How to Deal With Face ID Not Working Problem on iPhone X?

What Can We Do with Face ID Not Working Issue?

People who know the new face ID program launched by the Apple incorporation know that it is the most recent creation introduced in iPhone X models. Apple has always been working to create an iPhone which has a full screen.

They are trying to create and recreate models to achieve this feature. It can give answers with your tapping and your voice. Its sensors, as well as camera, have a Face ID feature.

The iPhone X device has a screen of 5.8 inches. Apple has introduced this new model of iPhone, which contains the most improved characteristics in all aspects.

With the evolution of technology, you do not need to rely on old-fashioned ways of locking your device, such as PIN, pattern, fingerprint scanner, etc. By using this program, you can unlock your phone with just one glimpse of your face, and setting up a face ID is the simplest task.

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How to set up a Face ID

You need to ensure that you follow the steps correctly to set a Face ID or else it will cause a problem at a later stage.

Things to keep in mind while setting up a Face ID

The following are some well-deserving pointers to be kept in mind in the task of setting up a Face ID.

  • You must make sure that the iPhone device screen reads your entire face including every feature of your face.
  • Make sure that the sun’s rays do not make your image look too bright.
  • It is important not to let any other face in the background cover up your face.
  • You must purposefully keep the iPhone device at least 10 to 20 inches away from your face.

In these next segments, let us proceed to study in detail how you can deal with your face ID not working problem.

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Solutions to deal with your Face ID not working problem

1) Reboot your device:

This is the first and foremost step to fix the face ID not working issue. The rebooting technique has the power to take over the issue of the third-party problem.

Reboot iPhone  to fix face id not working

To reboot your device, follow the given steps:

  • You must keep on holding the power button until the power off option has appeared on the screen.
  • Then, proceed to slide the power option from left to right to turn off the iPhone device.
  • Now, you must wait for at least 15 minutes before you turn on your device.

Besides, if the Tap to download is not working on your iPhone, here, let’s figure out the possible reasons and the simple solutions to fix it with ease.

2) Make sure that your phone is far from your face:

If you want to get rid of the face ID not working problem, then your face should be 20 inches away from the iPhone X device. Your device needs to see what it saw at the time of setup. This is the only reason why it is recommended to keep your phone at a distance from your face, and your arms should be open and straight when you use Face ID.

3) Make sure that there is no other face around you:

Please ensure that there is no other face behind you. Face ID does not work when there are too many faces. Face ID can scan only one face. Go to a private place if you want to test out this thing.

4) Don’t cover your face with a cloth or any jewelry:

Remove any cloth that you are wearing on your face such as a cap, scarf, or shades. This also involves earrings or any other kind of jewelry so that the camera does not find it difficult to scan your face. This is also very inconvenient. Covering your face can be one of the reasons for face ID not working issue.

5) Set the best lighting conditions:

You want your face to look clear and bright when your phone’s camera scans your image. Therefore, you need to set the best lighting conditions possible.

6) Clean the sensors and camera:

If your sensors and camera have fingerprints all over them, then take a cloth and start cleaning the fingerprints on your phone.

7) Don’t cover your phone with the iPhone X device case:

Sometimes your phone cover might cover up the camera portion because of which the camera is not able to scan your face properly.

Remove these screen protectors and then wait for a few moments and check whether face ID works properly or not.

8) Delete Face ID and set up a new one again:

If all the above methods are not able to fix your Face ID not working issue, then ditch the Face ID that you have currently applied and set a new one.

Follow the given steps to remove the Face ID:

Enroll Face
  • Go to settings
  • Tap Face ID
  • Enter the password and enter the face ID you want to delete
  • Go back, choose a new face ID and password, and Go to ‘Enroll Face’.

9) Look for a software update:

The iPhone device may seek a software update. By updating software, you can solve your Face ID not working problem.

To update the software on your iPhone X device, follow the given steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings,’ ‘General,’ and then to ‘Software Update.’
  • If an update is already waiting for you, then download and install it.
  • If it mentions that the software is already updated, then you need to look for another option to deal with your face ID not working issue.

10) DFU restores your phone to solve the Face ID not working issue:

Go for the iPhone device’s Firmware update to restore on an iOS device.

  • 1: Start by connecting the iPhone device to a computer system.
  • 2: Then, go to the iTunes app.
  • 3: You must now hold down the sleep button and power button together for a few seconds.
  • 4: At this point, you can remove your finger from the sleep button but keep holding on to the power button.
  • 5: If you have entered DFU mode successfully, then your iPhone device screen will go completely black.
  • 6: From this point on, you can start the restoration process with the means of the iTunes app.

11) Fix the iPhone device:

If the ways mentioned above don’t work out for you, then take the iPhone device to a technician at a nearby Apple Store. This solution works as a last resort, but this does not solve your Face ID not working problem.

Usually, these Face ID problems are very difficult to understand. That is why it is advisable to take the iPhone device to a technician.

12) Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your iPhone’s settings.

The next step that you are required to take is to reset your iPhone. This can be easily done through the following steps:

Reset all settings on iphone to fix face id not working
  • Start by going to the ‘General’ option on your iPhone, then on ‘Reset’ and ‘Reset All Settings’
  • You must now proceed to enter the passcode
  • Then, tap on ‘Reset All Settings’ after the confirmation box has appeared
  • Once the resetting is over, the iPhone device will start to reboot.

Technology has made everything easier in today’s world. It is with the help of technology that people are able to come up with creative ideas and implement them. Now a person can use their own face ID as a password. This is cool as well as a secure password.

An unauthorized user cannot have access to the iPhone device as this person does not have your face. Technology has made the world more creative and strong.

Earlier, there were no mobile phones, then they got invented, and then password lock was introduced, and now people are introducing innovative methods in the market, which are worth applauding.

Now, you are aware of how you can sort out your Face ID not working problem. You have 12 different varied solutions to tackle this single problem.

Following these steps can help you as well as your friends in a tight fix. Plus, they can aid you in dealing with such problematic iPhone situations when the Face ID Not Working.



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