How to Mirror on Procreate: A Complete Guide to Reflection


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How To Mirror On Procreate

Procreate is a powerful digital illustration tool used by artists and designers worldwide.

One of its many features is the ability to create mirrored designs, which can save time and effort when creating symmetrical artwork.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to mirror in Procreate, discuss advanced mirroring techniques, and share tips for effective mirroring. Let’s dive in!

What is Procreate?


Procreate is a popular digital painting app designed for the iPad. This software provides an extensive selection of brushes, instruments, and functionalities that enable users to produce impressive art effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface and potent features make it a vital resource for artists at every skill level.

Besides, suppose you wonder how to flip an image in Photoshop. Let’s explain the essential functions of Photoshop, like flipping & rotating an image.

Understanding Mirroring in Procreate

Why Use Mirroring?

Mirroring is a technique used in digital art to create symmetrical designs by reflecting or duplicating an image along an axis.

This can save time and effort when creating symmetrical artwork, as it ensures consistency and precision in your designs.

Types of Mirroring

There are two primary types of mirroring in Procreate: vertical and horizontal. Vertical mirroring reflects the image along the vertical axis, while horizontal mirroring reflects the image along the horizontal axis.

How to Mirror on Procreate?

Discover how to expertly use Procreate’s mirroring feature with the Symmetry menu, and learn how to deactivate symmetry drawing when you’re done.

Step 1: Access the Canvas through the Actions Menu

Begin by opening the Actions menu, symbolized by a wrench icon in the top-right corner of the screen. In the Actions menu, choose the Canvas option.

Access the Canvas through the Actions Menu

Step 2: Activate the Drawing Guide and Edit Drawing

To access the Symmetry options, enable the Drawing Guide by tapping the corresponding button. A temporary grid will appear on your canvas. After activating the Drawing Guide, tap the Edit Drawing button to proceed.

Activate the Drawing Guide and Edit Drawing

Step 3: Utilize Symmetry and Customize Your Mirror Axis

In the Drawing Guides menu, find the Symmetry option and tap it. A vertical guide will appear on the screen, and you’ll have the ability to change its position or rotate it using the blue and green nodes, respectively.

Utilize Symmetry and Customize Your Mirror Axis

Next, tap the Options button to explore the available settings for your mirrored drawing:

tap the Options button to explore the available settings
  • Vertical: Mirrors your drawing vertically across the screen
  • Horizontal: Mirrors your drawing horizontally across the screen
  • Quadrant: Mirrors your drawing in four sections
  • Radial: Mirrors your drawing in eight sections
settings for your mirrored drawing

Additional settings in the Options menu include:

  • Rotational Symmetry: Mirrors and flips your drawing when activated
  • Assisted Drawing: Mirrors your drawing across the opposite axis when enabled
Additional settings in the Options menu

Note that Assisted Drawing must be enabled for mirroring to work in Procreate. Once you’ve made your choices, tap Done in the top-right corner to apply the changes and start drawing with perfect symmetry.

How to Deactivate Mirroring on Procreate

When you’re finished with symmetry drawing, follow these steps to disable it:

Step 1: Return to the Drawing Guides Menu

Revisit the Drawing Guides menu, referring to steps 1 and 2 above if needed.

Step 2: Disable Assisted Drawing

In the Drawing Guides menu, tap the Options button and deactivate the Assisted Drawing setting. You’ll know it’s off when it’s no longer highlighted in blue. Tap Done to apply the changes.

How to Deactivate Mirroring on Procreate

Step 3: Turn Off the Drawing Guide

Although mirroring should now be inactive, the guide will still be visible on your canvas. To remove it, go back to the Canvas section of the Actions menu and tap Drawing Guide to disable it. The guide will vanish, and you can draw freely without mirroring.

Advanced Mirroring Techniques

Using Layers

  1. Create a new layer by tapping the “Layers” icon (stacked squares) and selecting the “+” icon.
  2. Tap the new layer and choose “Clipping Mask” to limit your mirrored strokes to the layer below.
Procreate Clipping Mask

Rotational Symmetry

  1. Enable the “Rotational Symmetry” option in the Symmetry settings to create a radial design with multiple axes.
  2. Adjust the “Segments” slider to control the number of mirrored segments in your design.
Procreate Rotational Symmetry

Creating Custom Mirror Templates

  1. Open the “Brushes” menu and create a new brush by tapping the “+” icon.
  2. Under the “Shape” tab, import or create a symmetrical shape.
  3. Adjust the brush settings to achieve your desired mirror effect, such as spacing, scatter, and rotation.
Procreate Creating Custom Mirror Templates

Mastering the QuickMenu for Efficient Mirroring

The QuickMenu is a customizable tool in Procreate that enables you to access frequently used actions quickly. By adding mirroring options to the QuickMenu, you can significantly enhance your workflow:

  1. Customize the QuickMenu: Access the Actions menu by tapping the wrench icon, then navigate to the Preferences tab. Select “QuickMenu” and tap on any of the six slots to assign a new action.
  2. Assign Mirroring Actions: Choose actions such as “Flip Horizontal“, “Flip Vertical“, or “Toggle Symmetry Guide” to your QuickMenu for quick access while drawing.
  3. Utilize the QuickMenu: To access the QuickMenu during your drawing process, touch and hold the screen with one finger while using the Apple Pencil with another hand. Select the desired mirroring action to apply it to your artwork.

Tips for Effective Mirroring in Procreate

  1. Experiment with brushes: Different brushes can produce unique effects when used with the mirror tool. Try various brushes to discover interesting results.
  2. Use guidelines: Utilize the “Assisted Drawing” feature in Procreate to create accurate and consistent lines in your mirrored designs.
  3. Save your work: Save your progress frequently to ensure you don’t lose your work in case of app crashes or unexpected events.
  4. Work with layers: Use layers and clipping masks to create complex and intricate mirrored designs.
  5. Adjust opacity: Change the opacity of your mirrored strokes to create a sense of depth and dimension in your artwork.


Learning how to mirror in Procreate can open up a world of creative possibilities. By adhering to this comprehensive tutorial and exploring advanced methods, effortlessly crafting eye-catching symmetrical illustrations will be within your grasp. Remember to practice, explore different brushes, and have fun with your mirrored artwork!


Yes, you can use the mirroring feature with text. Create a new text layer, and then use the Symmetry tool as described in the step-by-step guide above.

Yes, mirroring is available on Procreate Pocket, the iPhone version of the app. The process for enabling and using the mirror tool is similar to that on the iPad version.

Yes, you can change the mirror axis by going back to the “Symmetry” settings in the “Drawing Guide“. Keep in mind that changing the axis will affect your entire drawing, so it’s best to plan ahead.

To remove the mirror effect, simply toggle off the “Drawing Guide” or choose a different guide type. This will disable the mirroring function.

Procreate Drawing Guide

Yes, by enabling “Rotational Symmetry” and adjusting the “Segments” slider, you can create designs with multiple mirror axes.

Procreate Rotational Symmetry

Yes, you can! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Duplicate the layer containing the artwork you want to mirror.
  2. Tap on the ‘Transform’ tool (the arrow icon) to access the transform options.
  3. Flip the duplicated layer horizontally or vertically using the flip buttons.
  4. Move and align the flipped layer with the original artwork to achieve the desired mirrored effect.

Absolutely! Mirroring on Procreate works with any brush, including custom brushes you’ve imported or created yourself.


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