Web Companion – How to Remove This Suspicious Software?

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Web Companion from Lavasoft has gained considerable attention due to its controversies.

Lavasoft (which is Adaware now) is the company that developed this specific piece of software called Web Companion.

Today, the company and its mother company have become a hot topic. With this article, we intend to explain the truth about it.

What is a Web Companion?

Web Companion is special software installed on your computer automatically with other software applications.

The developers of this software say that this software can prevent your computer from malware and spyware.

Although the developers say so, the statement is pretty doubtful. The main reason behind the doubt is that the company is associated with some major controversies.

To give you a better idea about the company’s status, we will explain a bit about it.

What exactly Web Companion is

The Controversies Associated with Lavasoft

As we have mentioned before, there are some controversies with Lavasoft (the company that develops Web Companion).

In this part, we explain those controversies in point form. This information will give you an insight into Lavasoft.

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● The owners of Lavasoft are suspicious

According to the records, Lavasoft company was bought over by Solaria Fund in 2011. Nevertheless, sources revealed that the respective fund was a pretty tricky one.

They were involved in selling Opensource software to various users by promising a false premium support feature. So, the formation and the existence of the fund were pretty suspicious.

Also, the same company was accused of selling the Lavasoft Security Program even before buying the company.

The funniest part is that the respective software was completely free, even if they made money out of it.

● The installation pattern is suspicious

One of the most suspicious things associated with the Web Companion is its installation pattern.

Well, the software automatically gets installed on the computers without the knowledge of the users. In fact, it can come as a part of another software package you have downloaded purposely.

Many IT experts wanted to know the truth behind this issue. When they questioned this behavior, Lavasoft tried to escape the question using some technical terms. They tried to convince the users by saying that the respective software installation was legal.

In addition to that, they said that there are no side effects associated with that installation.

According to the developers themselves, Web Companion works as a shield that protects your computer from malware. However, according to the research, there is no difference between malware and Web Companion.

It doesn’t do any good for the health of the computer. More importantly, it makes various browser settings changes without the user’s consent.

Please note that you can get rid of the malware with the assistance of a good antimalware tool. You must be smart enough to keep the respective antimalware tool updated all the time.

As a result, it can identify even the latest malware that spread through the internet. Basically, it is a very protective approach compared to trusting a claim made by a rather distrustful company.

● The coding of this tool is suspicious

Back in 2015, there was a thorough examination of the Web Companion tool to analyze its overall trustworthiness. This test was done by an independent software research and development company.

According to their study, they were able to find an extra feature in the Web Companion tool. This feature existed in the form of a “Security” feature. Interestingly, they found the respective “Security” feature was based on a Public SDK of Komodia.

Well, Komodia is the company that had direct involvement with the infamous security incident called “Superfish.” For those who don’t know about “Superfish,” that’s a security incident associated with Lenovo devices.

This respective issue made the devices vulnerable to various cyberattacks. Moreover, it significantly decreased the overall security integrity of the respective software. So, no one needs to deal with a tool that has a suspicious background.

Is Web Companion Needed? Can I Remove Web Companion?

Many individuals wonder if they disable Web Companion or just ignore it. If you believe what the developers claim about the software, you can leave it alone.

However, now you know that there is something wrong with this application. In simplest terms, we cannot guarantee the trustworthiness of Web Companion.

Also, you cannot necessarily find any specific advantage associated with this software. Therefore, we strongly recommend you remove it as soon as you notice it running in your system.

After all, there is no point in keeping suspicious software on your computer just because of bogus claims. So, yes, REMOVE Web Companion!

The bad history of this tool and the mysterious way it gets installed on your computer backs your decision. It doesn’t need your permission to get installed in the background. Also, it changes the settings of your browser without your knowledge.

As we believe, Web Companion is a tool that can spy on your online activities. Also, it may acquire your personal information in a mysterious way.

So, you must take the necessary steps and get it disabled as soon as possible before things become worse.

How to Disable Lavasoft Web Companion?

Now that you know the potential dangers associated with Web Companion. Let’s get rid of it.

However, uninstalling Web Companion is not as simple as you might think. Just like the way it gets installed on your system, the uninstallation process is somewhat of a mystery.

In other words, the Web Companion doesn’t allow a straightforward method to uninstall it. However, with a little bit of effort, you can get rid of this tool and work without a headache.

Please follow the below guide to get rid of Web Companion.

  • First, you should go to the following address.

C:\Program Files (x86)

Please note that the address may be different from the above if Windows is installed on a different directory.

  • Once in the directory mentioned above, you should click on the folder labeled “Lavasoft.” Once the folder is selected, you should delete it permanently. To do that, just press the “Shift” & “Delete” keys on the keyboard at the same time.
OK. How to disable Lavasoft Web Companion
  • Now, you will notice a prompt to confirm the deletion. You can click on “Yes” to confirm your action.
  • Now the folder is deleted from the directory; you should take the necessary steps to clean the registry. If not, the traces of the software will cause some glitches, at least on an occasional basis.
  • To do that, you should go to the registry through the “Run” box now. Just press the “Windows” key and “R” on the keyboard so the “Run” box will open. Then, in the given field, key in the text “Regedit.” Hit the “Enter” key so the “registry editor” will be opened.
  • Once you are in the “Registry Editor” window, you will see plenty of items. You should now find the Web Companion tool here. If you check the items one by one, that will take a long time to find Web Companion software.
  • However, there is an easy method to get it done. Just press “Ctrl” + “F” on your keyboard simultaneously, and the “Find” box will open. Please enter the tool’s name (Web Companion) in the text field.
  • Hit enter so you can find all the entries related to the tool. Search for the “Keys,” “Data” Options, and “Values” that have a relationship to Web Companion.
OK. How to disable Lavasoft Web Companion
  • Be sure to delete all the entries that are related to the search you perform. You can do it simply by right-clicking on the respective item and choosing the option “Delete.” Be sure to do it with all the items you come across.
  • Once the deletion is completed, you should restart the computer. As a result, the annoying, suspicious Web Companion will be gone from your computer.


  1. Is Web Companion a legitimate program? Web Companion is a legitimate program developed by Lavasoft. However, some users have reported intrusive behavior and performance issues associated with the software.
  2. Why am I seeing unwanted pop-up ads after installing Web Companion? Web Companion has been known to display unwanted pop-up ads as part of its functionality. If you find these ads intrusive, it’s advisable to remove the software from your system.
  3. Can Web Companion compromise my privacy? While Web Companion claims to protect user privacy, concerns have been raised about its data handling practices. It’s recommended to exercise caution and research the software’s privacy policies before installing it.
  4. Are there alternative security solutions to Web Companion? Yes, there are numerous reputable antivirus and anti-malware programs available as alternatives to Web Companion. Research and choose a solution that suits your needs and preferences.
  5. How can I prevent future infections similar to Web Companion? To prevent future infections, be cautious while downloading software, keep your system and software updated, scan for malware regularly, and practice safe browsing habits.


Basically, Web Companion is a suspicious software application that gets installed on your PC without your knowledge.

Since the track records of the developers of this tool are not good, it is best to remove them. You can use the above method to get rid of this application and make your PC secure.

In addition to that, be sure to have a good antimalware program installed on your computer. That will prevent your computer from getting further troubles.


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