Top 8 Watermark Apps for Android to Create Perfect Logos

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Smartphones have become a medium for ever-increasing purposes, including clicking pictures and sharing them on the web.

To share these photos on various social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook has become easier than ever.

The problem occurs once the upload is complete, and you face the issue of losing ownership of that image. It is here that the watermark app for Android comes to the rescue.

The Google play store has a lot of free apps that serve the purpose of adding a watermark to the photos that you click and want to upload without losing ownership.

These apps are easily available for Android devices and can be downloaded and installed for free on your phone.

How Does the Watermark App for Android Help?

Watermark apps can be used for numerous reasons- like for selling something on e-commerce platforms or for online content creation.

For both such events, watermarking the image of reference is very important. Inserting a watermark in the pictures helps to give them a professional look and also keeps them safe from unauthorized third-party access.

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How to Add a Watermark Using the Watermark App for Android?

Many ways can be used to insert a watermark on images. The user can do this either on a computer or by using any editing software on a PC. It is also possible on Android devices.

There are many image editing software that helps to add any logo to the pictures. However, these may be lengthy processes. Thus the watermark app for Android proves to be a better option. You would not need a laptop to do such a simple task, and it can be done on your Android device anywhere with ease.

In this article, we bring you the eight best watermark apps for Android that the user can use for the job. These apps bring you the best features and easy instructions that will help you to retain ownership of the photos and other content.

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#1 – Salt

watermark app for Android - Salt

This app is very simple to use and one of the best watermark apps available on the Google play store. It is a free app and comes with an easy-to-follow user interface that will let you add watermarks to the pictures faster.

To add the logo to the picture, all you have to do is to pick a logo image, load it, and then insert it into the image at the chosen position.


This app lets you create different types of text and insert any type of logos in the pictures. You can also resize the images or crop them to the desired size. The creative texts that you create can then be inserted into the images.

The app also lets you insert contact details on the pictures to make them more inviting. The app also provides pre-cropped size templates that can be used to make specialized images like Facebook Ads, Page posts, etc.

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#2 – Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark

This is another great watermark app for Android that lets the users add pictures, logos, watermarks, and texts by following very simple steps. It enables you to insert any type of image with the desired type of transparency.

These many features can be applied to any image, and there is no limitation on the placements that the user can make. This means that the user can add one or more things simultaneously to the same picture.

watermark app for Android - Photo Watermark

The app has a lot of png stickers and texts in-built that can be used in the pictures. Some of the other features include reverse, rotate, moves, and the ability to alter the watermark transparency as per need.

You will also be able to edit or clone the watermark at any time in the future. The app also allows you to reuse any recent watermark on many images at the same time.

#3 – Logolicious


It is an advanced watermark app for Android and has a plethora of features that enable you to insert almost anything on the images. It’s a fast and easy solution that lets you personalize, protect, and thereby promote the images safely.

The hassle-free user interface of the app lets you easily add a logo, text, and watermark to the pictures quickly.

watermark app for Android - Logolicious

Its advanced features include Drag and drop, X-Grid Hustle for protection, transparency function for watermarking, etc. The best part is that the user can save the image without losing its original resolution.

The app is fully ad-free and puts no limitations on the placement needs of the user. Logolicious saves time with easy steps and is the perfect app for small business people, photographers, designers, social media people, tattoo designers, and influencers.

#4 – Add Watermark on Videos and Photos

Add watermark on videos and photos

This watermark app for Android is available free on the Google Play store and is useful for people who create both videos and images for their online content and want to retain their authority over them.

The app allows the users to have full control over the watermark or logos that they create by enabling the adjustment of position, size, transparency, rotation, alignment, etc., as per the needs of the user.

Add watermark on videos and photos

This app also provides the user with pre-designed logos and watermarks that can be used on the files. Not only can you insert a watermark, but it also lets you put a copyrighting symbol and a signature in the same image or video you publish.

#5 – Video Watermark by Z mobile

Video Watermark by Z mobile

This is a free watermark app for Android that is very useful for inserting watermarks in videos. This app lets you design your logos and watermarks that the user can use to secure the video’s copyrights. It also lets you use the in-built logos and watermark templates on the go.

Video Watermark by Z mobile

Some additional features include customizable settings related to the position, transparency, and color of the watermark.

The logo templates that come with the app are very cool and creative. The picture can be easily saved and shared on social media apps securely directly from the app.

#6 – My Watermark

My watermark

This app lets you perform all the basic functions, like adding logos and watermarks to the pictures with the other personalized settings option.

Another very unique feature of this app is that it captures the picture of any handwriting and then lets the user add a signature in that particular writing style to any image.

Another great service that it does is letting you add any number of images in the form of a logo into the basic picture.

My watermark

You can paste the logo and then insert and edit it the way you want. This is the only app that boasts the feature of personalized signature insertion.

#7 – Add Watermark

Add watermark

This can be the best watermark app for Android for many users for the load of features that it provides with full access. You can add text or logos to any picture.

A unique feature of the app is that it lets you create textual watermarks with the help of 72 fonts, color adjustment, and other effects.

watermark app for Android - Add watermark

Another great feature of the app is that it lets the users add PNG images, in-built stickers, GPS location tags, time stamps, file names, and many other things in place of the watermark.

Another thing that impresses me is that all the recent watermarks can be saved in the app as templates that the user can use anytime for application to other images. The app also lets you process photos in bulky batches at once.

#8 – Watermark on Photos

Watermark on photos

The unique thing about this watermark app for Android is that it contains all the required tools that enable you to design new watermarks. These can then be transferred to other apps where they can be used easily.

So you don’t need to restrict yourself to this app only for inserting the logos on the pictures. The user interface is simple, and the features are many. The app contains many ready-to-use watermark templates.

watermark app for Android - Watermark on photos


Q1: Can I remove watermarks from my photos using these apps?

No, these watermark apps are designed for adding watermarks to photos, not removing them. Once a watermark is applied, it becomes a permanent part of the image. If you need to remove a watermark, you may require advanced photo editing software or professional assistance.

Q2: Are these watermark apps free to use?

Most of the apps mentioned in this article offer free versions with limited features. However, they also provide premium versions with additional capabilities and no restrictions. Consider your requirements and budget to choose the best option for your watermarking needs.

Q3: Can I customize the appearance of the watermarks?

Yes, these apps offer various customization options such as adjusting the position, size, transparency, and rotation of the watermarks. Additionally, you can choose different fonts, colors, and styles to personalize your watermarks and align them with your branding.

Q4: Can I apply watermarks to multiple photos at once?

Yes, several of the watermark apps mentioned in this article support batch processing. This feature allows you to add watermarks to multiple photos simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

Q5: Will adding watermarks affect the quality of my photos?

No, adding watermarks should not significantly affect the quality of your photos. These apps are designed to apply watermarks without compromising the image resolution or clarity. However, it’s recommended to preview the watermark placement and size before applying it to ensure optimal visibility without obstructing the main subject of the photo.


This was an exhaustive list of the eight best watermark apps for Android, with every application having a unique feature that will help you upgrade your content creation and image editing game.

The options are the best, and you can style the images the way you want with their help. The final results will surely give you satisfaction as you keep your content safe and authorized.


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