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AVI Twitter

AVI Twitter is just referencing slang to the Avatar feature on Twitter. Also known as your Profile Picture on Twitter, AVI can be in a lot of variations, whether it is graphics, your own real photo, or your company’s logo.

AVIs are said to reflect the overall ambiance of your brand, personality, or even your idea of living. That is why people tend to have more personalized and interesting AVI on their profiles.

However, the size of your AVI is also an important factor to consider. If your AVI cannot be understood due to it being too small or too large, then it might not be one of the best on the platform.

If you want your Avatar to be perfect in a way so you can influence more people, we have got you covered in this article. We will discuss all the topics surrounding AVI Twitter.

What is AVI Twitter?

AVI is the acronym for “Audio Video Interleaved.” It is a media format used for reformatted and resized images. You can see various files with AVI formatting. Many social media accept the AVI format for photos and videos.

Almost all social media platforms identify AVI as Audio Video Interleaved. These platforms include Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, and of course, Twitter. Just like mp3 or mp4, AVI is another media format. It is now widely accepted and supported by several media platforms.

If you recently downloaded any HD movies or videos, there is a great chance that the media format for those files is AVI. The VLC media player supports AVI, and the format itself is gaining more recognition.

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What Does AVI Twitter Mean?

If you are looking for the meaning of AVI on Twitter, it certainly means Avatar. It’s slang for your Avatar or your Profile photo or Display Picture.

To post a profile picture, you need to go to your Twitter account via settings. You also need to visit your Account to post any picture on your Twitter account.

Your AVI will be displayed on your account as your profile. It is important to choose a great image for that. Instead of your own photo, you can get a customized AVI. Graphic art is getting more recognition on social media. For AVI Twitter, you can use such graphic art to represent your account.

There are some accounts that have no avatar on their profile. If you are new to Twitter, then your AVI would be empty as well.

If you ever update it with a new image, you cannot turn it back to default. However, it is possible to keep changing your Profile photo as many times as you want.

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Size of AVI on Twitter

In older times, the aspect ratio of your Twitter profile picture used to be 2:1. However, as of now, that old ratio does not work anymore. The aspect ratio of your AVI Twitter has to be 1:1.

Now, how big should your photo be? The size of an image is described in dimensions. The most recommended 1:1 dimensions for Twitter AVI are 400px x 400px.

If you have the correct dimensions, you should also have the appropriate file format. The file format for images such as PNG, JPG, and even GIF work fine with your AVI Twitter image.

Another important thing to remember is the size of the file. Your image file should be below 2MB in size to be fit for Twitter AVI.

If your Twitter account is dedicated to a business, then your AVI should be the Logo of the business. The file format and size requirements are still the same.

Instead of using your Twitter for business purposes, you might want the account for casual or personal use. In that case, a more informal AVI Twitter profile pic would also work.

But one of the most important things to remember is not to use blurred, pixelated images with less resolution.

If you need to gain more followers, freshness is the key in every social media. A low-quality image or an old image might not convince people to follow your account.

Dimensions for Twitter Header

The Header Photo for your Profile is also an important asset to your profile. It is equally important to pay attention to the Header photo.

The dimensions for your Twitter Header should be 1500px x 500px at the least. Also, the image size for your Twitter Header should not exceed 5MB.

Your Twitter Header shouldn’t contradict the aesthetics of your AVI Twitter profile picture. They should be a great match. Another requirement for your Twitter Header is the image file format should be JPG or PNG.

 Your Twitter Header is also responsible for conveying the aesthetics of your account.

Size of Twitter’s In-Stream Photos

While you are sending a photo to Twitter, it is important to know that the dimensions and size are different from the AVI Twitter profile photo. Firstly, the image dimensions of a post should be 1200px x 675px.

If what you are trying to post on Twitter is in GIF format, then only the first frame of the GIF. The maximum size of the GIF file on mobile should be 5MB. The desktop supports GIFs up to the size of 15MB.

Now that you are planning to post an in-stream photo, the file formats supported are JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Twitter Summary Card Image Size

A Summary Card is something that appears on content as a thumbnail-like image. A Summary Card, like AVI Twitter Profile Photo, is also an important aspect of the post.

The maximum size of the file is 5MB for Twitter Summary Card. Dimensions for the Twitter Summary Card are recommended 144px x 144px.

The file formats supported for Summary Card are WEBP, PNG, JPG, and GIF. Other formats are not supported for Twitter Summary Card.

Large Summary Card Size on Twitter

Summary Cards can be of various sizes. According to your needs, different sizes of Summary Cards can be made. If you are sharing your article, a Summary Card can be of a larger size.

For a larger summary card, the dimensions of the image should be 300px x 157px. The maximum file size of the Summary Card is 5MB for this as well. Twitter supports the file formats of PNG, JPG, WEBP, or GIF for the larger Summary Card.

We use various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

These may take note of your Twitter identity to include you in the search results.

This is done by using your Twitter usernames and other textual content that you use on your profile. Even your Tweets can be traced to your account via search results on these search engines.

We have provided the list of recommended Image specifications for various Twitter images-

Twitter Profile Picture400×400JPG, PNG, or GIFunder 2MB
Twitter Header Photo1500×500JPG or PNGunder 5MB
Twitter In-Stream Photo1200×675JPG, PNG, or GIFPhotos: 5MBGIFs: 5MB mobile; 15MB web
Twitter Summary Card Image144×144JPG, PNG, WEBP, and GIFunder 5MB
Twitter Summary Card Large Image300×157JPG, PNG, WEBP, and GIFunder 5MB


How Does AVI Relate to Profile Pictures on Twitter?

Profile Pictures on Twitter can be of various types. AVI is just slang for the term Avatar on Twitter. An AVI Twitter Profile photo is a customized image that represents your Profile.

On AVI, you can enhance and customize your profile picture. This way, you can create an impactful profile using this wholesome editing tool.

Many elements, like a border frame, color, width, opacity, background, etc., can be edited with an easy-to-use tool. The tool can change various photo features, such as background and appearance. This way, you can make the profile photo look for creative and appealing.

How to Delete Your AVI Profile Photo on Twitter?

You cannot change your AVI Twitter profile photo back to default by just deleting it. If you have already updated or customized your profile photo on Twitter, it cannot be reverted back to default.

In old times, it was easier to delete your profile picture from your Twitter account. You just hand to click on the profile picture and make it go back to default. However, that’s not the case now.

The updated version of Twitter does not allow you to remove your profile picture completely. Instead, you can only choose to update or modify it. You can change the profile picture on your Twitter by following the steps given below-

Changing Your AVI Twitter Picture Through the Web Version

To change the AVI image on the Twitter web version, follow the steps given below:


1. Launch Twitter Web on a browser.

2. Log in to your Account.

Log in to your Twitter Account

3. Navigate to your Profile.

Navigate to your Twitter Profile

4. Click on Edit Profile.

Click on Edit Profile

5. Click on the Change Display Image option, which has a small camera icon on the Profile Picture.

Click on the Change Display Image option

6. Choose the image you want to be your new Profile Picture.

7. The newly chosen image will be displayed as your Profile Picture.

Choose the image that you want to be your new Profile Picture

8. Save the changes that you just made.

Save the changes

This will update your Profile Picture on Twitter Web.

Change Your AVI Twitter Using the Mobile App.

To update your AVI on Twitter using the mobile app, the given steps are to be followed-

1. Launch the Mobile app.

2. Log in to your account.

3. Tap on the little profile photo on the screen.

4. This will take you to your Profile.

Change Your AVI Twitter Using the Mobile App

5. Click on Edit Profile.

Click on Edit Profile

6. Then click on your Profile Photo.

7. There will be a small Camera icon. Click on it.

Click on camera icon

8. Then, choose the image you want as your new AVI Twitter Profile Picture.

choose the image as your new AVI Twitter Profile Picture

9. This will make the image be displayed as your profile picture

10. Lastly, save the changes that you made

save the changes

This will change your Profile Picture on the Twitter mobile app.


1. Can changing my Twitter AVI really improve my engagement? Absolutely! A well-thought-out and effective AVI can indeed increase your Twitter engagement.

2. How often should I update my Twitter AVI? There are no hard and fast rules here, but it’s a good practice to update your AVI whenever there’s a significant change in your personal or brand identity.

3. Does my Twitter AVI have to be a picture of me? Not necessarily. It could be a logo or another image that you believe represents you or your brand accurately.

4. Is it necessary to have the same AVI across all platforms? While not mandatory, it certainly helps in creating a consistent brand identity and improving recognition.

5. How do I balance professionalism and personality in my Twitter AVI? The key is to be genuine and stay true to your brand. The right balance varies depending on your audience and brand ethos.

Final Thoughts

AVI Twitter is a great asset to your Twitter account. It is important to choose a suitable profile picture for your account. In this, AVI can certainly help you.

Along with that, various other images, such as Header, Summary Card, etc., are equally important to boost your Twitter account.

Keep your account maintained to gain more followers and an audience on Twitter. Especially the image size, dimensions, and formats should be kept accurate while posting.

If you found this information helpful, then make sure to share this article on AVI Twitter with your friends.


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