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Cloud storage services are far from scarce. Most computer users who know about Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iPhone will be familiar with iCloud storage.

A newer platform, Degoo, hit the scene and has already proven to be different from typical cloud storage.

Users’ problems, which discourage them from taking advantage of these platforms, range from being unaffordable to not being secure enough. If these sound like concerns you have about Degoo, this Degoo review will hopefully clarify some things.

Recent years have shown that cloud storage isn’t as secure as it’s made out to be. In 2012 Dropbox fell victim to a major security breach that put almost 70 million users’ accounts at risk.

More memorable is iCloud’s massive celebrity leak in 2014, resulting in many celebrity “nudes” being made public. Even these giant cloud storage brands have their flaws. So, let’s find out what Degoo offers and whether it’s as great as it claims to be.

What is Degoo?

Founded in 2012, Degoo appears to be a regular cloud storage platform. If that’s the case, what makes it different from Dropbox? Degoo’s primary focus is on security and ensuring that no user data is subject to unauthorized access.

Initially, Degoo would use resources from the computer you install it on. If you were a Degoo user, your computer would likely have a “vault” where fragments of other users’ data were encrypted and stored. However, after upgrading the storage system a few years ago, it now utilizes data center resources.

After signing up, you are instantly given 100GB of free storage space. There are restrictions to a free account, but with enough referrals, storage increases to 600GB. For the seemingly excessive 10TB of storage, all you’ll be paying is $9.99 / month.

Degoo Review

PS: here, you will figure out how to remove Dropbox from your Mac.

Reviewing the Important Things

Now you have the gist of what Degoo is and why it’s not just another cloud storage option, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of our Degoo review and discuss some important details.

1. Storage Backup

Many computer users use cloud storage to back up sensitive, important, and sentimental data. If you install Degoo on your computer, you’ll see that the program includes backup and recovery features.

All you do is click on the “Backup” tab, click “Add folder to back up…” and Degoo will start copying your files to a server.

Degoo Storage Backup

Afterward, the “Recovery” tab will list the folder you created a backup of, and you can easily recover it.

Degoo Recovery

Are there any benefits to this feature that makes it worth mentioning in the Degoo review? Yes. Most cloud programs appear as another folder on your computer, which is fine. However, Degoo caters to the common use of cloud storage by adding backup and recovery tabs.

BONUS: Trade Computer Resources for Storage!

The final tab on Degoo’s desktop application is “Preferences.” Click this to see your available storage space and a few other details. Below the storage capacity bar, there’s the “Get extra space by sharing unused processor time” setting.

Degoo Preferences

If you have a powerful computer and don’t mind Degoo using your spare processor power, this will get you a few extra GBs of storage. Remember: if your computer uses more processor power, it’s also using more electricity.

2. Data Security

Security and privacy are always the cornerstones of any Degoo review, and rightfully so. Grade-A security is something Degoo promotes. We’re about to get technical so hold in there.

Degoo’s security system is pretty much on point, and there’s not much to the flaw. In order words, they’ve been successful in achieving their goal of being as secure as possible.

Whatever pricing plan you choose, everything you upload transfers to the data center with 256-bit AES encryption. The cybersecurity industry considers this one of the most secure encryption techniques.

Deegoo Data Security

Encryption Keys

Degoo generally stores encryption keys for this data in separate and very secure storage locations. But if you use the optional passcode, then you use this similar to the encryption keys.

Some professionals suggest using your passcodes instead of relying on Degoo’s encryption key system. This is because if Degoo is hacked, your encryption keys won’t be affected in the improbable event.

Even if you disregard the optional passcode and settle for the default encryption key, Degoo is a very secure company, and there’s little to no risk.

You must upload files to the “Top Secret” folder to store your data using your passcode encryption. This is the one downside regarding Degoo’s security. An alternative would be if all folders had this option, not just Top Secret.

Two Factor Authentication

Are you worried about your account being hacked? Enable Two Factor Authentication, and every time you sign into Degoo, you’ll need the code from Google’s Authenticator app. This Degoo review believes that their security is reliable enough that 2FA isn’t necessary. But if this is a concern of yours, you can enable it.

3. Degoo Performance

Based solely on our brief experience with Degoo, it performs well. Degoo will push your bandwidth to the limit, as with any file uploads, so make sure you don’t exceed any limits. During uploads and downloads, your processor will also be in use.

Hence, the better your internet and the more powerful your computer is, the faster the file transfers will go. If you’re good in both these areas, then using Turbo Mode might be of interest.

You can transfer files over 25 times faster than usual by turning this on and minimal other processes running. This does use so much more of your computer’s resources, though, so only enable Turbo Mode if you don’t need to use your computer actively.

Overall, Degoo’s performance is close to perfect. It would be nice to select modes in between if we bring the focus back to Turbo Mode because of how much better this is than the regular mode. This change would allow users to use their computer while Turbo Mode runs at, for example, 40% rather than full speed.

Degoo also uses servers from Google’s Data Centre. As a leading tech company, this should reassure you that not only will your data be safer, but the performance of data transfers and file management will be as smooth as possible.

4. Degoo Android App

Android users can download Degoo from the Google Play Store. All your files are accessible, downloading and uploading files isn’t a problem, and you can create backups.

So, not only can you back up your computer’s files (like we discussed earlier in the Degoo review), but you can back up smartphone files as well. This feature is only optional for accounts on the Pro or Ultimate package.

Backups you create from your Android device can contain photos, documents, videos, and music files. Save yourself some time and quickly sign in using your Google account!

degoo for Android

5. Online File Transfer

Whether you upload family photos or business files, sharing them is possible with Degoo. After you upload files on Degoo’s website, all you need to do is send the recipient the sharing link, and it’s done. Just like that, you transfer files from your computer to someone else’s.

degoo - Online File Transfer
Degoo sharing a file

The maximum upload size is just 1GB, which doesn’t seem like a lot. There’s also a catch – the files are unavailable from Degoo after seven days. This is still a fantastic and useful feature to have access to.

6. Plan Pricing

At the moment, Degoo has three pricing plans to choose from. The free plan gives you an impressive 100GB of storage, more than most cloud storage services, which is increased by upgrading to the other two packages.

degoo review - Plan Pricing

Free Plan – FREE!

You can expect quite a lot with the Free Plan, given that it’s free. You can use Degoo on as many mobile devices as you want, but only one computer can upload files to your account. As we said previously in the Degoo review, you receive 100GB of cloud storage space.

The referral program is also very generous. Every person you refer who signs up for an account will grant you an additional 5GB of storage. This can reach a maximum of 500GB storage extra (100 referrals).

Regarding security, your file transfers will use end-to-end encryption. The downside is that your files will not be split into fragments and stored across multiple servers. Instead, they will remain as whole files while being stored, and if you’re inactive for 90 days, your storage gets wiped.

Pro Plan – $2.99/month

The Pro Plan is a significant improvement over the Free Plan. The first improvement: you can securely upload files from 3 computers instead of one, and your storage space increases to 500GB.

You can still take advantage of the referral program. You get twice as much for each referral, 10GB per person, and you can claim 1000GB / 1TB of bonus storage from this.

There’s no inactivity time limit to worry about, either! When you upload a file, it is split into fragments, and Degoo spreads those fragments onto various servers worldwide. You even have the option to set an encryption code.

Ultimate Plan – $9.99/month

Going all out and buying the Ultimate Plan will give you 10TB of cloud storage space. You can upload and download files from any computer; your files will be encrypted and stored for as long as possible.

The referral program is identical to the Pro Plans and the data storage method. A feature unique to the Ultimate Plan is the photo storage optimizer. It reduces the file size of your photos without compromising the quality, enabling even more storage space.

Degoo Review – Pros and Cons

Before we bring this Degoo review to an end, here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons that were part of our discussion.


  • Easily transfer files up to 1GB from your computer to another computer
  • Recipients don’t need to register with Degoo to download files
  • Android and iOS apps run smoothly and have most desktop features
  • Free users receive 100GB of storage, more than any other cloud storage
  • The referral program allows users to boost their storage a lot (up to 500GB more)
  • For just $9.99/month, you can get 10TB of cloud storage
  • A unique and effective cloud storage system that stores data in fragments
  • Users can trade computer power for extra storage
  • Easy to use


  • If you take backups on the desktop app, then you can’t delete them online
  • Desktop programs for Windows and Mac computers have some problems
  • Without the Ultimate Plan, you can only upload files from a small number of computers


Yes, Degoo offers a free plan with 100 GB of storage space.

Yes, Degoo provides opportunities to earn additional storage space through various activities, such as referring friends or completing certain tasks.

Degoo uses AES-256 encryption, which is highly secure. However, it’s important to note that Degoo manages the encryption keys, which means they have access to your files.

Yes, Degoo offers file syncing functionality, allowing you to access your files from multiple devices seamlessly.

Degoo offers various paid plans with different storage capacities. The pricing depends on the plan you choose, and they provide affordable options for individuals as well as comprehensive plans for businesses.


At the end of our Degoo review, one thing is clear: Degoo is nothing like the current cloud storage giants. Secure data transfers and storage are paramount to everything else.

We recommend using Degoo and understanding how it could fit into your life and be useful. The free plan is not as limiting as most cloud stores have, providing more than enough storage for anyone’s needs.

Happy with the free plan? Consider an upgrade and access absolutely every feature Degoo has to offer.


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