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Best Torrent Sites for Books

Considering the cost and size of books, eBooks are perfect for bookworms to read their favorite books without needing to carry them physically.

One can store these eBooks on laptops or smartphones, enabling all to read the books on the move.

Today, there are countless eBook torrent sites that assist you in accessing a virtual library. In this way, you are free to read books online and download them to read them with ease.

Here, we are introducing some of the best torrent sites for books. So, let’s begin with our list of the top eBook torrent sites.

Top 20 Best eBook Torrent Sites

1. Planet eBook

It is one of the most popular eBook torrent sites on the internet. Planet eBook is the hub of classic literature, where you get book torrents for free. This eBook site’s new version features eBooks with multiple formats and a mobile-friendly layout.

It endeavors to post a good selection of premium-quality eBooks. This way, they can make their collection of free eBooks that can be accessed on every device. Currently, Planet eBook’s library features more than 50,000 titles.

Planed ebook Torrent Sites

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2. TorrentDownloads

Another best torrent site for books is TorrentDownloads. It is perfect for downloading book torrents for easy reading.

On TorrentDownloads, there are about 16 million torrents available. These torrents are organized into categories such as TV shows, books, movies, and much more.

Apart from book torrents, you can even download Hollywood/Bollywood movies in regional languages.


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If we are talking about the best eBook torrent sites, then we could not miss EBOOKEE. It endeavors to become the best torrent site for books.

This website features book torrents for novels, tutorials, computer programming, non-fiction, tech, and others. The only thing that makes this book site different from others is its sub-categorization.

Here, everything is classified into parts like “Top 10 eBooks”, “Recently viewed eBooks,” “Top 10 users”, “Latest Added Books,” etc. One can easily choose a book because of these sub-divisions.

ebookee Torrent Sites

4. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is the best torrent site for books due to its extensive collection of books. All of these eBooks are available for free online. This eBook site features an incredible user interface and layout among various eBook torrent sites.

Here, book enthusiasts can navigate easily through the website with the help of categories such as Language, Authors, Genres, Featured Authors, Titles, Recommended, and Popular. As of now, ManyBooks hosts more than 50,000 eBook titles for free.

On the other hand, writers can employ this wonderful platform to promote their own books. So, you are all free to use this website if you are a writer.

Manybooks ebook Torrent Sites

5. Smashwords

Another best torrent site for books is Smashwords, which is the largest distributor of Indian books in the world.

Smashwords has made it easier and faster for publishers and authors to distribute and publish their eBooks across the globe to numerous libraries and retailers.


6. Zooqle

Zooqle features a user-friendly and beautiful interface. This best torrent site for books is great for readers who like to read eBooks. Using Zooqle; readers can download countless book torrents for free.

This eBook torrent site works as a crawler to locate the best book torrents. It came into existence in 2008 as a wonderful site for downloading books, videos, software, and HD Hollywood movies. Zooqle got everything on its home tab, where you can find anything using links and menus.

Zooqle Torrent Sites

7. is one of the great eBook torrent sites. It features an enormous library of eBooks, which are free. On, there are various categories, such as academic, textbooks, classics, non-fiction, fiction, audiobooks, and much more.

The most amazing thing about this website is that motivates budding writers. It does so by offering them a good platform for publishing their works.

Not just that, but this book site gives you an option for choosing the file format in which you like to download your book torrents. For instance, formats are available like .txt, .pdf, .epub, Kindle, etc.

8. Book-Share

Another great and best torrent site for books is Book-Share. This eBook site is great for people who are seeking eBooks and nothing else.

On Book-Share, readers will find books from each and every genre. The site features a wonderful category-wise list for fast and easy browsing. Generally, you would not find this feature on various eBook torrent sites.

On Book-Share, readers can look for their favorite books according to their titles, subjects, or authors. As of now, there are over 4,00,000 eBooks on this platform. So, if you are an avid reader, this site is what you need!

books share

9. is one of the best eBook torrent sites out there. This site features a huge database of book torrents. What makes this book site unique is that readers can download eBooks in various languages.

These languages include French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Before you select a book, you need to choose a language. Once done, type the title of the book that you are looking for!


10. Tech Books for Free

If you are looking for an eBook site where you can download book torrents for books related to tech, then Tech Books for free is the best torrent site for books.

This website features a massive variety of book torrents on science, computers, and technology for free. Here, you can even accomplish the technology readings straightaway.

tech books for free

11. MyPDFbooks

This is another best torrent site for books, which provides an active platform for users to download free ePub and PDF formats.

The primary aim of MyPDFbooks is to offer premium-quality, faster-downloading service. It features a user-friendly setting where you can carry out hectic proceedings without any registration.


12. FreeBookSpot

It is considered to be the best torrent site for books. Using FreeBookSpot, you can download audiobooks and eBooks for free. This website enables you to look for your favorite book using different language, popularity, and genre options.

Moreover, people enjoy the luxury of discovering books from over 90 categories. FreeBookSpot is well-known for its compilation of non-fiction and educational books.


13. 01Torrent

This torrent website enables users to download recent music, movies, applications, books, TV shows, games, software, anime, and much more.

The interface of 01Torrent is quite user-friendly that enables you to download book torrents directly. Meanwhile, you do not have to register on this torrent website.

01Torrent book Torrent Sites

14. The Pirate Bay

It is the best torrent site for books in the world. People use this search engine for downloading book torrents.

The Private Bay’s servers feature SSL encryption, which makes this eBook torrent site quite safe for transmitting files and downloading book torrents without worrying about viruses.

The Pirate Bay is not just about eBooks but even features other categories like TV shows, games, music, movies, etc.

The Pirate Bay

15. Extra Torrent

One cannot leave behind Extra Torrent when it comes to the best eBook torrent sites. This website is effective as compared to other eBook torrent sites. Extra Torrent comprises a huge variety of torrents such as eBooks, games, movies, music, and a lot more.

The most amazing feature of this website is that users can enjoy an RSS subscription to the eBook genre without any cost.

Extra torrent Site for Book

16. Kickass Torrents

This eBook torrent site works similarly to The Pirate Bay as it comprises a massive range of book torrents. Kickass Torrents feature over 2,00,000 books that you can get for free.

If users cannot find the desired book that they are searching for, they can even file a request for that book. Post that request on the forum of Kickass Torrents.

Kickass Torrents

17. Torlock

It is another best torrent site for books, which features a simple and near-user interface. This website works similarly to site 1337X. Moreover, Torlock features a devoted category for eBooks.

It is one of those eBook torrent sites that only feature verified book torrents. To search for your favorite book and download it is pretty straightforward on Torlock.

torlock Book Torrent Sites

18. 1337X

If you are looking for the best torrent site for books, then 1337X is the ideal choice. Using its well-designed user interface, users can look for book torrents easily and download them hassle-free.

It offers a great experience as this site is run by fans. Users from all corners of the world maintain and update the content of this website. It receives updates like other eBook torrent sites.



This search engine links magnet links and torrent files from various other eBook torrent sites. It is one of the most popular sites. Hence, enjoys a dramatic rise in traffic every year.

20. Torrentz

It is another best torrent site for books, which features a powerful, fast, and free search engine. This website combines results from countless search engines.

Torrentz has active torrents of over 31,102,502 from pages above 125,464,743 on 26 different domains.

This website’s user interface is simple and features just a search panel and menu. To carry out a search, users need to type a few keywords in the search column simply.

You would land on different book torrents to download your files when choosing a torrent from the given results.

Torrentz eBook Torrent Sites

Preparations for Getting Free eBooks from eBook Torrent Sites

Before you download a book, you should be aware of the file types supported by your device. As you know, Android and iOS devices might not support similar formats.

Meanwhile, Kindle also features a diverse file format. So, you should know what kind of file your device supports. After knowing this fact, you can go for an eBook.

If you are not receiving enough book torrents, you need to try a VPN connection to enjoy more options. It even helps you to enjoy optimum security when browsing these eBook torrent sites.

VPN service assists users in enjoying excellent eBook torrents in the following ways:

  • 1. VPN enables users to access those eBook torrent sites that are blocked in your locality or region.
  • 2. This service assists you in downloading book torrents from the internet anonymously. Also, you enjoy more security in terms of your personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there any risks involved in using torrent sites for books? Yes, potential risks include downloading malicious files or copyrighted content. Always download from reputable sources and use good antivirus software.

Q2: How can I ensure my safety while using torrent sites for books? Always download from reliable sources, check comments and ratings before downloading, use a VPN, and install good antivirus software.

Q3: Is it legal to download books from torrent sites? Downloading books per se is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted content without permission is. Always respect copyright laws and only download legally available content.

Q4: Can I find any book on torrent sites? While torrent sites offer a vast collection of books, the availability of a specific book depends on whether it has been shared on the platform.

Q5: Are all books on torrent sites free? Yes, most books on torrent sites are free. However, you should always respect copyright laws and authors’ rights.

Q6: Can I use torrent sites for academic purposes? Yes, torrent sites can be a great resource for academic textbooks and research papers.

Conclusion: The Final Chapter

Now, you know what all eBook torrent sites are there for downloading book torrents. All of these torrent sites come with unique characteristics. Check them one by one to find out your favorite torrent site for downloading your favorite books for free!


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