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No wonder Google Voice is effective, but are you looking for an alternative to Google Voice that promises more?

If that is the case, then your search ends here. We will be looking into the many Google Voice alternative tools available in the market.

Know More About Google Voice

Google Voice is a type of phone system which is internet-based and accessible on your device. However, sometimes it does not prove to be enough for your requirements. There are a lot of business VoIP and PBXs that will offer you complete phone systems with a better professional look.

These plans can prove to be a bit costly. However, many solutions still exist that won’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

Let’s know more about these calling plans, which come with trustworthy features and offer you many more for your business plans.

Google Voice alternative tools

What is Google Voice, and Why Do You Need a Google Voice Alternative?

It’s been quite a while since Google has been trying to make inroads into the popular workspace. Apart from myriad solutions and apps, it has also provided its users with huge cloud storage and many productivity tools. Google also gives you an alternative telecommunication service.

Google Voice will be your first choice in case you need to build your startup and minimize costs in all possible ways. The plan also offers voicemail, email, messaging, and a local number. The best part is that the plan is completely free of cost.

The problem that is faced by many Google Voice users is that the platform didn’t turn out to be very robust and reliable. It doesn’t give a very professional look to the business communication platform you wish to establish—the features offered fall behind expectations.

It is here that you would look for a Google Voice alternative. Unfortunately, it will be a bit difficult to search as these alternatives might cost you a little high for the services you want. Don’t worry; we will help you through a list of alternatives that will help you make a choice.

PS: know more about Google Voice for business.

Factors to Consider While Evaluating Google Voice Alternative

To curate the best out of the many alternatives, we considered the below factors:

  • Usability: It should be easy to use, and the setup must be simple.
  • Price: The alternatives must be cost-effective.
  • Software interconnectivity: It is important to check if the services provide call data connectivity with the outer business software.
  • Call management and handling: We checked if all the call management features were being provided, like call forwarding, blocking, or screening.
  • Auto call attendant: Many Google Voice alternatives do offer an auto call attendant module that greets and routes incoming callers.
  • Call routing and extensions: We examined if the system was able to support multiple extensions at the same time.
  • Call quality: The call should have a realizable and clear audio quality.
  • Mobile App: Some alternatives offer low-cost tools for desk phone reliable businesses. However, we chose the ones that offered smart mobile apps.
  • Customer Assistance: We thoroughly inquired into the availability of their customer service channels.

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Detailing the 5 Best Google Voice Alternative

1. Grasshopper

Google Voice Alternative - Grasshopper

This online phone system is considered one of the best alternatives to Google Voice. It is costlier than the free Google Voice; nonetheless, it is still a very affordable paid service.


Grasshopper provides a set of amazing features that can be used both on a mobile and a desktop. You can make unlimited domestic calls, receive many inbound faxes, and more. It beats Google Voice in providing a local toll-free number and limitless extensions. Some of the features are:

You can control the routing of calls. The service enables you to set up forwarded numbers and the business hours when the calls will be routed to the voicemail automatically (how to leave a voicemail without calling). This proves to be very helpful on weekends and off-hours.

With this service, you can create one such module and deploy it to greet and transfer the callers automatically. You can create a pre-recorded message for the voice menu to use.

The mobile app for Grasshopper is compatible with all android and iOS devices. This unique feature also supports calling, messaging, and reviewing faxes. You can sign the documents using your finger. Google Voice app only allows texting and calling.

It supports online faxing, which can be easily saved in PDF format. It also has a ring-blasting module that enables you to dial many numbers at the same time.

The app can be integrated via Zapier. All these things make it the most advanced and cost-beneficial service.


There are three different plans.

  • Solo: One phone number with three extensions at $26/month.
  • Partner: Three phone numbers with six extensions at $44/month.
  • Small Business: Five phone numbers with unlimited extensions at $80/month.

Some drawbacks

The three different price plans might be a little confusing for the customers. The packages are otherwise appreciable as they cater to the different demands put forward by different businesses.

User’s opinions

The Grasshopper calling service is the best Google Voice alternative for solo users and freelancers due to its cost efficiency, features, and easy usability.

The Toll-free phone number resonated well with teams who want to establish a wider presence. However, some users have complained about ineffective customer service.

2. Ooma

Google Voice Alternative - Ooma

This is another VoIP alternative to Google Voice that gives its users the benefits of limitless domestic calling, an automated receptionist, effective call management, and much more. This calling plan starts at $19.95 monthly. The best thing is that it has a streamlined pricing package, which makes it the best option for businesses.


It helps you have full control over the call traffic. The standard features are included, like call transfer, voicemail, and forwarding too. It also has a group ringing feature that will enable you to dial multiple devices at the same time when you dial a particular extension or number. This makes it give close competition with Google Voice.

Just like Grasshopper, this service enables you to deploy a virtual call attendee who will answer and re-route the calls. Ooma app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can make calls and send or receive messages with the phone number provided.

Price structure

The best part, there is no structure as such. It has a singular price plan, which is $19.95/month per user. Simplicity is appreciable; however, you may try other services to save money.

Some drawbacks

This alternative to Google Voice service is capable of a set of strong core telephony features at an affordable price. However, it does miss out on other important features like instant messaging or software integrations.

User’s opinion

What users like about Ooma is its easy functionality and cost-effective feature set. Customer assistance is also appreciated. The frequent problems that have been complained about include difficulty in porting numbers.

3. Nextiva

Google Voice Alternative - Nextiva

This business service provider offers a complete communication package to its users. Along with unlimited calling, it gives an automatic attendant, conference calling, and on-hold music.


There are many tiered features provided by this alternative to the Google Voice calling service. There are three versions of the software- Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Let’s have a look at all of them and the services offered by them:

  • Basic – It allows you to choose a local or toll-free number. Limitless calling, along with automated attendants, is a plus. The pricing of this plan is set at $30/per month per user. A maximum of four users can use it.

This pricing can settle down to $20 per user in case there are 100+ people signed up. It doesn’t allow texting or an app. Nonetheless, it’s best for businesses that want a basic system usable on desk phones.

  • Pro – This version includes SMS and enables you to link the account to Nextiva’s mobile app. It also provides you with a professional pre-recorded voice message for incoming calls. The one thing it misses out on is voicemail, which also doesn’t have analytic dashboards.
  • Enterprise – The voicemail feature comes with this version. You can also read the inbox content. It also supports analytic dashboards, where you can maintain call-related data. This version would work best for companies who want a package deal with no compromises.

Price Structure

The services are offered in three different packages that would cost a user $30-$45 every month. A maximum of four users are allowed, and you can also avail of volume discounts.

Nextiva’s calling plan can be considered one of the moderate price-calling solutions available in the market. Voicemail and call forwarding are available in all versions.

Some drawbacks

The fact that advanced features like call recording and SMS are available only in the premium versions drags Nextiva a step behind among the other alternative to Google Voice.

User’s opinion

Nextiva is highly trusted and appreciated by its users for its user-friendly features and efficiency. However, frequent call drops have received the ire of some readers.

4. Telzio


Telzio is another internet-based service that is cost-effective but doesn’t compromise with features.


It allows you to have a local or a toll-free phone number in more than 60 countries. A unique feature of this service is that you can create a central cloud calling system. You can make unlimited calls, create as many SIP accounts as possible, and can put limitless extensions to work.

Another best part about it is that the pricing of this model is usage-based, like the Amazon Connect model. You will still be able to maintain limitless extension and call traffic.

You can make sure that each member or department of your team has its extension. Some other features include call forwarding, an IVR menu, an internet control panel, and free voice recording.

Price Structure

The plans are very simple as they let you pay as per your usage. The starting price is $50/ month for every 1000 minutes of use.

5. OnSip


This calling service can be considered one of the closest Google Voice alternatives. Let’s take a look at what makes it a great choice.


OnSip introduced a free pan which shot up in its popularity. This is the best plan if you want to keep the budget low for your business. You can make unlimited calling, voice, and video and maintain as many extensions as possible.

It is a close rival to Google Voice for its web-based service. These are best for teams that work on desktops. The features include web phones, internet call links, team availability, and slack integration.

You will also be able to have a Chrome extension as well as Zendesk integration. With business hour regulations and an API developer, you can further enhance the customization of your business setup.

SIP handling becomes even more integrated as the plan enables you to make endless calls over any device, app, and domain hosting. There is no user limit with the pay-for-usage feature, and you can make outer PSTN calls as well. However, you will have to buy $50 worth of additional features.

Price Structure

It’s free for up to 100 sign-ins. You can integrate unlimited users into the plan by paying $24.95/ month for every user.


  1. Can I use a Google Voice alternative for international calling?
    • Yes, many Google Voice alternatives provide affordable international calling options.
  2. Can I integrate a Google Voice alternative with my existing CRM system?
    • Some alternatives offer seamless integration with popular CRM systems, allowing efficient management of customer interactions.
  3. Do Google Voice alternatives offer video conferencing capabilities?
    • Yes, certain alternatives provide video conferencing features for remote collaboration.
  4. Are Google Voice alternatives suitable for small businesses?
    • Yes, there are alternatives that cater to the communication needs of small businesses with cost-effective pricing and essential features.
  5. Can I make anonymous calls with a Google Voice alternative?
    • Some alternatives provide anonymous calling features, allowing you to make calls without revealing your personal phone number.


In the article, we brought to you some of the best alternatives to Google Voice. These calling solutions offer the best competition to the free Google Voice as the paid features act as boosters to your business setup.

Out of all, Grasshopper can be considered the best for its powerful features and pricing structure. They also offer a free seven-day trial; you may want to try it out now. Look through these Google Voice alternatives and upscale your business communication!


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