How Can I Activate STARZ on the Device?

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STARZ is a leading US television network and a well-known streaming service. It generates pretty substantive and classy programming.

STARZ has offered a few amazing television shows, from Power to Spartacus and Gods to Black Sails.

The streaming service can be accessed on multiple devices. STARZ is an application that you require to view amazing content. It is usually available for many devices, including Fire TV, Kindle Fire, iPhone, Roku, Xbox, Android, Apple TV, and Nexus Player.

The monthly subscription is around $8.99. This subscription allows you to access every channel’s television shows and movies on any device. One account permits you to stream on up to 4 devices at a time.

Activate STARZ on Your Device

In this article, we will talk about how to activate STARZ and avail of its services. Besides this, we have also created a separate part to explain to everyone about adding STARZ to various devices.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Part 1: Learn to activate STARZ on the Device

To activate STARZ, it is necessary to have a premium subscription or a free seven-day trial provided with the subscription. You will be required to log in to add a channel to the service you like. You need to perform these steps first.

  • Head to the official website of STARZ
  • Choose ‘Try STARZ,’ which is free for one week
  • Sign up on the site and enter the required details

Once the account has been successfully set up, it is easy to add the channels to many devices.
This is all you need to activate STARZ. The steps are very simple and convenient. You just have to follow the instructions in a sequence to get the work done.

Besides, if your CBS all access is not working, at least one of the options here should work as a solution for your “CBS app not working” error. Just try it.

Part 2: Add STARZ to Various Devices

In this part, we have mentioned the steps required to add STARZ to multiple devices. If you own any devices mentioned in the list, you can follow its steps to add STARZ to the desired device.

Add STARZ to Various Devices

1. Roku

The process of adding STARZ to this device is quite easy. It is the same as adding a channel.

Steps to Add STARZ on Roku

  • 1. Sign in to Roku if you wish to.
  • 2. Choose the home option and then Streaming Channels.
  • 3. Find a STARZ channel.
  • 4. Click on OK and then add the channel.
  • 5. Type the pin, if there is any, to confirm the step.
  • 6. From the list of your channels, launch that STARZ channel.
  • 7. Use the login details of STARZ to log in.
  • 8. Go to STARZ with the help of any device.
  • 9. Type the code on the window within the desired box on the site page.
  • 10. Hit on the Submit option to get your device registered.

We hope that the steps are clear to you. If you follow the steps in a proper sequence, you will not face any problems executing the process.

2. Apple TV

To avail of the services of STARZ on Apple TV, one must have the STARZ application. Now, follow the steps written below to sign with a code.

Steps to Execute the Process

  • 1. Go to Apple TV and open App Store.
  • 2. Find STARZ Play and download it.
  • 3. Choose the application from the home window.
  • 4. Login with the account details of STARZ.
  • 5. Visit STARZ with any device.
  • 6. Type the code visible on the screen into the required field on the website page.
  • 7. Choose the Submit button to get the device registered.

Registering for Apple TV will begin as soon as you fill in the code. You will be able to see every television show and movie that is available at a particular time. The steps are almost similar to the previous one.

3. Xbox

The STARZ is completely compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Moreover, it is free, and you can easily download STARZ Play from the App Store.

Steps to Perform the Process

  • 1. Set up your Xbox.
  • 2. Now, sign in to the Xbox.
  • 3. Look for the STARZ Play application and download it.
  • 4. Verify the installation when asked.
  • 5. Choose STARZ Play.
  • 6. Login with the account details of STARZ.
  • 7. Go to STARZ with any device.
  • 8. Fill in the code into the required field on the page.
  • 9. Hit on the Submit option to register your device.

The Xbox will show a collection of television shows and movies as soon as you register. You can select the ones you wish to watch.

4. Smart TV

You must be pretty clear about the steps by now. All you need to do is add the STARZ Play application to the device, sign in with your account, fill in the code to activate, and start watching. The same procedure is followed for Smart television too.

Steps to Execute the Process

  • 1. Power on the smart television and start accessing the application store.
  • 2. Find STARZ Play on the list and begin the installation process.
  • 3. Login with the help of the account details of STARZ.
  • 4. Head to the STARZ with any device.
  • 5. Type the code on the screen in the required field on the website page.
  • 6. Now, choose the Submit option to register the device.

We are not sure if STARZ is compatible with every Smart television. However, it works smoothly on Samsung Smart TVs.

5. iPhone

The same procedure applies to iPhone Operating Systems (OS) too.

Steps to add STARZ Play to iPhone

  • 1. Go to the App Store and find the STARZ Play application.
  • 2. Install STARZ Play.
  • 3. Login with the account details of STARZ Play.
  • 4. Go to STARZ with any device.
  • 5. Fill the code into the required field on the website page.
  • 6. Choose the Submit option to get your device registered.

Now, you will see a bunch of content to watch. Select the ones that you wish to watch.

6. Android

STARZ Play is now available in the Play Store so that all Android users can fully use it.

Steps to Activate STARZ on Android

  • 1. Open the Play Store on your Android device.
  • 2. Search for the STARZ Play application.
  • 3. As soon as you find the app, begin the process of downloading.
  • 4. Let the download process finish, then install the app.
  • 5. Launch the application.
  • 6. Login with the account details of STARZ.
  • 7. Head to the STARZ with any device.
  • 8. Type the code in the required field on the website page.

After all these steps, you will be able to watch any movie or television show on an Android device with STARZ Play.

PS: here, you can learn more about how to cancel CBS All Access.


  1. Can I activate Starz on multiple devices?
    • Yes, you can activate Starz on multiple devices using the same account.
  2. Do I need a cable or satellite subscription to activate Starz?
    • No, Starz is a standalone streaming service and does not require a cable or satellite subscription.
  3. Are there any additional costs for activating Starz on my device?
    • Starz may require a subscription fee to access its content. Please check their website for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  4. Can I download movies and shows from Starz for offline viewing?
    • Yes, Starz allows you to download select movies and shows for offline viewing on supported devices.
  5. How do I cancel my Starz subscription?
    • You can manage and cancel your Starz subscription through your account settings on their website or through the app store associated with your device.


So, this was all about adding the STARZ application to various devices. Now, you can watch movies or shows on the STARZ application on any device you own.

The steps to activate STARZ are quite easy, and one can easily do it without expert help. Other than this, the process of adding STARZ to various devices is also super convenient. Without any technical knowledge, you can easily perform the process.

If you face any difficulties or issues, let us know in the comment section. We will try to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

If you try any of these steps to activate STARZ on the device, share your experience. We will be glad to hear from you.


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