GOAT Shipping Time – How Long Does GOAT Take to Ship and Deliver?

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GOAT is an excellent website that revolutionized the way we buy clothes, accessories, and shoes.

However, like any online store, customers may wonder, “how long does GOAT take to ship” their order?

And if you are wondering the same, this article is for you.

Know More About GOAT

Know More About GOAT

Online retailer GOAT is popular with buyers of fashion and sports products. They are well-known for their high-quality merchandise. And an uncountable number of customers purchase merchandise from the company.

Eddy Lu, a co-founder of GOAT Group and current CEO, has led the company to an estimated $3.7 billion valuation. He did all of that by selling and reselling shoes, luxury apparel, and sneakers.

Genuine goods from luxury companies like Gucci, Yeezy, and Supreme are sold on GOAT. Customers may need assistance placing an order on GOAT because it operates differently from conventional e-commerce websites.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of GOAT shipping time and delivery time. So, let’s get started with much ado. Shall we?

Besides, if you wonder, does UPS deliver on Sunday as they would do on weekdays? If so, do you have to pay anything extra to get a delivery done on a Sunday? Let’s find it out.

Estimated Delivery Times

How long does GOAT take to deliver? Well, delivery times vary depending on the zip code you enter at checkout. Shipment times are based on your chosen shipping method. And the estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed. If you want your order to arrive faster, we suggest choosing a faster shipping method.

While these estimated delivery days may help you plan your purchase, they’re not guaranteed. GOAT definitely does their best to get orders shipped as soon as possible after they’re placed so that you can enjoy them sooner!

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How Much Time Does GOAT Take to Ship?

How Much Time Does GOAT Take to Ship

Wondering how long does it take for GOAT to ship? Most in-stock U.S. orders from GOAT are delivered in 7–10 business days. In one business day, items tagged “Instant” process and ship. The majority of orders are shipped internationally within 10 to 24 business days.

Standard Delivery Time

So, how long does GOAT take to ship? Well, Most products on GOAT take 7 to 10 business days to get to you from when you place your order. That timeline allows GOAT to verify and authenticate the order and pack and ship it.

Instant Delivery Time

If you see the Instant label on GOAT’s website, the company has pre-verified that the item is authentic and in good condition. If an Instant item is available, it will be shipped to you directly from the seller. Orders from abroad can take a long time to execute.

This can help speed up GOAT shipping times. If a GOAT employee doesn’t need to check it for authenticity, you may receive your purchase as quickly as four business days after placing your order. If you place your order before 11 am Pacific time, you should expect to receive it within three to five business days.

International Delivery Time

International orders may take longer to deliver. GOAT will ship internationally. But dependable GOAT shipping times cannot be guaranteed due to customs.

The company needs to specify a timeline because customs can delay packages. It may be helpful to ask your country’s customs service about typical delays and timelines for receiving shipments.

Items made in China are shipped duty-free. The U.K.-based orders, however, might also be subject to additional import taxes.

For foreign orders, customers are urged not to include their national identity numbers. Import taxes are not included in the price of the item or the shipping expenses.

Can Your Item Be Shipped on the Weekend by GOAT?

Can Your Item Be Shipped on the Weekend by GOAT?

Now let’s find out how long it takes for GOAT to ship on the weekend. On weekends, GOAT may ship and deliver. Sellers are not obligated to deliver orders over the weekend, though.

It’s possible that the first stage of the shipping process won’t start until the following Monday. Orders may still be delivered on weekends in specific circumstances. On the other hand, on weekends, sellers are not obligated to send orders to GOAT for verification.

Orders must be shipped by sellers in 3 business days. But weekends are not included in this. When the item is in their control, GOAT may still validate and ship it on the weekends. Only sometimes is this true.

So, if you require your things immediately, we advise placing your purchase as early as possible. This will ensure that it reaches GOAT by the end of the week, allowing them to process it before they close on Friday.

What Couriers Does GOAT Use?

GOAT uses the United States Postal Service, Federal Express, and United Parcel Service to deliver goods to clients in the U.S.

How to Track Your GOAT Shipment?

How to Track Your GOAT Shipment

If you have placed an order with GOAT and would like to track your shipment, there are two ways to do so.

The first step is to go to the GOAT website, log in, and then click the Orders tab. Each order contains a tracking number and information on where your shipment is in the delivery process. After that, you can enter this number into Google to track your package.

The second method is to search your email inbox for any correspondence from GOAT regarding your order. A tracking number that you can use on Google will also be included in this.

From Where Do the GOAT’s Order Ships?

GOAT orders are shipped from warehouses located around the world. It is not possible to determine where an order will be shipped from. It depends on a few factors, including whether an item is available for immediate purchase, what items you have ordered, and where the order is delivered.

Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost

If you order from GOAT for delivery within the contiguous United States, the price for Standard and Instant products is $14.50. Except for P.O. boxes and military installations, the cost is applicable to the lower 48 states.

On Instant products, the price for priority processing is 6.5%. The cost of international shipping varies by nation: U.K.: £13, E.U.: €15, Cyprus and Malta: €25, PRC: $25, and everywhere else: $40. Additionally, depending on their shipping method, foreign customers could have to pay taxes and fees.

You should be aware that the size and weight of your order affect the shipping charges. Orders over a certain specified amount qualify for free shipping. The overall weight of your order determines how much shipping will cost. So it’s essential to consider any other things you may have bought.

Can the Shipped Items Be Changed?

By installing the GOAT App and submitting a ticket to customer service, you can alert the GOAT support team. You can follow this procedure if your order arrives in a different state than anticipated.

Tap the Order icon on your profile screen to view orders in your account. Then select an order for which you’d like to contact support. From there, tap the Order Details button and the Support button. This will take you to GOAT Support, where you can send a ticket about your shipping issue.

Did the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect GOAT’s Shipping and Delivery Time?

You already know how long GOAT takes to deliver. But do you know when GOAT delivers the products during the COVID-19 scenario?

GOAT is committed to delivering products on time. But circumstances beyond the company’s control can affect delivery. These include weather delays or government restrictions, or other cases. They will ship your items faster than usual when such barriers do not exist.

For example, Next Day Shipping is available only to buyers who live in the 48 contiguous states. You can select Next Day as your shipping method. This service will take one business day to process and one business day to deliver your items.

Delivery times for orders placed on the GOAT were. And still affected by regulatory constraints and the pandemic, COVID-19. The average time for delivery is 1-3 working days. But many factors contribute to the length of time before an order is received.

According to a statement issued by the GOAT in 2021, the time it takes to complete an order depends upon several conditions. You can expect a delay or more before the GOAT receives your order. Delivery time is persistent at 3-4 business days.

Buyers have to face three stages at The GOAT. Receiving time, processing time, and seller notification that their purchase has been delivered.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund?

Is It Possible to Get a Refund?

Yes, it is possible. You may return your product for a money back or cancel an order. Return requests can be made using the GOAT mobile app. And it will be evaluated by the GOAT team before the refund is processed.

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1. How long does the order processing time usually take? The order processing time on GOAT typically takes 1 to 2 business days, but it may vary.

2. Does GOAT offer international shipping? Yes, GOAT offers international shipping. However, delivery times for international shipments may be longer due to customs procedures and distance.

3. Can I track my GOAT order? Yes, GOAT provides a tracking number for each order, allowing you to monitor the progress and estimated delivery date.

4. What factors can affect the delivery time? Several factors can impact the delivery time, including the seller’s location, item availability, chosen shipping method, customs procedures, and unexpected events.

5. How do returns and exchanges work on GOAT? GOAT has specific guidelines and timeframes for returns and exchanges. It’s important to familiarize yourself with their return policy and follow the necessary steps if needed.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article about how long GOAT takes to ship and deliver was helpful to you. To wrap up, orders typically take 7-10 business days to be delivered.

If the company is having shipment issues or if you select Next Day Shipping, it can take longer for your product to arrive. Your order will be delivered under these circumstances within two business days.

GOAT ships most orders within two business days. And the instant items are pre-verified and prepared as soon as possible. After they are ready, they directly ship from GOAT.

Note that you must choose Next Day shipping at checkout to get your items faster. GOAT always prioritizes instant customers, so you receive your items as you like.


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