Vulkan Run Time Libraries – Comprehensive Review

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If you have ever been to the control panel tab, you must have come across many software on the list. Each of them has a different naming system attached to them with different functionalities.

Most of them come with the windows operating system, and you install the rest. But some people are seeing Vulkan Run Time Libraries on the list of the application installed pages.

Many users have reported that they never installed anything related to the Vulkan Run Time Libraries on their computer. However, they still see this program on the list of installed software on their system.

Vulkan Run Time Libraries

You are not alone if you just found out about Vulkan Run Time Libraries on your system. Plenty of people have reported seeing this software on their computers.

If you don’t know anything about the Vulkan Run Time Libraries, this article is the thing you need to learn everything about Vulkan RunTime Libraries and what it does on a system. Otherwise, it is just another piece of software taking up space from our local disk.

What is Vulkan Run Time Libraries

What's Vulkan Run Time Libraries

If you see this on your installed app system, don’t worry about it. It is not malware on your system or a fake software filled with viruses; Vulkan RunTime Libraries are part of the display device software.

If you have an external video card installed on your system, then you will see Vulkan RunTime Libraries on your system, as this gets installed by none other than your video card manufacturing company. Vulkan runtime is also known as VulkanRT.

Every time you update your video card driver. Nvidia will reinstall the Vulkan Run Time Libraries with a better version attached to it.

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What Does Vulkan Run Time Libraries Do?

Vulkan RunTime Libraries lower the usage of CPU on a system if you are familiar with how the tech industry, then you must have heard of Direct 3D.

Now the new generation of games and some applications require a new API to run the games and software perfectly without lag. Vulkan runs time libraries do exactly that in a system. It doesn’t lower a system’s performance; instead, it improves them.

Some games have taken quite a lot of benefit from the VulkanRT. When you update your graphics driver or reinstall them, you will see the program Vulkan Run Time Libraries being installed on your system.

So don’t get distracted by non-installed software; Vulkan RunTime Libraries is a non-threatening software that comes with a graphics card driver.

Make sure to update your graphics card when the updated version of the old graphics card driver gets dropped in the market. All of them pack a lot of features that will benefit your gaming experience on your system.

When it comes to modern gaming and graphics, Vulkan has been becoming more popular in this day and age than anything else in the market. Vulkan is an Application programming interface that gets used for making graphics.

Some of the other APIS that were used before Vulkan were OpenGL, Direct X9.0, 10, 11, 12. 12 is the latest direct x version.

But recently, Vulkan has been taking over the market. Vulkan RunTime Libraries are not a new thing in the market. It is just a better version of OpenGL.

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The reason behind every popular software out of thousands of others, it is always the performance.

Vulkan offers a much more balanced use of CPU and GPU while not compromising the performance aspect of the game. The demand to run Vulkan is also lower.

As it sucks in the lowest usage from the CPU, and it works better in a multi-core CPU because it evenly distributes amongst all the cores of a CPU. That is why the graphics card manufacturer installs Vulkan Run Time Libraries on your system.

So your system will be capable of running Vulkan-based applications and games while you get the experience as it is meant to be enjoyed.

Nowadays, in many computer games, the application takes a lot of benefit from Vulkan-based API as these apps and games are designed with Vulkan API.

If you have Vulkan Run Time Libraries installed on your computer, then you are experiencing a much better performance on your games and software if you switch the API from direct x to Vulkan.

When it comes to the gaming market, all the new games use Vulkan-based API, as it provides better performance for the lower usage of Cpu and GPU.

The number one reason why you see a sudden spike in Vulkan is the performance. People who switch to Vulkan are getting better performance. In the video game world, that performance can be calculated with Frames per second.

Where people used to get 40 frames per second on their computer, switching to Vulkan, they see a larger difference in the performance. Now they are experiencing 60 -70 frames per second without upgrading any of the hardware in the system.

That is revolutionary on many levels because Vulkan doesn’t require the computer to have a beast of a machine to run it. Just a simple installation of Vulkan Run Time Libraries will do the trick. And the user will get a lot of benefits out of it.

Some games give out a lot of options for the user to choose from, to select the API that works the best for them, but the people with lower-end systems will take a lot of benefits out of Vulkan Run Time Libraries and Vulkan-based graphics settings as the games are now optimized well to run on the system with Vulkan-based API.

How to Remove It?

Well, there is a way to remove it but a little caution before you think about removing the Vulkan Run Time Libraries from your system. The software Vulkan Run Time Libraries get installed on the computer after you install a graphics driver.

Think of Vulkan software as software that comes with a package of graphics drivers. If you remove the Vulkan Runtime Libraries from your system, you will have a harder time installing them again.

Since the software comes with a graphics driver package, you have to install the graphics driver if you want to have Vulkan Run Time Libraries on your system again.

Once you are ready to go through that, then feel free to uninstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries from your system.

Follow the steps below to remove Vulkan from your computer.

  • Open Run. by typing in the search bar or pressing Windows + R
  • Once you open up Run – Type in ‘appwiz.cpl’
  • Here you are going to see all the programs installed on your computer. Make your way to the Vulkan Run Time Libraries.
Vulkan Run Time Libraries Uninstall
  • Right-click on the Vulkan Run Time Libraries, Then click on – Uninstall/Change
  • Go on to the search bar. Type in – Device manager
How to Remove It?
  • When it launches on your screen. Select the Display Adapter.
  • Double-click on the Display Adapter until you see all the devices in this category.
  • Select the device. Go for uninstallation. On the uninstallation dialogue box, select ‘Delete the driver software for this device.’
How to Remove It?
How to Remove It?
  • Once uninstalled, the device from the display adapter list.
  • You have to Right-click on the display adapter list again and click on the scan for hardware option.
  • Then you will see the graphic device making a comeback on the list. Again right-click on the device. But this time, you have to switch to an updated driver instead of hitting the uninstall driver.
How to Remove It?
  • Then Windows is going to ask questions – Whether to get the new driver from the internet or your local disk. If you have the latest driver on your local disk, then point the directory to the driver’s directory.
  • Otherwise, selects the internet option. This will automatically search for the best driver for your computer and download the drive on its own.
  • That’s it; you are done with Vulkan Run Time Libraries. Now your computer will be ready to act at its best.

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  1. What are Vulkan Run Time Libraries used for? Vulkan Run Time Libraries are used to improve the performance and efficiency of games and graphics applications by providing developers with low-level access to GPU functionality.
  2. How do Vulkan Run Time Libraries differ from other graphics APIs like DirectX 12 and OpenGL? Vulkan offers improved performance, lower CPU overhead, better multithreading support, and cross-platform compatibility compared to other graphics APIs.
  3. Are Vulkan Run Time Libraries only for gaming? No, Vulkan can be used for a variety of graphics and compute applications, including rendering, simulations, and virtual reality experiences.
  4. Can I use Vulkan on my device? Vulkan is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and some gaming consoles. However, your device’s GPU and drivers must also support Vulkan to use it.
  5. How can I tell if my system has Vulkan Run Time Libraries installed? You can check your system’s installed libraries or use a dedicated tool like GPU-Z to see if your device supports Vulkan. If you find Vulkan Run Time Libraries installed on your system, it’s an indication that your device is ready to experience the incredible performance and graphics improvements that Vulkan has to offer.


Now you know what Vulkan Run Time Libraries are, and what kind of value it offers to the game and your computer as a whole. Although the old methods are still being used today, the new implementations have been taking over with a large boost in performance.

Vulkan RunTime Libraries, for many, is a breath of fresh air, as it brings much more stability to the apps and games people play every day. When switching to Vulkan, many people see better frames per second on their machine.


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