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Games Like Subnautica

The open-world survival game, Subnautica, has gained the attention of several virtual gaming enthusiasts.

The game presents players with a number of challenges, like the construction of bases and the resolution of some alien mysteries.

What Genre of Game Is Subnautica?

Subnautica is different from other standard open-world games.

You will not encounter arbitrary seeds. Still, you will find yourself in an alien world.

In the major part of this game, there is water. You may travel around two islands in the game.

The ocean world, a feeling of endlessness, and the presence of monsters- these things will easily attract you. The game provides you with a structure that sets your goals.

Are There Any Games Like Subnautica?

But gaming fanatics like to search for more games like Subnautica or games like Subnautica on PS4.

Find the list of the best games similar to Subnautica.

01. ABZU

Games Like Subnautica - ABZU

ABZU is a thrilling life-based game like Subnautica, introducing you to the aquatic world. You will feel adventurous while going deep into the ocean. The mystery-filled game keeps you active when you reach different underwater zones.

The action sequences will let you interact with your enemies. However, you must rely on your intelligence to avoid death. You may try to gather rewards to create the best weapon to kill enemies. Moreover, ABZU gives you options for choosing different characters before reaching the underwater world.

As ABZU is single-player gameplay, it is essential to concentrate highly on different zones of the ocean. You may find death traps that put an end to your life.

Overall, ABZU is a perfect game for those who love scuba diving. Moreover, brilliant graphics and interactive gameplay will keep you engrossed.

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02. Minecraft


Almost everyone has an interest in knowing about planets and the universe. Minecraft is another open-world game like Subnautica, which lets you discover space.

The crafting and mining system has made the game unique. You can enjoy multiple modes, including:

  • Survival Mode
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Creative Mode

The creative game style lets you access a number of items. You can make different structures and buildings using the available items. You will access the open world in the Survival Mode, and the Hardcore Mode is much similar to it.

However, it is not easy to play the game in this Mode. There is no underwater gameplay like Subnautica. Still, the open-world environment is the most important thing that has become attractive to Subnautica fans.

You will play the role of a Minecraft Steve. But, you will find an option for altering the character’s skin and name. Your mission should be to survive in the hostile world.

03. Miasmata

Games Like Subnautica - Miasmata

Miasmata is an interesting survival game like Subnautica, where you will control a plague-stricken scientist. The major attraction of the game is the storyline. You must try to protect yourself from the virus.

At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself on an island with your lonely character. You will not find others anywhere on the island.

On the mysterious isle, you have to move through a thick forest. But, you will encounter a mysterious being. Your struggle for survival is the major thing about the game. You will feel thirst and hunger at this time. Another task is to blend different plants to make a unique medication.

You will learn about safe harbors, fresh locations, and signs to grow. The game presents you with minimal design mechanics and brilliant adventurous elements.

04. Xenominer


It is one of the games similar to Subnautica with a sci-fi environment. You will find a perfect blend of different elements from survival genres and sandbox. You will play the role of a lone survivor on a planet.

Your goal is to survive on the planet at any cost. However, you must try to avoid different aliens during the daytime. But, you have to search like a scavenger during the nighttime. To reach your goal, you need to collect different items.

From constructing the base to destroying the aliens, the game provides you with different things. You will need to navigate through different sites on the map. But, the trickiest thing is to pass a number of levels to ensure survival.

This game like Subnautica, will assign you some tasks for your progress. Moreover, you have to create a spaceship.

05. Endless Ocean

Games Like Subnautica - Endless Ocean

The name of the game can make you guess that it is about the underwater activity. The gameplay is much similar to Subnautica.

Moreover, your character needs to work on multiple factors, including some deadly marine creatures. You will create your base and get rewards for survival.

You will find both multiplayer and single-player options. At the beginning of the game, you will remain submerged. It will stimulate you to survive. So just try this game like Subnautica.

06. The Forest

The Forest

Sci-fi games are always the favorite choice for several players. You will find yourself in the real-world forest in the survival game. At first, this game was available only to PS4 and Windows players. Moreover, the original version of the game has no free version.

The major character in the game is Eric LeBlanc. In a plane crash incident, he has survived his life and started looking for his missing son. As you have to control the character, you have to survive in the forested environment. You will create weapons, shelter, and several other items for survival.

One of the interesting features is the day/night system. Your task is to create traps for creatures to have their meat and skin. The best fact is that you will get a guide from a book. You will learn the way to play the game.

This game like Subnautica on PS4, includes an inventory system, which is easily accessible. Your crafted items will be present in the game.

Other things comparable to Subnautica are attractive graphics. The real fans of Subnautica will surely love to play the game of The Forest.

07. FarSky

Games Like Subnautica - FarSky

FarSky is another ocean-themed game like Subnautica, where the submarine crashes into the ocean. Players have found it challenging to survive in this world.

You have to create different structures on the vast ocean bed. Although the gameplay is short, you will find randomly created maps. These maps will encourage you to set out for a new adventure.

You will dive into the depth of the ocean to look for the major resources from the crashed submarine. The ocean floor may have some broken submarine pieces. You will need to make a constant effort to restore the sunken craft.

Every gameplay loop in FarSky covers almost 2 hours. A sandbox mode provides you with different tools available during the gameplay.

Oxygen and hunger are important needs for the player. With these two things, you will achieve long-term success. While there is a limited oxygen supply, you can upgrade it.

The useful map will enable you to identify the resources (like iron and coal) and submarine pieces. The collected resources will become some new items. You can strengthen your base with these items. As there are automatically created resources, you will save your manual effort.

08. The Long Dark

The Long Dark

The storyline is not different from The Forest. However, the open world is somewhere in Canada. You need to access the Steam Game Library. You will find the story of crashing planes.

Wintermute is the Story Mode of the game, and it has a connection to the plane crash.

At the beginning of the game, you will find a tutorial in a safe zone. You will learn the most effective tricks of playing the game. You will find a cold environment, and thus, it is essential to look for woods to lit the fire.

Moreover, you must make the water drinkable by purifying it.

09. Satisfactory

Games Like Subnautica - Satisfactory

There are several boring, open-world games like Subnautica. But, Satisfactory will really satisfy you with something interesting. You will get a factory-making simulation.

During the gameplay, your role is as an engineer, and you will find yourself on a planet. You will have some tools to harvest resources.

The game-like Subnautica, Satisfactory, provides you with a unique concept. Developers have used Unreal Engine 4 as the engine of the game. The visuals and graphics will be the major attractions to the players. Other notable features are the complicated constructions and the gated unlock system.

The overall gaming mechanics are not intricate. You will get an opportunity of selecting some options, like Grasslands, Dune Desert, and Rocky Desert. There are four levels to transform the gaming environment, including the available resources.  

10. Astroneer


Astroneer is one of the best games like Subnautica on PS4 for those who have already played Subnautica. However, you will have no goals and missions in this game like Subnautica. You will reach planets where you will face some challenges.

Originally, the game was available to Microsoft Windows and PS4 users. You can switch between different perspectives, like First Person and Third Person.

You need to navigate through the gameplay on foot. However, you may also rely on the aircraft to do it. The game has a massive and impressive crafting system to let you make items like generators, solar panels, and space stations.

You will play the role of an Astroneer in a game like Subnautica. Thus, you may edit and adjust the terrain using your Terrain Tool. There is also a 3D printer for printing some items.

11. No Man’s Sky

Games Like Subnautica - No Man's Sky

Human beings like to reveal the secrets of the universe. That is why lots of players like to play games like Subnautica, where they can select the spacecraft and move different planets.

Hello Games developed No Man’s Sky to present you with a big universe. There are several planets developed automatically. Moreover, the game has different principles ranging from survival to trading.

In the original version of the game, you could not find the multiplayer mode. However, in due course, developers have incorporated the features like surface vehicles, base buildings, and space fleet management. You will also notice the VR compatibility of this game.

There are multiple modes, and each of these modes has some mechanics. You will find differences in the gameplay. At the beginning of the gameplay, you will be on a planet with a damaged aircraft.

It is essential to navigating through some worlds. While comparing the gaming mechanics, you will find Astroneer similar to Subnautica.

12. Underwater Adventure

Underwater Adventure

The visual elements of Underwater Adventure and Subnautica have lots of similarities. Underwater Adventure will make you feel that you are in an aquatic world. This single game combines different genres, like puzzle elements, action, and adventure.

The single-player mode will give you an immersive feeling. The underwater world will let you navigate through some places. But you need to rely on maps to avoid hazardous sites.

You have to hunt for the treasure at different levels. While surfing the underwater zone, you will collect valuable items and rewards.


  1. Q: Can I play these games on multiple platforms? A: Yes, most of the mentioned games are available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  2. Q: Are these games suitable for players of all ages? A: The recommended age ratings may vary for each game, so it’s advisable to check the specific ratings and content before playing.
  3. Q: Can I play these games in virtual reality (VR)? A: Some games, such as No Man’s Sky and Subnautica, offer VR support, enhancing the immersive experience for players with compatible devices.
  4. Q: Do these games require an internet connection to play? A: While some games may offer online multiplayer options, most of them can be played offline, allowing you to enjoy the adventures at your own pace.
  5. Q: Can I mod these games to enhance the gameplay experience? A: Depending on the game, modding communities may exist, offering additional content and modifications to enrich the gameplay experience. However, modding should always be done responsibly and following the developers’ guidelines.


These are some curated collections of games like Subnautica PS4. The open-world environments will let you enjoy the land, space, underwater, and several other worlds.

These games have received positive feedback from lots of players. Thus, you may also try them out.


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