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If you are curious about using a disposable email address, many individuals will suggest Mailinator for you.

Mailinator can be described as an unsecured email address provided. With Mailinator, you can create pretty much any email address you wish to have. It is useful whenever you need to provide an email address to any online service you don’t fully trust.

In addition, you can even give it to people if you assume a spam threat. In simplest terms, a disposable email can be useful whenever you don’t want to provide your primary email address.


What Are the Key Features Associated with Mailinator?

First, let’s look at the most important features associated with Mailinator disposable email service. Basically, Mailinator is a simple system that works like an email address retrieval system.

As a result of using Mailinator, you don’t have to offer your real email account. As you already know, various online services demand an email address to grant full access. Without providing such, you cannot enjoy the services you offer.

However, providing your email address to any web-based service is not very smart. Although few of the reputed web-based services don’t trouble you with spam, most of them do.

As a result, your primary email can receive loads of spam, which is annoying for any user. So, the best thing you can do is to use an alternative email address when using those online resources. This is exactly when a disposable email like Mailinator becomes useful.

With Mailinator, you will not have to undergo a signing-up process. All you have to do is to visit their official website, and your temporary email address is there. Anyone who knows the respective email address can send emails to it.

Apart from sending emails, anyone can access the inbox of the respective email address if they know the address. Therefore, there is essentially no security associated with Mailinator. If you want an email address within a second, you can simply use any name followed by @Mailinator.com. Later, you can access the same email to retrieve the emails.

One significant characteristic of the Mailinator is that it doesn’t allow you to send emails. It is only there to receive emails. The main purpose of using Mailinator is to extract all the junk mail instead of the primary email.

But it doesn’t perform the features of a regular email address. If you want to access a certain forum but don’t want their newsletter, Mailinator is perfect for that.

When it comes to the interface, Mailinator has a very basic user interface. As a result, you can focus on the main feature (the email address itself). You can enter the email address to check its availability and click on the ‘Go.’

The inbox is very simple because it has very simple commands only. For instance, you can read the message and delete it if required. You cannot find any command to reply, forward, compose, or send an email.

Mailinator Public Inboxes

Mailinator is indeed a web-based service. However, it allows you to use POP3 to retrieve the emails if required. If you are using Mailinator to catch spam, however, there is no reason to access it through POP3.

As of this writing, we didn’t find any official app for Mailinator on Android or iOS platforms. However, you can still access the same using a web browser on your smartphone. Also, it can be accessed from any device because it is a web-based platform.

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When Compared to Other Disposable Emails

There is no sign-up process associated with the Mailinator platform. Their system doesn’t show any connection to your personal information at all.

It is a way of creating an email address very quickly without bothering about personal information. You don’t want to use any of your primary emails to register for online forums if you use Mailinator. The emails that are sent to the inbox of Mailinator are deleted regularly.

As a result, you don’t have to delete them manually all the time. The emails are deleted every day. As a result, you can always expect a clean inbox from Mailinator.

The Price of Mailinator

When it comes to the price factor, you don’t have to worry about paying for it. That is because the respective email doesn’t want you to pay anything to get their service.

However, you can purchase a t-shirt that is the only aspect where a cost will incur. But since that is an optional cost, you don’t have to worry about it much.

What We Like About Mailinator

Here are some aspects we appreciate about Mailinator.

  • All the addresses are easy to use, and you don’t need to worry about any setup process.
  • It doesn’t have any connection to your real email address.
  • You can use an alternative domain as well if any website blocks the Mailinator.com domain. This is useful for users who constantly prefer web-based services without getting the effect of spam.
  • With Mailinator, you can create any number of email addresses under a single IP address.
  • You can use Mailinator just by entering the username, and no configuration is involved.

What We Don’t Like About Mailinator

There are some drawbacks associated with Mailinator apart from its positives. Mentioned below are those drawbacks which we don’t necessarily like.

  • Mailinator can be useful only to receive emails (not to send any emails).
  • Mailinator doesn’t have any password to access its inbox.
  • The inboxes that come under Mailinator are public to any person. That means anyone can access an email account’s inbox if they know the username.
  • The emails received in the inbox of Mailinator are deleted after a couple of hours. So, you cannot expect it as a way of storing data.

With Mailinator, you can easily create an email under your name within seconds. Being one of the industry’s most popular disposable email services, Mailinator delivers email addresses with @Mailinator.com.

All you need to do is pick up the unique name you need and hit ‘Go.’ Their official website is very simple in design, so even a novice user can find it very conveniently. You can use your Mailinator domain to sign up for websites without issues.

Moreover, you can use the same email address to register for software applications, sign up for forums or post messages. It can be used for any situation that demands an email address. As long as you don’t want to give your real email address out, Mailinator is a good option.

Mailinator Protects You from Various Threats

The main benefit of using a disposable email service like Mailinator is that it doesn’t link to your email. Also, your personal information will be kept away from Mailinator.

In fact, it doesn’t ask for any of your personal information. If you use their service, you can easily keep spam away from your primary email.

Some hackers can try to hack your email once they know that. Although hacking an email is not that easy nowadays, we cannot underestimate the slightest chance of being hacked.

Hackers can grab your email address if you use your original email address to register for some random service. Then, they will try some form of attack (such as phishing or other advanced methods).

If not, advertisers can use your email to send you spam about their products and services. In that case, the best way to avoid those annoyances is to use a disposable email like Mailinator.

All the Accounts You Create with Mailinator Are Disposable

As we mentioned earlier, another huge advantage associated with Mailinator is that it doesn’t require any configuration process.

You don’t have to enter any registration information or put in a contact number. Instead, all you need to do is type a name for the email address, and that’s it.

It is easy to receive an email on your disposable email address created with Mailinator. Just log into the Mailinator account with the unique name (you don’t need a password).

Then, the inbox will be visible with the received messages. Since no password is involved, anyone can access your inbox if they know your username. So, we don’t encourage you to use the same to handle sensitive information like bank details.

You should also know that Mailinator keeps emails in the inbox only for a couple of hours. The messages will be deleted automatically. So, you cannot use it to store your important information as you would normally do.


Q1: Is Mailinator safe to use?

Yes, Mailinator is safe to use. However, since Mailinator email addresses are public, it’s important not to use them for sensitive or confidential information.

Q2: Can I send emails from a Mailinator address?

No, Mailinator is designed for receiving emails only. You cannot send emails from a Mailinator address.

Q3: Is Mailinator free to use?

Yes, Mailinator offers a free version with basic features. However, for additional features and enhanced capabilities, you can opt for the paid subscription service, Mailinator Plus.

Q4: Can I access Mailinator from my mobile device?

Yes, Mailinator has a responsive web design, making it accessible from various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Q5: Can I delete emails from my Mailinator inbox?

Yes, you can delete emails from your Mailinator inbox. Simply select the email you want to remove and choose the delete option.


If you are looking for a quick and temporary solution when signing up for online services, Mailinator is good.

However, you cannot rely on it for the tasks that are performed through your regular email accounts. Configuring an email account with Mailinator is super easy.

All you have to do is visit their official website and type in the username you like before pressing ‘Go.’ Since Mailinator doesn’t use any password to protect their inbox, you shouldn’t use it for any sensitive task.

Instead, you can use it to register for the software and post in forums and other online services. The main purpose of using Mailinator is to keep spam away from your primary email account. It is not designed to use for regular communication tasks.


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