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Are you looking for a good Neogeo emulator? If so, continue reading this article and learn about the best emulators for NeoGeo.

MVS (Neo Geo Multi Video Systems) is the first line of hardware under the Neo Geo brand name. This was released in the 1990s. During the early 90s, Neo Geo became exceptionally powerful thanks to the powerful specifications.

In addition to that, they had some high-quality titles as well. One of the most noticeable characteristics associated with Neogeo units is that they can hold multiple arcade games simultaneously.

Needless to say, it was an exceptionally competitive feature at that time. It helped individuals to save a considerable amount of real estate and money.

Because of the heavy public demand, they released a series of consoles for home use. The first of the series was Neo Geo AES. However, it was intended for commercial use at first.

It became very popular, and then they released a home console version of it. Later on, Neo Geo CD and Ne Geo CDZ were released in 1994 and 1195, respectively.


One of the most noticeable advantages associated with Neo-Geo consoles is that they feature a cartridge-type function. Neo-Geo cabinets were a really good concept compared to the individual arcade boards that stored games separately.

As a matter of fact, storing several arcade games simultaneously on a single device was introduced by Neo Geo. As you may know, a replication for this respective system has not been introduced since then.

Part 1: The Requirement for a NeoGeo Emulator

Basically, a Neo Geo console can be rated as one of the best devices with unique features. First, let’s take a look at the list of those unique features associated with the Neo Geo console.

• Extremely Powerful Hardware Performance

In fact, Neo Geo hardly had any competition in terms of raw power once it was introduced. Compared to the other consoles present by that time, Neo Geo was a powerhouse.

• Portable Memory Module

One of the unique features of the Neo Geo console was that it had mobile memory module. Thanks to this newly introduced feature, users were able to transfer games using a portable cartridge.

• High-quality Titles

It is true that Neo Geo had a relatively smaller library compared to its rivals. However, in terms of the quality of the titles, they are unmatchable. In other words, they present the best-quality game titles.  

• More Affordable Variants of CD Consoles

Neo-Geo offered more affordable variants of CD consoles as well. Those consoles are ideal specifically for those who cannot spend much on AES consoles and cartridges. Both Neo Geo CDs and CDZs come at a pretty affordable rate compared to other games.

Part 2: Famous Neo Geo Games

If you are a gaming enthusiast (best fire emblem games for you), Neo Geo offers plenty of options for you. If you want to pay for the originals of those games, you can buy them at a very affordable price.

However, there are plenty of those games that can be found on various other consoles as well. For your information, mentioned below are some of the best game titles included in Neo Geo.

01. Samurai Shadow

Samurai Shadow

Samurai Shadow is a very impressive game that comes with amazingly smooth animations and superb graphics. In addition to that, it comprises a range of characters as well. It has proved the excellent characteristics of the SNK style. Basically, this is an excellent fighter, and it plays really well even today.

02. Metal Slug

Metal Slug

Metal Slug is considered to be one of the top games of its kind. In fact, it is an exceptionally fast and furious game of its kind, and it comprises superb gaming characteristics. It is true that the bosses are exceptionally satisfying to defeat. However, its level, as well as the variation, remains in its impressive quality.

03. The Last Blade

The Last Blade

The last blade is considered to be a Neo Geo game that comes with great gaming aesthetics. It comes with incredibly impressive depth with perfectly balanced characters.

It has all the top moves covered, and beautiful graphics are included. This game also proves the excellent versatility of the hardware resources of Neo Geo consoles.

Well, are you aware that it is possible to play Neo Geo ROMs using your smartphone as well? That means you can play it with your Android, Windows, or iPhone. In addition to that, the NeoGeo emulator is developed to be compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Now that you know how interesting a NeoGeo emulator could be, here is a list of them. We have prepared this list after performing extensive research on this aspect. These NeoGeo emulator options allow you to play those games even on PCs, Macs, Xbox, Dreamcast, etc.

01. Nebula-Windows

Neogeo Emulator. Nebula-Windows

Nebula-Windows is listed as one of the most effective and powerful emulators that can be found today. It comes with a really impressive interface. You can use it to run pretty much all the NeoGeo games, Neo Geo CD games, etc.

Moreover, it can run ROMs such as CPS 1, CPS 2, and even some specific Konami Games. So, all in all, we can rate it as the best NeoGeo emulator on this list, with a rating of 9/10.

02. KAWASKS-Windows

Neogeo Emulator. KAWASKS-Windows

This is another handy NeoGeo emulator that comes with a very friendly user interface, even for new users. You can run pretty much all the Neo Geo and CPS ROMS (1 & 2) on it. Besides, it features some awesome image enhancements as well.

In addition to that, it comes with some image enhancements as well. For this NeoGeo emulator, we offer a rating of 8/10, considering all the aspects.

03. Calice32-Windows

Neogeo Emulator. Calice32-Windows

Like the previous two options, you can find a very impressive user interface in this emulator. This specific emulator has the ability to play pretty much all the ROMs of Neo Geo. In addition to that, it is compatible with CPS1, CPS2, ZN1, and ZN2.

Moreover, it works well with system 16/18 ROMs. However, unlike the previous two options, this NeoGeo emulator doesn’t have enhancements. In addition to that, it wants you to adjust your desktop settings to 16-bit color settings.

That means it doesn’t allow you to use 32-bit color configurations on the desktop. We rate this emulator with a score of 7.5/10, considering all of its aspects and features.



MAME is another popular and highly versatile emulator that can run pretty much all the Neo Geo ROMs. In addition to that, it can run a large number of other games as well. In fact, this is an open-source emulator.

Some of the versions of the MAME NeoGeo emulator are available for Windows and other platforms. In fact, its versions are compatible even with Xbox, Dreamcast, etc. The interface is pretty good, but the user-friendliness is not that impressive compared to the previously mentioned emulators.

This emulator gets a 7.5/10 rating from us after reviewing its aspects.

05. NeoRage (X) – Windows & MS-DOS

Neogeo Emulator. NeoRage (X)

This respective emulator is developed by those who developed “Rage.” In fact, it was the fully-functional NeoGeo emulator designed for Windows by those developers. Its main advantage is that it lets you play all the NeoGeo ROMs saved on your ROMs.

When it comes to the disadvantages, this emulator doesn’t have any updates for a pretty long time. So, the counterparts of this emulator have already surpassed it. In addition to that, it comes with a version compatible with MS-DOS.

However, needless to say, it lacks sound and a user interface. With all those considerations, we offer a rating of 6.5/10 for this NeoGeo emulator.  

06. Ace-Windows


Ace is another good emulator that reached this rating because of its ability to run different ROMs. It can run NeoGeo, CPS1, and CPS2 smoothly. Also, it is compatible with system 16/18 ROMs.

At a glance, Ace appears to be a pretty impressive option in terms of an emulator. However, it has some downsides as well. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that this project is no longer available.

Interestingly, the developers of this emulator experienced a severe hard disk crash. As a result, their most recent source code has been lost. We rate this emulator with a score of 6/10 because of the aforesaid downsides.

07. Windows

NeoGeo CD Emulator – Windows

Well, this emulator is developed in Japan. Because of that reason itself, you will find very little information about it in the English language. That means the majority of its information can be found in Japanese.

Even if you use a translator, you won’t find perfect information. Besides, the accuracy of this emulator is exceptional. On top of that, it features excellent compatibility as well. However, because f the lack of documentation, it can be pretty difficult to use it.

As per the accumulated information, we consider it a very accurate emulator with a standalone license. If you have a good collection of NeoGeo CD games, this is a really impressive emulator to try. This emulator receives a rating of 6/10 from our review.

08. NeoCD(SDL) – MS-DOS, Windows

NeoCD(SDL) – MS-DOS, Windows

NeoCD is rated as a powerful option to run the NeoGeo CD console. This tool runs authentic Neo-Geo CDs only. Also, it doesn’t run MVS arcade ROMs. Well, the compatibility of this tool is high, and it features excellent accuracy as well. NeoCD receives a rating of 6.5/10 from us.

09. NeoGem – MS-DOS

It is true that NeoGem was developed very shortly after NeoRage. Also, both of those emulators operated in a pretty similar pattern. However, the compatibility of the emulator is not that impressive.

According to many users, this emulator features frequent crashes as well. Because of this reason, NeoGem was discontinued at the early stage of its development. Although they were planning for a Windows version, it didn’t come out. We offer a rating of 3.5/10 only.

10. Danji-MS-DOS


Danji and NeoGem were launched at the same time, and they were aimed at MS-DOS. Danji comes with limited support in terms of sound, and the compatibility is poor.

Moreover, it allows you to play this game only after converting its ROM into a specific format. As we believe it deserves a rating of 2.5/10.

Also, here is the best GameCube emulator for your reference.

Configuring the Neogeo Emulator

After installing the emulator, you may need to configure it to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your device. Here are some essential settings to consider:

  1. Graphics and Audio Settings: Adjust the resolution, aspect ratio, and audio settings according to your device capabilities and personal preference.
  2. Input Configuration: Set up your preferred controls, whether it’s using a keyboard, gamepad, or touchscreen.
  3. System BIOS: Some emulators require the Neo Geo system BIOS files to run games. Make sure to provide the correct BIOS files in the emulator’s designated folder.

Refer to the emulator’s documentation or online resources for detailed instructions on configuring specific emulators.

How to Load Neo Geo ROMs

To play Neo Geo games on a Neogeo emulator, you’ll need game ROMs, which are digital copies of the original game cartridges. Here’s how to load ROMs:

  1. Locate and download Neo Geo ROMs from reputable sources. Ensure that you own the original game cartridges or have legal rights to use the ROMs.
  2. Open the emulator and navigate to the ROMs directory.
  3. Copy or move the downloaded ROM files into the ROMs directory.
  4. Refresh the emulator’s game list, and the newly added ROMs should appear.
  5. Select a game from the list and enjoy playing!

Remember to respect copyright laws and only use ROMs for games you legally own.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While using Neogeo emulators, you may encounter some common issues. Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  1. Game Compatibility: Ensure that the game ROMs you are using are compatible with the emulator version you have installed. Some ROMs may require specific emulator versions or BIOS files.
  2. Performance Issues: If you experience lag or performance issues, try adjusting the emulator’s settings. Lowering the resolution or disabling certain features can help improve performance.
  3. Input Problems: If your controls are not working correctly, check the input configuration settings in the emulator. Make sure your controller or keyboard is properly recognized.
  4. Audio or Visual Glitches: In some cases, certain games may have audio or visual glitches due to imperfect emulation. Try different emulator settings or search for specific game compatibility fixes online.

If you encounter persistent issues, refer to the emulator’s documentation or online forums for further assistance.


1. Can I play Neo Geo games on my smartphone? Yes, you can play Neo Geo games on your smartphone by installing a suitable Neogeo emulator app from the app store. Ensure that your device meets the emulator’s system requirements.

2. Are Neogeo emulators legal? Emulators themselves are legal, but the usage of ROMs may infringe upon copyright laws. Only use ROMs for games you own or have legal rights to use.

3. Can I use a gamepad controller with a Neogeo emulator? Yes, most emulators support gamepad controllers. Connect a compatible gamepad to your device and configure the controls within the emulator’s settings.

4. Can I save my game progress in a Neogeo emulator? Yes, emulators often provide save state functionality, allowing you to save and load your game progress at any point.

5. Where can I find Neo Geo ROMs? You can find Neo Geo ROMs from reputable websites that specialize in hosting legal ROMs. Ensure that you own the original game cartridges or have legal rights to use the ROMs.


The Neogeo emulator opens up a world of possibilities for enjoying Neo Geo games on a variety of devices. Whether you’re a long-time fan of these classic arcade games or new to the Neo Geo experience, emulators provide a convenient and nostalgic way to relive the excitement of the past.

Remember to choose a reliable emulator, follow legal guidelines for obtaining ROMs, and configure your emulator settings for the best gaming experience.


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