The Best Photo Squarer Apps for iOS & Android Smartphones

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Best Photo Squarer Apps

For those who know how to edit images, squaring a photo is just a walk in the park. However, many others find photo squaring to be a somewhat difficult task.

In most cases, novices seek the assistance of someone else just to get their photo squared. So, if photo editing is “not your thing,” and you really need to square a photo, what should you do?

The answer is pretty simple. Find a good photo squarer app and get your photos squared on your own.

With this article, therefore, we reveal a multitude of options for those who are looking for a good photo squarer app.

Best Photo Squarer App for Mobile

From this point onwards, we are going to reveal the best apps for square photos on mobile devices. In fact, we present two lists of apps for the user of Android and iOS devices. Each list consists of five apps for your reference.

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Part 1. Best Photo Squarer App for Android Phones

If you are an Android device user, here are the best apps you can use to square photos.

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01. Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer is an app that comes free of charge. Instead of squaring a single picture, this app can square photos as batches simultaneously.

The simplified interface makes this tool a really impressive one. One of the most important features associated with this device is that it doesn’t cause any quality loss.

Photo Squarer App - Photo & Picture Resizer
Pros of Photo & Picture Resizer
  • Simplified user interface
  • It maintains the original quality of the photo
  • It can be used to square photos in batches
Cons of Photo & Picture Resizer
  • It can only perform tasks such as cropping or resizing
  • The batch squaring feature doesn’t work on older Android versions
  • Occasional app crashes

02. No Crop & Square for Instagram

This is another photo squarer app that comes with an easy-to-use interface. If you need to get a photo squared easily, this is a very handy app.

The output of this app is very decent, and you can use those photos on Instagram as well. In addition to that, you can experience several other features with this app.

Photo Squarer App - No Crop & Square for Instagram
Pros of No Crop & Square for Instagram
  • Highly simplified interface
  • Comes with more than 200 background patterns for free
  • 30 filters are integrated
  • Over 400 stickers to customize the photos
Cons of No Crop & Square for Instagram
  • There are annoying advertisements
  • It requires a substantial amount of storage space
  • It drains battery

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03. InSquare Pic – Photo Editor Free

The third option highlighted in this article is InSquare Pic. Just like the previous two options we have mentioned, this is a very user-friendly Photo Squarer app.

Thanks to the fun stickers and a unique set of filters, it can make funny images. After making the necessary alterations to the photo, you can post them on Instagram.

InSquare Pic - Photo Editor Free
Pros of InSquare Pic
  • It comes with a variety of background effects
  • It has plenty of features to improve the appearance of the image
  • Can directly share your platform on Instagram and any other social media platform
Cons of InSquare Pic
  • Heavy app
  • Adds that disturb smooth functionality

04. Square Pic Photo Editor-Collage Maker Photo Effect

The fourth item on this list is another photo squarer app that comes with a variety of presets. It has more than 40 types of design shapes to make your photos change into different sizes.

It also comes with ten mirror image effects that help to clone yourself. So, you can download this app and square photos for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Square Pic Photo Editor-Collage Maker Photo Effect
  • It delivers a better speed
  • Support various photo editing options such as lenses, rotations, zooming, etc
  • Simplified interface
  • It has various advertisements
  • Force users to watch annoying advertisements before accessing the import feature
  • It can slow down your device

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05. Cropix: Insta Photo Resizer

This is another useful app that comes with various features to let you change the dimensions of a picture. It can square the pictures without any hassle. It also lets you add various frames if necessary. Overall, it is a handy app that works as a photo squarer.

Cropix Photo Squarer App
  • Very simple interface
  • Convenient user-interface
  • Two-step image squaring process
  • Doesn’t drop the quality of the output format
  • The excessive number of ads
  • No resizing is offered

Part 2. Best Photo Squarer App for iOS Devices

If you are an iPhone user, here are the best photo squarer apps you should consider.

01. Square Sized

Square Sized app is a very user-friendly app that facilitates one-click operation. Apart from that, there are several other functions associated with this app.

Adding filters, shapes, texts, and borders is a matter of a click with this convenient app.

Square Sized
  • It supports three languages
  • It has a variety of options apart from squaring photos
  • You can use it for free
  • It has several ads
  • It adds a watermark on your pictures
  • Large capacity

02. INSTFIT – Post Photos Without Cropping

Being the 2nd item on our list, INSTFIT comes with several features to edit photos. Apart from just squaring the photos, this app lets you add blur effects.

One of the key aspects associated with this tool is that it doesn’t compromise the quality of the output.

INSTFIT Photo Squarer App
  • No quality drop when squaring photos
  • The nice interface lets you perform various other tasks like exposure correction, saturation, etc.
  • It is a lightweight app that doesn’t need much space.
  • It supports iOS 9 and above only
  • All the output photos come with a watermark
  • It forces you to put a 5-star rating in order to get rid of the watermark

03. Square Fit Photo Video Editor

Here’s the third item on this list. This app comes with features to output photos that are compatible with Instagram perfectly. Highly creative filters, beautiful backgrounds, different layouts, etc., are handy features associated with this tool.

Square Fit Photo Squarer App
  • It has several features to add a nice appearance to your pictures
  • Be very easy to use
  • It gives a good-quality output
  • It is equipped with creative aspects such as borders, shapes, rounded edges, etc.
  • It doesn’t support iOS versions older than 9
  • It comes in a large size
  • You cannot square videos that are longer than 1 minute

04. Squaready

Let’s move on to the 4th item of our list. This respective Photo Squarer app comes with the ability to share photos directly to your Instagram account. Selecting a colorful background, and adding features like vignettes, frames, blur, etc., are made so easy with this app.

  • It can let you share the output files directly on Instagram
  • Available in the Japanese language in addition to English
  • The output file comes in a high quality
  • Limited features associated with its free version
  • It comes with a lot of ads
  • You are forced to buy the paid version of this app if you need to remove the adds

05. NoCrop – Post-Full-Size Photos

The fifth item on this list is NoCrop. This respective photo squarer tool comes as a handy tool that can square images using a couple of steps.

You don’t necessarily need to use complex software to square photos if you have NoCrop. A large number of individuals have already used this software and have left good feedback.

NoCrop Photo Squarer App
  • It works on older versions, such as iOS 7 and newer
  • 100 preset backgrounds for your convenience
  • It has a bug that prevents uploading photos from the camera roll directly
  • Annoying ads
  • Having an Instagram ad is a must for creating an account


1. Can I use these photo squarer apps for free?

Yes, most of the photo squarer apps mentioned in this article offer free versions with basic features. However, some apps may also have premium versions with additional functionalities that require a subscription or one-time purchase.

2. Will using a photo squarer app reduce the quality of my photos?

No, these apps are designed to maintain the quality of your photos while resizing them. However, it’s important to use high-resolution images for the best results.

3. Are these apps beginner-friendly?

Yes, these apps are user-friendly and designed to cater to users of all levels, including beginners. They provide intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use tools, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results without any prior experience.

4. Can I share my squared photos directly to social media platforms?

Absolutely! These apps usually have built-in sharing options that allow you to post your squared photos directly to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

5. Are these apps available for both iOS and Android?

Yes, all the photo squarer apps mentioned in this article are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download them from the respective app stores.


Well, those are the options we have to present for those who need square photos. You can use any of the above methods depending on your requirement and get your photos squared easily.

As per the general recommendation, if you expect a more solid, reliable performance, Wondershare Fotophire is the best. It doesn’t drop the quality of the output. The user interface of this tool shows great friendliness towards novice users.

If you have Wondershare Fotophire, you don’t need any complex programs to square your photos. In addition to that, you can use this tool to accomplish a variety of other tasks.

So, in a nutshell, Fotophire is the best photo squarer app you can use on your Windows PC. Meanwhile, you can try other mobile apps as well.


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