What Pokemon Go Team Is the Best Choice?

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What Pokemon Go team is the best? Find the answer to this common query by analyzing the details of every team here.

The comprehensive information about the strength and weaknesses of the team will let you make the right decision.

Pokemon Go & Its Teams

Pokémon Go is something more than a game of catching Pokémon. The most interesting thing about this game is its competitive atmosphere.

When your Trainer has reached Level 5, you have to join a team. You will encounter three teams with leaders. In the older Pokémon Go version, you have no option for changing your team for three years.

However, the latest version presents you with a Team Change feature. It is surely one of the advantageous things about Pokémon Go.

Still, Pokémon Go players always like to join the best team. How do you decide on the right team while playing the game? What Pokemon Go team is the best?

As a Pokémon Go Player, You Will Find Three Different Teams

  • Mystic
  • Valor
  • Instinct

At Level 5, the game will present you with not only teams but also amazing features.  

After your first entry to the gym, Professor Willow will make you familiar with his assistants. You will learn about every gym-battling team. Willow will persuade you to take part in one of the teams. When you battle another gym, you will do it in your team’s favor.

After picking your team, you can move on to play the game. However, you have to take the right step while choosing the team.

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What Pokemon Go Team is the Best?

Some details about those Pokémon Go teams will let you make the decision.

1. What Pokemon Go Team Is the Best – Team Instinct

Team Instinct

Spark is the leader of this team, and its mascot is Zapdos. The strategies of this team are mainly on the basis of trust. That is why other team members like to tease the yellow team due to the victim complex.

Yellow Team knows that every Pokémon has some innate talents. The strategy needs to deal with gyms while trusting their instincts. This team has wisely chosen Pokémon for battle. Although it is a solid strategy, you will feel stressed about choosing the yellow gyms.

The approach has made this yellow team fall behind in gym battles. With more profit, Team Instinct can be the favorite choice of your Pokémon Go team. However, this team has not enjoyed high popularity and success like other teams.

2. What Pokemon Go Team Is the Best – Team Valor

Team Valor

It is the red team with lots of buzz on social platforms. The secret to the strength of this team is the presence of haters and doubters.  

Candela is the leader of Team Valor, and he has a mission to become the best one. You may need frequent participation in the gym-battling session. Thus, you must check your natural desire to take gyms.

Team Valor members like slightly fierce, aggressive, and ambitious to win the competition. When these members are not engaged in the gym, they have to search for Pokéstops. They try to hatch eggs.

To maintain the frequency of the battle, it is essential to have a big Pokédex and several potions. The legendary bird present in this team is Moltres.

The number of members of this team is lower than Mystic. Still, this team has not lost its strength. In the early morning and late night, the team shines red. However, the gym battle will become intense when Mystic comes to the scene.

3. What Pokemon Go Team Is the Best – Team Mystic

Team Mystic

Trainer Blanche is the leader of this team. Blanche refers to brainiac, and it tries to develop a sense of community among its members.

You know that Pokémon creatures have undergone an evolution, and Mystic is highly interested in it. The icy legendary Articuno is the symbol of this group.

The major aim of Mystic is to win a high number of gyms with intelligence and wisdom. The Blue team likes to know about the Pokémon it has captured. It always tries to identify the way of making Pokémon powerful.

The largest one of the Pokémon Go teams is Mystic. However, this team has an alignment with Team Instinct. While you have encountered the members of Mystic at Pokéstop, you can inform them of anything instantly. You will find guys who run around continuously and chase Magikarps.

Identify Your Persona

To decide on the right team for Pokémon Go, you have to learn about your own persona. Some players try to show nobility by lending their hand to the underdog.

However, there are several players who like to choose those with lots of followers. But, in both these cases, you need some statistical data to make the right decision.

One easy trick for you is to check out the social mentions to guess the team, which is highly popular. In most cases, players have found that the team Mystic is in the top position. You may also check out the social media conversions.

In terms of popularity, the Blue team holds the second position. Interestingly, results are different on every social platform. Some players have chosen the Red Valor team for the second position.

Know about the Community

One of the relevant factors to your choice of team is the community. Find the gyms that ensure convenience. You need to know the team that the community has chosen.

After joining the best team, you may ask Pokémon to open the Gym. It is the Gym where your team has placed another Pokémon. Gyms are present at different sites in this world.

Every player has a chance to place a single Pokémon at the chosen Gym. Thus, to ensure stronger and better defense, you have to team up with others.

Find Valuable Information About the Benefits of Every Team

Find valuable information about the benefits of every team

You can find some YouTube videos providing information about every Pokémon Go team. Although Pokémon Go creators have not confirmed them, these videos will be much useful. Read about some notable benefits.

  • Instinct – Yellow Team- The hatched eggs may be at a very high CP. Those eggs will receive more candies compared to Valor and Mystic.
  • Mystic – Blue Team- While dealing with Pokémon, members of this team also gain a higher CP.
  • Valor – Red Team- Its catch rate is better, and it can catch Pokémon very easily.

Thus, from these details, you can guess that a team is better than other teams in some ways. For instance, Valor and Instinct may not give you several benefits in the ending parts of the Pokémon Go game. In Level 20, there is a hatched Pokémon cap. Similarly, Level 30 has a wild Pokémon cap. On the contrary, Mystic members gain better value at any part of the game.

Rare Potential of Pokémon

Every Pokemon Go Team has a mascot, which is some type of legendary bird. In the game Pokemon Go, you will find the birds present in your team.

However, it is not clear how it works. You may not find it easy to identify the team that grabs most of the gyms. That team will catch the beast. You need to have the patience to see the result. Although you may think it to be irrelevant, you need to do it to detect the right team.

Moving to a Different Team

It is true that there is no particular answer to the question- What Pokemon Go team is the best? That is why you can move to a different team. You have already come across the concept of switching to a different team.

To do it, you have to buy the item- Team Medallion from the in-app store. You will get advantages from it. The cost of a Team Medallion is about 1,000 coins. However, you have an option of buying 1,200 PokeCoins. To go to another Pokemon Go team costs £10.

Moreover, you have a limit to buying the Team Medallion. You can make this purchase once a year. It will ensure that when you have changed the team, you cannot revert it for the year. However, there is no need to use Medallion instantly. It remains in the inventory until you have chosen the team.

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More Information About the Pokémon Go Game

Some players from rural zones cannot easily find Pokémon and Pokestops. They do not find rare Pokémon. In this case, they can rely on the VPN.

It will not alter your geolocation. Still, you may unlock games, which have been inaccessible. Pokemon Go has started blocking players whose phone coordinates do not match the location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Can I change my team in Pokémon Go?

No, once you choose a team in Pokémon Go, the decision is permanent. Make sure to carefully consider your choice before joining a team.

FAQ 2: Is there a significant advantage to being in a specific team?

While each team offers unique bonuses, there is no inherent advantage to being in a particular team. The gameplay experience is balanced, regardless of your team choice.

FAQ 3: Are there any team-specific Pokémon in the game?

No, there are no Pokémon exclusive to a specific team. All Pokémon can be encountered by players regardless of their team affiliation.

FAQ 4: How does team selection affect gym battles?

Team selection determines the team color of gyms and the Pokémon you can assign to defend them. When battling a gym, you can only challenge gyms controlled by rival teams.

FAQ 5: Can I play with friends in different teams?

Yes, you can still play and engage in various activities with friends who belong to different teams. However, when participating in gym battles, you will be on opposing sides, adding an exciting competitive element to the game.


You must take your time to find the answer to your question- Which Pokemon Go team is the best? You may look for the team in which you can find your team.

From the above discussion, you can find that there are different opinions about the popularity of the team. When most of the players are on your team, you have a chance of receiving bonuses. Look for some more information about the Pokemon Go team to choose the best one.


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