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Games Like Starcraft

Starcraft has won various awards. It’s time to introduce you to games like Starcraft to control this overwhelming wait for a sequel.

This game has delivered quite a flawless yet intense in-game experience which made it a huge success.

We’ve researched various platforms to bring you the best pick from games similar to Starcraft.

About Starcraft

Starcraft has been the love of gaming life for many gamers. It’s also one of the best yet first RTS games that were released which blew the gaming world away. The game offered quite a mind-challenging storyline along with top-notch gameplay.

Unfortunately, it is not available on Google Play Store anymore. You don’t have to worry as there are also some mobile games like Starcraft that offer a similar concept.

Apart from an amazing game, it also has some of the most amazing graphics, which kept the fan quite entangled for many hours.

PS: here are the most popular games like Warcraft 3, and the top games like Age of Empires, for your reference.

Top 15 Games Like Starcraft

We’ve picked some of the best games which are similar to Starcraft that you’ll see in the list given below.

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1. Art of War 3: PvP RTS Modern Warfare Strategy Game

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This game belongs to the list of intriguing games like Starcraft for android. You’ll be given a choice to choose between the Resistance and Confederation.

The AoW 3 in-game gives you direct control over your unit, allowing it to move without much help. It’s also free to play the game.

This game offers a mind-blowing yet pretty challenging real-life action experience. It’s an online game, making you depend on having a stable internet connection. Though, a few ads might disturb your whole experience. Along with it, it is still a deal-breaker.

2. Battle for the Galaxy

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This franchise carried a different concept from any other mobile game like Starcraft. It also has a special mode for players who wish to seek solo gameplay, namely 1V1 battle.

Apart from that, you can just normally build your base, create your units, and fight against the opposition.

They also allow the player to go for a multiplayer mode for those who seek to play with their friends. It also offers free-to-play along with loads of rewards along the journey in space. This game also offers HD graphics for those players who love to feel the action more appropriately.

3. Grow Empire: Rome

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This game might not have a similar concept to Starcraft but it surely stands as one of the best games similar to Starcraft. It revolves around you being Julius Caesar, who’s trying to build his empire.

The game also allows you to use the aid of mercs, soldiers, and various other units. These units are pretty for you to keep progressing along with the growth of your kingdom.

The game offers freemium gameplay, which can also be supported by entry-level mobile phones. In comparison to other games, it is offline and is an asset to people who’re looking for offline games.

4. Trench Assault

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Apart from any mobile games like Starcraft you’ve played, this game is quite different. It’s based on a card system for controlling the action of your troops in the field.

However, this game is based upon the WW2 theme, allowing you to have a grip on a huge variety of units.

It also offers the player to engage in PvP battles. While stunning gameplay isn’t enough, this game also has fantastic graphics. You may have to bear the ads in between the game, but these ads always end with some reward.

These rewards include gold, powerful cards, and cash. It also has some stunning in-game details due to its mind-blowing graphics.

5. War Machines: Best Free Online War and Military Game

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This franchise offers interesting 3D gameplay that will excite every gamer for whom online battles weren’t enough. It has amazing graphics, which makes the game visually attractive.

The game allows the player to pick a tank of their choice and rampage on the enemy with either a team or solo. Both these add a unique yet addicting touch-up to the game.

The game offers a lot of locations that serve as a venue for their battle. You can also fight on the battlefield of WW2 or even in almost every European city that the game has to offer. Apart from bearing ads in between games, this game still never fails to keep the gamer hooked.

6. Galaxy Reavers: Space RTS

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This franchise is one of the best yet most intriguing games like Starcraft for android. You are allowed to build your battleships and go on real-life battles with them. This game offers a little add-up of giving out a tutorial for every beginner who’s willing to start playing it.

Apart from intriguing gameplay, it also has quite a simple interface which is effective in its way. The in-game graphics are also mind-blowing, which gives it an aesthetic look. It also has a sci-fi outlook on the game which makes it quite interesting.

7. RedSun RTS: Strategy PvP

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This franchise is what a gamer who’s into Starcraft will love to play around with. It provides one of the finest RTS Strategic action experiences than any other game like Starcraft for android. Just like Starcraft, it allows you to create your units and engage in warfare with them.

This game has a special feature to allow the player to have access to an unlimited number of buildings and units for warfare. It’s also one of those mind-blowing games that give out an intense yet challenging game that will keep you hooked for hours.

8. Command and Conquer: Rivals PVP

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This game follows a similar concept to Starcraft which makes it to be quite interesting and addicting. It is majorly focused on the war in a fictional manner, which also allows you to pick your side and fight along with it.

In case you’re looking for an ensuring method to be victorious every time, then upgrading your inventory and troops is the most effective way.

Apart from everything, the game also offers a special interface that allows first-timers to feel comfortable. With great graphics, this game also gives out a good in-game experience. This game also requires a decent internet connection for some essential upgrades and smooth gameplay around the game.

9. Mobile Royale MMORPG: Build a Strategy for Battle

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This game is one of the most intriguing mobile games like Starcraft which offers 3D gameplay. Its 3D gameplay allows the players to have a mind-blowing real-life action experience.

This game also allows the players to have open trade with different players, seek resources, and build up towers.

If you have some spare time within the game, you can also prepare some extra units. Apart from giving a freemium experience, you may have to make some pricey in-game purchases.

10. Mobile Games Like Starcraft – Ashes of the singularity

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This game was originally released in 2016 by the developers of Stardock Entertainment. It provides mind-challenging gameplay among other games like Starcraft for android. This game adds up a special feature of allowing the player to take control of thousands of units at a time.

You can also put your forces on any place on the humongous map, which gives out a futuristic feel to it. At the start, it wasn’t that of a good game. However, after the expansion of the game, it became a favorite of many gamers.

11. The Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle-Earth II

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The game of The Lord of the Rings franchise is not just a sequel, but a sequel that every RTS gamer needs. It offers a real-time experience along with strategic gameplay.

This game is set in middle-earth, which initially sounded like a perfect match with the gameplay it offers. Sadly, even after the hype created by Sierra Entertainment, its first part failed.

This part of this game is one of the most amazing games similar to Starcraft one can’t get enough of it. It is only one of the favorites for its middle-earth venue but also because of its fantastic RTS in-game experience.

12. Total War: WARHAMMER II

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The Total war franchise has a similar fate to The Lord Of The Rings franchise. Its gameplay wasn’t exactly what fans were expecting it to be. This game was originally started in 2016. It got quite a positive response which allowed the developers to get along with the work on the sequel.

There’s some additional in-depth experience along with real-life strategic experience this game has to offer. It’s one of the reasons that sets it apart from any other game on the list. The game is filled with a variety of content and units that you would enjoy controlling along your journey.

13. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

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This series has a different theme than any of the games similar to Starcraft has to offer. It still leads the charts by being one of the best RTS games with a perfected formula. The game was among the reasons for the revolution of the RTS gaming genre.

It offers a classic middle-aged venue that focuses on base building, unit deployment, and management of the resources. The developers also released a special edition pack in the year 2019, which also included all the expansion packs.

14. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos

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This franchise offers a wide variety of gameplay that made a huge improvement in comparison to its predecessors. It has been developed by the creators of Blizzard Entertainment.

The game introduced some interesting features like a day-night cycle which have a huge effect on the gameplay. Apart from being a classic, this is also easy to play a game that offers amazing gameplay.

It also added creeps and strong heroes to the game. The creeps in the game are hostile to other players. They’re also the key guardian of all the resources you obtain. This is the game for people looking out for mind-blowing gameplay from the creators of Blizzard Entertainment.


1. Are these games available on multiple platforms? Yes, most of these games are available on PC and some may have console versions as well.

2. Can I play these games online with friends? Many of these games offer multiplayer modes, allowing you to play with friends or other players online.

3. Are these games suitable for beginners to the genre? While some of these games may have a steeper learning curve, they offer tutorials and beginner-friendly options to help new players get started.

4. Are there any single-player campaigns in these games? Yes, most of these games offer engaging single-player campaigns with compelling storylines and challenging missions.

5. Can I mod these games to enhance my gameplay experience? Some of these games have active modding communities, allowing you to customize and enhance your gameplay experience with user-created content.


One of the most intriguing yet award-winning games, Starcraft has been a mind-blowing experience for many.

However, there are many games similar to Starcraft that may satisfy your hunger for its sequel. If it does, don’t forget to tell us about your favorite among the list in the comments section.


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