Attack on Titan Walls – Everything About Them

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Attack on Titan Walls

There are much interesting and cool manga and anime available for us to watch today.

If you are a super anime fan, then you should be familiar with the name Eren Yeager. Right, Eren is the protagonist of a top-rated manga series —- Attack on Titan.

Illustrated by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a super popular manga (also anime version as well) about the story of the fight between humanity and Titans.

The setting of this story is pretty interesting. Humans live in a world where Titans occur. Since the Titans eat people, humanity has to retreat and live in cities that are surrounded by three Attacks on Titan Walls.

If you had read the manga or had watched the anime of Attack on Titan, you will be familiar with the three enormous Walls that are surrounding humanity.

Today we are going deep into the world of Attack on Titan and exploring more about the three mysterious yet interesting Attack on Titan Walls.

The Three Attack on Titan Walls

Now let’s get into the three different Walls in Attack on Titan. Starting with a brief description, and then we will get more detailed with the whole storyline and talk about how everything connects.

Warning: There will be some spoiling included since it will be hard to explain without spoiling some information. If you dont like spoiling, you can read this article after you have watched the anime or manga.

PS: let’s figure out everything about Destiny 2 Worldline Zero for your reference.

Attack on Titan Walls – Wall Maria

Attack on Titan Walls - Wall Maria

Thinking about the Walls, the first one that came to my mind is Wall Maria. Similar to the other two Attack on Titan Walls Walls, Wall Maria is approximately fifty meters high. Being the outermost Wall that protects humanity, Wall Maria is probably the first one readers will be familiar with.

At the beginning of the story, the Colossus Titan, as well as the Armored Titan, started their attack and breached Wall Maria. That leads to a vast territory lost to the Titans in 845.

After six whole years, the territory lost was finally repopulated. Because of the discovery of Eren’s Titan power, Eren and his friends had a tough time dealing with humans in the inter walls.

After that, the hole in Shiganshina District was finally sealed by Titan Eren, and the Titans that came into the territory were killed.

Attack on Titan Walls – Wall Rose

Attack on Titan Walls - Wall Rose

After Wall Maria, Wall Rose is the next Wall we are going to discuss. Being the second outermost Wall besides Wall Maria, in 850, Wall Rose was also breached by the mysterious Titan: Colossus Titan. After the invasion of the Titans, Eren Yeager and his friends sealed the broken part with the support of the military.

More than a month after the appearance of Titans inside Wall Rose, it had been breached once again. However, it turns out that the Titans’ emergence is due to another source.

Attack on Titan Walls – Wall Sheena

Attack on Titan Walls - Wall Sheena

Last but not least, Wall Sheena. It is the innermost Wall that protects the king alongside many other noblemen.

Because the cities in the inner part of Wall Sheena are the homes of the king and noblemen, it was protected by many Military Police who were serving Rod Reiss during that time.

A large number of people joined the training because they wanted to join the Military Police and live in the inner cities. On the other hand, the underground is way poorer compared to the noblemen inside Wall Sheena, and more criminal activities occur.

Overview of the Storyline in Attack on Titan

Storyline in Attack on Titan

As the story goes on, we learn more and more about the previous history and how everything happened. Deeper secrets are revealed from the history of Attack on Titan.

As we know from Eren’s story, the ability to become a Titan is potent and essential. In this world full of Titans, the power to transform into Titan depends on your blood.

Furthermore, only the people of Eldian have the ability to become Titans. So some hereditary will be involved at this point, and this is why people became different from others.

After Knowing the Reason Why Titan Power Exists, It’s Important to Get More Information About its History.

Many, many years before Eren and his friends, the very first Titan, Ymir, had made a few arrangements with several Devil in order to obtain the force. So that’s where hereditary is involved. Ymir’s predecessors are known as the people of Eldian, which are the only ones who may transform into Titans.

Since that, there are still people who are not descendants of Ymir, so those Eldian with greater power ruled over these people for a while. However, instead of “ruled,” they somewhat abused the people who are less powerful due to their Titan ability.

With ruling (abusing), there will be rebelling. So at one point, those people who could not utilize the power rebelled. So at this point, the conflict or battle between the Indians & Marley (humans) started.

A lot of battling, wars, and bloodshed are happening between the Marleys and the Indians. After one battle, there’s another. Since wars only lead to other wars, he decides to build the three Attack on Titan Walls to protect them from those Titans. Utilizing the Titans themselves, he finally finished building the three Attack on Titan Walls that played an important role afterward.

As a matter of fact, the Titans used to build the Walls are actually sleeping. Furthermore, he also threatened the humans who were on the man’s land. If any of them ever came to this island, the colossal Titans will be set on a rampage.

How Was The Attack on Titan Walls Built Anyway?

How Was The Attack on Titan Walls Built Anyway?

After the brief description of the context, we understand how the war started and why the three Attack on Titan Walls protect humanity.

However, a new question comes to mind: Why are the Attack on Titan Walls formatted so well? How did the Walls actually obtain their formation?

For those who finished reading the manga or watching the anime, you will know that Titans have the ability to solidify skins. That’s what all the colossal Titans did. They solidified their skins and eventually formed their skins into a solid shape. That’s how the Wall is formatted.

The shapes that the hardened skins became eventually over their whole body. This is why nobody until the first season’s last episode knows about the Titans in their own territory.

The reason why this secret is revealed is because of the Female Titan. Annie (the Female Titan) is trying to escape and climb over the Attack on Titan Walls and eventually braked a hole on that Wall, which reveals the head of a colossal Titan.

Why doesn’t anyone know about this? This is because of the memory manipulation done by the first king. The one who knows about this, the first king, whipped everyone’s memory in order to maintain peace and calmness. Anyone who asks questions about the secret will be killed or just removed.

The only ones who know the truth are from the royal family. In addition, those people with royal blood have Founding Titan in hand as well, which had been passed down through generations.

Why Does Fritz Have the Control of the Titans?

It’s pretty simple, actually. For the ones who had seen the anime, when did you see someone who can control the Titans? I believe it is when Eren used his other mysterious ability, right? That’s what actually matters, anyway.

So starting with the ten different types of Titans, the king held the Founding Titan, which is being passed down through generations.

The Founding Titan is capable of controlling other Titans, basically the “God” in the world of Attack on Titan. The ability that the Founding Titan held is called coordinate ability.

Why Do the Mindless Titans Exist? Where Do They Come From?

In the first few seasons of Attack on Titan, the main enemy of Eren will be those annoying, Mindless Titans, which seem endless. Where do these Titans come from?

Going back to the Indians and the Marleys. Anybody who is the Eldian blood floating in them can be turned into a Titan via injection and syringe. The Titan here means those mindless roaming Titans, not the Titan power kind of Titan.

At the start, zero mindless Titans exist. However, once their ruler left, there were wars happening, and the Marleys were the people who won.

After the victory of the Marley, they turn normal Eldian people into Titans by some injection and leave them on paradise island, the one where Eren lived. When they started throwing the Titans, the Attack on Titan Walls was already there.

One hundred years later, by the time of our protagonist Eren, you can see millions of those mindless roaming Titans on the island.


1. Are the walls in Attack on Titan based on real-world structures?

No, the walls in Attack on Titan are purely fictional creations for the story’s narrative.

2. How long did it take to build the walls?

The construction of the walls took several decades, requiring extensive resources and human labor.

3. Can Titans destroy the walls completely?

While the walls can be breached, completely destroying them would require a substantial and coordinated effort from the Titans.

4. Are there any secrets hidden within the walls?

Yes, the story reveals that there are mysteries and secrets hidden within the walls, adding intrigue to the narrative.

5. Do the walls have any significance beyond their defensive purpose?

Yes, the walls hold symbolic value, representing humanity’s resilience, hope, and struggle against the Titans.


There are still many interesting yet important details we didn’t discuss in this article. However, most of the commonly asked questions about Attack on Titan Walls are answered.

Attack on Titan is a very interesting story that includes a lot of thinking and actions, especially when we are trying to figure out its history and its causes and effects.

If you have finished with the Attack on Titan series and want to get deeper into the story, feel free to read more articles like this.

If you are a person who doesn’t know about Attack on Titan or its Walls, you should really go and have a taste of the Attack on Titan series; they will not disappoint you.

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