. Download the AnyTrans software program on your desktop and install it. Connect the iPhone which has the iMessages you wish to export.

Step #2. Run the AnyTrans program on the computer. Click on the button present on the right side of the software interface. Click on the option ‘Messages.’

If you do not find any messages, you must choose the ‘Back up now’ feature. This will ensure a backup is done before the export process.


Step #3. Click on the Settings feature. Set the message output format to PDF and click on the Save option.

export iMessages to pdf with AnyTrans

Step #4. Choose messages that you wish to convert to PDF and export. Click on the option, ‘Send to PC or Mac.’ Choose a folder to save the exported messages.

Click on ‘Open’ to begin. Once the files are saved, click on ‘View Files.’ You will find the messages you have exported from the iPhone.

download text messages from iPhone to pdf with AnyTrans

Step #5. On your computer, search for the folder that is titled as AnyTrans-Export. This folder contains all the messages that you have exported from the iPhone. Now you can view these messages in PDF format.

export iMessages to pdf on Mac

More About AnyTrans

The above steps, without a doubt, show how easy it is to export iMessages in PDF form with AnyTrans software. The benefits of Anytrans do not stop just downloading text messages from iPhone to PDF.

It is highly skilled in transferring all data types, including music, photos, contacts, videos, etc. The software does a smooth transfer between devices from iPhone to a computer. Try AnyTrans now and experience the smooth and beneficial functions of the software.

AnyTrans is an ideal tool if you cannot use iTunes for file transfer. AnyTrans can easily transfer files present on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other iDevices to a computer without assistance from iTunes.

Further, the application enables copying the files directly to another iDevice. It can also import files in iDevices from the computer or directly export information to the iTunes library if you have the app installed on your iPhone.

AnyTrans also allows the exploration of content in the files present on your iPhone. It is compatible with multiple formats other than PDF if you want to export data from your iDevice.

It has the facility to automatically convert any video and audio files that are incompatible with a compatible format.

The transfer of files is also quick, and the software has straightforward navigation features with its appealing and convenient-to-use interface that even novices would find easy to handle. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.


As you can see, exporting iMessages to PDF format is not much of a hardship. You need expert and innovative software tools like AnyTrans to enable a smooth and slick transfer.

They are ideal tools to possess if you want to download text messages from iPhone to PDF in a trouble-free, safe, and effective way.