Top 13 Family Vloggers of YouTube to Watch

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of family vloggers that run their channel on the YouTube platform intending to entertain the viewers with their daily life musings and also earn a great amount of money.

Time Magazine reported a 90% increase in the time that people spend watching family vlogs. The videos are mostly about family moments, challenges, DIYs, etc., and they appeal to viewers of every age group.

This blog is about the 13 top family vloggers that have made many people giggle and monetized themselves with that.

#1 – The ACE Family

YouTube video

Members: Catherine Paiz, Austin McBroom, and their daughters

These family vloggers run the most famous YouTube Channel with a wide base of over 17 million subscribers. Their videos receive over 5 million views on average in a single day.

This brings them a massive wealth of more than 17000 dollars every day and a yearly income of over 6 million dollars. The couple started vlogging together when they were expecting their first child and carried on the hobby into making it a profession.

There came a breakpoint in the family’s career on YouTube when Austin was accused of sexual harassment case by one of the team members Cole. This brought them into the spotlight.

Though Austin was able to get cleared off the allegations and, in turn, sued Cole for extortion and slander.

YouTube Channel

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#2 – Sam and Nia

YouTube video

Members: The couple Nia and Sam with children Juliet, Symphony, and Abram

Their YouTube channel started way back in 2007 but came to gather popularity only in recent years. The starting line of the channel’s bio itself is catchy enough to corner attention without any special efforts. It goes like this- “This is our family; the farts, the fun, and the fails.”

Their channel is a very interesting one to follow if you want to watch some crazy adventures and new funny family moments. The couple belongs to the city of Texas and documents their daily life.

The content of the videos is mostly based on the crazy challenges that they carry out together and the things that the family does on holidays and vacations in different parts of the world.

YouTube Channel

#3 – The Ohana Adventure

YouTube video

Members: Cora, Evelin, Jase, Rachel, Rykel, Klai, Wyatt, Shae

The channel has got a unique element in it, which is that all of the eight family members belong to the city of Hawaii. The videos’ subject matter pertains to the family’s daily adventures in Hawaii, and they document their regular activities too.

Don’t think it’s boring; they have a lot of excitement for you with so many adventures, skits, games, and other things that can be imagined. The channel’s popularity blew up recently and reached a subscriber count of more than 2 million.

YouTube Channel

#4 – The Tube Family

YouTube video

Members: A four-member family

As the name goes, these family vloggers have really made an ultimately exciting YouTube channel. The members aim to entertain the audience and inspire them through funny and creative videos.

They used to make videos for their first channel called EvanTubeHD, and then they moved to family vlogging. This resulted from the focus on creating family-specific content involving daily life happenings.

They make vlogs on projects, travel, gaming, challenges, and nights and also show footage from behind the scenes.

YouTube Channel

#5 – Daily Bumps

Members: Bryan and Missy Lanning with two sons

Their content has the unique ability to make hearts feel good as they are irresistibly cute. The Lannings make videos with different types of content, including surprises, challenges, and photoshoots.

Many of their viewers can relate to their videos because they document the daily challenges and up-downs that a parent couple has to face while raising two young boys. Their subscriber base is a massive 4.9 million and increasing every day.

YouTube Channel

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#6 – The Shaytards

YouTube video

Members: Colette Crofts and Shay Carl Butler with five children Daxton, Brock, Avia, Gavin, and Emmi

Shay Carl built up popularity and money from his YouTube channel, which has the first video of him dancing in the workout clothes of his wife. The video went very popular and brought him fame overnight, along with a huge following.

Their videos have a variety of content around holiday specials and anniversaries. Starting in 2008, these family vloggers gathered a massive 5 million subscriber base.

YouTube Channel

#7 – Bratayley

YouTube video

Members: Billy, Katie, and their daughters Annie and Hayley

The channel name has a combination of the daughter’s names, which is enough to aw the viewers. Starting in 2010, the channel has been put up with videos mostly consisting of the gymnastic routines of the two adorable daughters. These videos were posted as a dedication to Billy, who serves in the military.

The channel has a soulful touch in its videos. This is visible in those videos dedicated to the son of the couple named Caleb, who died in 2015 due to a rare cardio condition. The couple makes him an integral part of every video by including the events from his everyday life to cherish his memories forever.

YouTube Channel

#8 – Eh Bee Family

YouTube video

Members: Rosanna and Andres with their children, Mr. and Miss Monkey

The funny part is the children’s nicknames, as the parent couple decided not to disclose their first names. The family of these family vloggers is simply the coolest, as is undoubtedly evident from their huge fan base of over 8 million people watching their videos regularly.

They make vlogs in different places and countries like Canada and Toronto. Their videos are so loved just because of their entertaining and comical nature.

Their popularity began from the channel Vine, and they soon grew on YouTube after Vine ended. The family performs things like challenges, skits, and even tutorials together, making videos on anything one can imagine.

YouTube Channel

#9 – The LaBrant Fam

YouTube video

Members: Savannah, Cole, Posie, and Everleigh make up the LaBrants

This family is highly loved by their fans on YouTube and is very well known for their extremely cute videos. The LaBrants belong to Los Angeles, and they created their vlogs at their home.

They post the videos weekly, which is given huge love by their over 10 million fans. The family sings and dances together, and the couple also documents their journey as parents and other major life events.

One of their videos received a backlash that had Everleigh crying miserably due to the prank of having the dog drawn away. The fans didn’t like that the child had to cry for the sake of a mere prank that eventually gave malicious emotions.

YouTube Channel

#10 – Roman Atwood Vlogs

YouTube video

Members: Brittney, Roman, Kane, Noah, and Cora

Run by the Atwood family, we would say that their channel is supposed to be followed by you surely. These family vloggers create a highly family-centric channel intending to give the ultimate entertainment to all.

The videos are a delight to watch with endless fun and pranks that are so family-friendly. No one can really resist laughter upon watching the kids fly or them doing silly pranks on their mom and dad. The channel of Atwood Family is undoubtedly on the list of top family channels that run on YouTube.

This family even possesses a clothing brand named Smile More.

YouTube Channel

#11 – ItsJudysLife

YouTube video

Members: Benji and Julianna with daughters Keira, Miya, and Julianna

This Seattle couple has consistently posted daily vlogs since they started the channel in 2012. The content is mostly about daily life rituals, like shopping or even popping in jelly beans.

The channel has very relevant and relatable content as the couple posts videos about their young love life, what it took to begin with parenting, and what challenges and joy they face with the kids growing up.

YouTube Channel

#12 – Smelly Belly TV

YouTube video

Members: The couple Terra and Jesse Vlach with three daughters named Rory, Aydah, and Jayla

The channel’s name is quite funny and somewhere gives an easy peep into the content of the videos. The five-member team does carry a thrilling life and documents those activities in their videos, which are about the various challenges they perform, DIY tutorials, and the weekly vlogs.

Within five years since the channel started, the family vloggers have secured more than 1 million fan bases. This proves their popularity among the viewers owing to their consistency and dedication towards content creation and the element of affability that is there.

YouTube Channel

#13 – Saccone Jolys

Members: Anna and Jonathan, along with their children Elessoa, Eduardo, and Emilia; plus the six dogs

These family YouTubers are based in London and are known for posting very adorable videos on the platform. The channel name is made by combining the couple’s last names. The family is really adorable, and their videos gain much love from the nearly 2 million fans following.

The content mostly revolves around the documentation of daily life activities along with the quintessential milestones in the journey of the children growing up. You can watch and enjoy the children’s videos, like when they lost their first tooth or went to school for the first time.

YouTube Channel

Final Words

So this was a list of the top family vloggers who made a name for themselves by thinking creatively and putting out daily family moments with the best of motives.

They also do marketing collaborations with brands and sponsorship to benefit even more. Thinking of reaping the idea for yourself, we suggest you take inspiration and go ahead with it.



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