Googledrivesync.exe – Should We Remove It?

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Googledrivesync.exe can worry any novice user until they learn exactly what it is. If you are one of those users and wonder what it is, go ahead and read this article.

We have composed this article to explain what googledrivesync.exe is and what actions you should take upon noticing it.


In general, many of us know how to work with a computer. Also, at least many of us know what sort of files are important and what aren’t. That said, googledrivesync.exe is one of these files found on your PC, which bothers many individuals.

You can see googledrivesync.exe in the folder of the program file. We will explain more about the location. However, for the moment, let’s learn what it does on your computer system.

The truth is that some individuals assume this file to be a virus. On the other hand, one might say it takes protective measures to safeguard your OS.

You might have already seen this file format in your system. If you see that file, by any chance, you can assume various things about it. For instance, you can consider it as an executable.

As you may know, many dangerous files come as executable files. They can cause various damage to your system in many ways. But that doesn’t mean that every exe file is harmful.

We just want to mention that you should be cautious when dealing with exe files extracted from unknown sources. Googledrivesync is one file that creates doubts in your mind in many ways. So, let’s go ahead and learn more about it.

Here, we will explain what googledrivesync.exe exactly is. After reading this article, you can learn if removing it from your system is necessary.

Introduction to Googledrivesync.exe 

As mentioned, googledrivesync.exe, just like the name suggests an executable file. It does work as a component that belongs to Google+ Auto Backup. This file doesn’t come in a huge size. It doesn’t exceed the size of 922 kilobytes. So, in terms of its size, there’s nothing to worry about.


In other words, it doesn’t create any effect on the storage. So, the next question is to see if it has anything to do with the PC’s security. In other words, is it safe? This specific question will be answered in the next couple of paragraphs.

PS: let’s figure out what is Google Update.exe Service and Yourphone.exe on Windows 10.

Is Googledrivesync.exe a Safe File?

You must ensure that all the system files are in the intended location without changing them. That is because some of those files can be harmful. That means it’s suspicious if you see those files in a secondary location but not in their original location.

Some malware can take the name of a different file and pretend to be the original. Since it appears to be an original file, you will not want to delete it. The file will operate from the background. Therefore, finding if the respective file is in the original, intended location is always necessary.  

So, let’s find out the location of googledrivesync.exe. Then, you can compare it with the location of your googledrivesync file and see if there’s something suspicious. The location is as mentioned below.

The location of googledrivesync.exe:

So, be sure to check if your googledrivesync file is located in the exact location. That can be checked through the system’s “Task Manager.”

It is always possible to verify its location. The task manager will display all the services and actions running in the system. However, you will find a different tool to use other than the task manager to find it out.

It is known as MS Process Explorer. This tool can practically check if it is free of viruses and malware. It gives out a notification if there is a problem with the file verification.

The separated column is called “Verified Signer,” It will notify with the message “Unable to Verify.” If so, it can make things somewhat complicated for you. Pretty much all those files can be harmful.

Also, if you feel it is a suspicious file, that can cause various damages. That will eventually cause even a system crash. However, when you delete a file, you should be very careful.

In addition to that, there is another important thing you should know. There is another file called Node.exe, and some viruses can get camouflaged like it. This specific malware file can appear in the path “C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System 32“.

Because of that, you will have to monitor those files and decide whether those files can cause a threat. Anyway, the best approach is to carry out a security check so it will verify the security.

Is It Okay to Remove Googledrivesync.exe?

remove googledrivesync.exe

If you remove a system file, you are more likely to experience some issues with it. It can prevent you from using some apps that are already installed.

That said, if the file is safe and the location is confirmed to be original, that’s fine. That means you don’t have to delete that file. Such an approach can eventually disturb the smooth functioning of the system.

Deleting a system file makes your computer unstable. Sometimes, the entire system can crash and stop working. Also, it can make problems worse instead of doing anything good.

Common Error Messages Associated with Googledrivesync.exe 

Below are some error messages you can experience while using a Windows PC. These error messages generally indicate that the googledrivesync.exe doesn’t work as expected and has some issues.

By reading the error messages, you can get an idea about the type of problem. You can read these error messages to understand the issue properly.

  • googledrivesync.exe application error
  • googledrivesync.exe failed
  • And googledrivesync.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • googledrivesync.exe is not running
  • I cannot find googledrivesync.exe
  • Error starting problem: googledrivesync.exe
  • Faulting application path: googledrivesync.exe

Please note that these error messages may appear anytime. For instance, one of those errors can appear when you install a certain application or update an application. Also, it can appear when downloading an application.

Do you wonder how to fix googledrivesync.exe? If that’s the case, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article. If googledrivesync has already emerged, your computer will experience various errors. So, it is always better to clean your PC every day.

When it comes to cleaning, you have several options. The most practical way is to run an antivirus program on your PC and scan it. Also, you must perform that scan daily to minimize the risk of virus attacks significantly.

Make sure that you clean the drive daily. You can use a built-in option to accomplish this task. This can be opened by entering the text “cleanmgr” in the run command. If not, you can use the “SFC /scannow” option. It is possible to uninstall unwanted programs if they don’t use them anymore.


The above methods will ensure that you don’t have any malware infections or corrupted files. Also, you can use (MSConfig) Microsoft Configurations, so it is possible to update the OS daily. You can do it simply by enabling Automatic Updates for Windows.

Before making drastic changes or repairs, keeping a backup of important data is much better. Therefore, if something terrible happens to your system, it is always possible to regain that data.

If you check everything above and cannot find anything suspicious, here’s what you should do. If the problem persists, you can undo the last major change done to the system. For instance, if the error has occurred after installing a specific program, uninstall it to see what happens.

More Ways to Fix this Issue

You can also consider the utility called “Resource Monitor.” In this case, you should enter the text “resmon” in the run command and hit enter.


If you are still unable to find what has happened, you can try an installation repair. It is a convenient approach compared to reinstallation. If it is a newer Windows version (Windows 8 or newer), you can enter the command “DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /Restorehealth.”

DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /Restorehealth

This specific command will help you repair the OS, and your files will be retained. So, you don’t have to bother about losing any files and recovering them on the system. Well, there are two ways to analyze googledrivesync.exe. Mentioned below are those two options.

The first option is to use the Task Manager. It will explain all the processes that are up and running. It will even show you hidden programs as well. For instance, it can detect browser-tracking applications, keyboard-tracking applications, and even auto-start entries.

With the help of the Task Manager, you can see if your system is at risk. That means it will check whether the device is under a malware attack (like spyware or Trojan).  

The next option is to use a third-party tool called Malwarebytes. It can detect all the viruses and other malware files in your system, even if they are hidden. You can use the same tool to catch the most discreet adware, spyware, and keyloggers.

Download Googledrivesync.exe and Reinstall It

The next solution is downloading the corrupted googledrivesync.exe file and installing it. In this case, you must download the same from the original website. Otherwise, you will come across the risk of downloading the wrong file.

So, check if you are downloading the file from the original website. Suppose you have a good antivirus program installed on your PC that detects the threats in downloaded files. That is yet another reason you keep your virus guard updated.


Q1. Can I reinstall Googledrivesync.exe after removing it?

Yes, you can reinstall the Google Drive desktop application, including Googledrivesync.exe, if you decide to use it again in the future. Simply visit the official Google Drive website and download the application to reinstall it on your computer.

Q2. Will removing Googledrivesync.exe delete my files from Google Drive?

No, removing Googledrivesync.exe from your computer will not delete any files stored in your Google Drive account. Your files will remain intact and accessible through other methods, such as the Google Drive web interface or third-party synchronization tools.

Q3. Can I use Googledrivesync.exe on a Mac computer?

Yes, Googledrivesync.exe is available for both Windows and Mac computers. You can install and use it on your Mac computer to synchronize files between your local system and Google Drive.

Q4. Can I selectively synchronize files with Googledrivesync.exe?

Yes, you can choose which files or folders to synchronize with Googledrivesync.exe. The application allows you to specify the files or folders you want to sync, giving you control over the synchronization process.

Q5. Is Googledrivesync.exe secure?

Yes, Googledrivesync.exe is designed to ensure the security and privacy of your files. It uses encryption protocols to protect your data during transmission and storage, providing a secure environment for your files.


Well, that’s all about googledrivesync.exe and the problems associated with it. Just because googledrivesync.exe is visible, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, check where it is located. You don’t have to worry about it if it is in the original location.

However, you need to take action if it consumes a large amount of memory or is located elsewhere. The actions you should take are mentioned above in the article.


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