How to Delete an eHarmony Account Without Leaving a Trace?


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How to Delete eHarmony Account

Is it possible to delete an eHarmony account once the job is done? If so, what are the exact steps I should follow to cancel my eHarmony subscription? I am just curious about it because I am new to this dating platform.



eHarmony is among the popular dating services because of its reputation for successfully matching people with their ideal companions.

Since its launch in 2000, eHarmony this platform has been instrumental in the love lives of countless singles. But it’s also possible that you’ve discovered someone and no longer need your eHarmony subscription.

Read this specific article carefully if you’re interested in canceling your eHarmony subscription or learning about eHarmony’s cancellation policy.

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So, How to Delete an eHarmony Account?

Now, let’s get to the main point of this article; how to cancel an eHarmony subscription? In other words, how to delete an eHarmony account?

By logging onto your eHarmony profile from a desktop computer, you can easily terminate your membership.

Additionally, this article details the procedures involved in carrying out the same. But before everything, let’s learn about eHarmony as well as the membership it offers.

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Can You Go for a Free Trial with eHarmony?

Since joining and utilizing the eHarmony platform is already cost-free, there is no need for a trial period. After registering, you’ll have access to your potential mates’ basic profiles.

You’ll need to subscribe to the Premium version of eHarmony to see photos and contact your potential matches, though. So, that’s something you should think about before opting to cancel eHarmony.

Can You Go for a Free Trial with eHarmony

Is It a Wise Decision to Pay for eHarmony? Do People Use Platforms Like eHarmony to Find Potential Matches?

Do you rely on online dating platforms to find a perfect match? If so, using a platform like eHarmony is a good approach. It is always good to try every option you may have. So, we don’t see a reason to avoid a platform like eHarmony.

We can never predict what destiny can bring you from a highly versatile platform like eHarmony. This specific platform comes with wide coverage across the globe. In fact, it covers more than 200 countries. As of today, there are more than 10 million active users on their platform.

In addition to that, there are over 750,000 paid eHarmony users actively dating as of today. So, think about the potential of this platform before you opt to cancel your eHarmony subscription.

Is There a Monthly Charge Associated with eHarmony?

You might be wondering if eHarmony charges a monthly amount for the services they offer. Well, the good news is that they don’t!

Instead of monthly plans, they have different payment plans. In fact, they have 6-month, 12-month and 24-month plans. So, if you are looking for a monthly subscription, that’s not good news for you.

What Makes eHarmony Expensive Compared to Other Platforms?

Well, there are several different reasons for you to feel eHarmony is an expensive option.

  • For over 20 years, eHarmony has provided the foundation for couples to find lasting love. Also, eHarmony has been enriching the lives of others.
  • They offer excellent service while maintaining safety, trustworthiness, and high standards for clients across the globe. The goal of this platform is to help you locate a compatible partner with ease.
  • There are several important factors eHarmony considers to determine their prices. They claim that their prices are high because of those unique features. Also, they justify that their prices are very affordable when you consider the high-end features offered. Regardless of that, there can be many individuals who may eventually feel that eHarmony is too expensive. The ones who feel that the service is too high may then wonder how to cancel eHarmony. On the other hand, they offer a free trial, so you don’t have to purchase it straight away.

What Does eHarmony Say in Their Cancellation Policy?

Now, those who want to delete their eHarmony accounts are likely to wonder what their cancellation policy says. According to the cancellation policy of eHarmony, any user can opt to cancel eHarmony at any given time.

However, upon cancellation, the users will not get a refund. In addition to that, the cancellation will take effect at the end of the respective subscription period.

Let’s take an example to make things clearer for you. Assume that you opted for a 6-month subscription plan. And assume that you decide to cancel the subscription two months after making the payment. In that case, your subscription will stay active for the remaining four months, even if it is canceled.

At the end of the subscription period, the account will not be renewed again. Moreover, the respective account will be deleted from the system.

What Does eHarmony Say in Their Cancellation Policy

What Steps Should You Take to Cancel Your eHarmony Account?

The truth is that there is no rocket science in canceling an existing eHarmony account. However, it can consume a considerable amount of time to cancel your eHarmony account.

Below are the steps you are supposed to follow if you want to cancel an account on eHarmony.

  • First, you should disable the feature called automatic renewal. This is the first step to cancel your eHarmony subscription. However, as we mentioned before, this will not necessarily cancel the existing eHarmony subscription at once.
  • In addition to disabling the automatic renewal feature, you should email eHarmony your decision.
  • After that, you are supposed to wait for the respective subscription period to end. For instance, if you have four months remaining in your six-month subscription period, you should wait for that period.
  • Once the subscription period is over, your account will be deleted. However, you will never be able to get a refund even if you cancel the subscription.

Do They Allow You to Cancel Your Account at Any Given Time?

You may terminate your eHarmony membership at any moment by emailing the company and disabling the auto-renewal feature.

In either case, you’ll continue to be billed for the remaining 6, 12, or 24 months of your subscription.

Is It Possible to Cancel Your eHarmony Subscription Easily?

You cannot terminate your eHarmony membership until the end of your chosen plan’s duration.

Let’s assume that you cancel your eHarmony membership before its term finishes. If so, you won’t be charged again, but your profile will stay active until then.

Will It Be Possible to Cancel My eHarmony within 3 Days?

You cannot terminate your eHarmony membership until the end of your chosen plan’s duration.

If you cancel your membership before its term finishes, you won’t be charged again. However, your profile will stay active until then. In many cases, customers see this as a pretty awkward situation.

Is There a Way to Get 1 Month of an eHarmony Subscription? or is It Possible to Cancel Your eHarmony Account After 30 Days?

Only 6-, 12-, or 24-month subscription plans are available for eHarmony. Purchasing a 1-month subscription is not an option.

In accordance with the cancellation policy of eHarmony, you are also not permitted to cancel after a month.

Canceling an Ongoing eHarmony Subscription

You may be already wondering what measures you should take to cancel your ongoing eHarmony subscription.

So, if you are interested, you can go ahead and follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • First, you should visit the official web page of eHarmony. Then, you should enter the email along with the respective password. Then, you can log in.
Login eHarmony
  • Now, you should click on the icon that represents “Profile.” You can see this option at the top of the screen. Then, you should go to the option called “Data & Settings.”
eHarmory Data & Settings
  • Then, click on the option called “Manage Profile.”
Manage Profile on eHarmony
  • Click on the option called “Cancel my subscription.”
  • Then, you should enter the information that is required. You can use an email or a letter to cancel the subscription for the account.

Is There a Way to Claim a Refund from eHarmony?

There is only one way to claim a refund from eHarmony. In this case, you should cancel your subscription in less than three business days from the date of purchase.

To do that, you should follow the methods that are mentioned below.

  • First, you should write a letter with all the required information. You should clearly state that you intend to cancel the agreement. You may use any formal wording that may suit the purpose.
  • Now, you should provide the email address that is linked with the eHarmony profile.
  • Then, you should send the letter to the address mentioned below.
    • eHarmony, inc.
    • Attention: Cancellations
    • P.O. Box 241810
    • LA, CA 90024
    • USA


Q1: Can I reactivate my eHarmony account after deleting it? No, deleting your eHarmony account is a permanent action, and there is no option to reactivate it. Make sure to consider this before proceeding with the deletion process.

Q2: Will deleting my eHarmony account cancel my subscription? Yes, deleting your eHarmony account will also cancel any active subscriptions associated with it.

Q3: What happens to my matches and messages when I delete my account? When you delete your eHarmony account, all of your matches and messages will be permanently removed from the platform.

Q4: Is there a time limit to recover my data after deleting my account? No, once your account is deleted, there is no time limit to recover your data. It is essential to back up any necessary information before proceeding with the deletion.

Q5: Can I delete my eHarmony account through the mobile app? Yes, you can delete your eHarmony account through the mobile app by accessing the account settings and following the same steps mentioned in this article.


Now that you have learned how to delete your eHarmony account subscription, you may do so.

The important point is that your account will remain active until the subscription period ends. Also, if your subscription is older than three days, you are not able to claim a refund from eHarmony.

If you wish to know anything else about the eHarmony dating platform, please keep us posted.


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