Full Lightworks Rotate Video Editing Tool Review

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Software like Lightworks rotate video editing tool helps users to upgrade the quality of video files by fixing issues like faulty orientations and others.

We will review this tool for you by pointing out both the good and bad experiences of the users.

We will also introduce some great alternative editing tools so you can go with the best.

About the Lightworks Rotate Video Editing tool

This is one of the best tools available all-in-one and a super-comprehensive film editing tool that is known for its highly user-friendly interface and advanced capability for creating high-quality video clips.

These films can be of any resolution, including PAL, 2K, and 4K, for any platform like YouTube, Dailymotion, and much more.

Lightworks rotate video

The software is currently available in the English language. There are two versions of this tool- paid and free, and they have features accordingly. The significant and innovative features of this software include:

  • Instant use of FX effects for the videos/audios
  • Various media frame rates
  • 4K videos proxy workflows
  • Different formats supported for video export like 4K
  • Precision of GPU
  • Histogram tools

Now let’s talk about the Lightworks rotate video feature of this tool, which has the function of fixing the video orientation in cases when the angle of the video is faulty or has been inverted at 90 degrees.

In any way you try, there is no way you can fix the angle of the video permanently with an in-built feature.

Here, the Lightworks editing tool comes to the rescue by helping you rotate the video via its expert techs that adjust the faulty orientations of the video clips.

Methods of using the Lightworks Rotate Video Editing tool for rotating videos


You will first begin with downloading the program on a PC and then installing it properly. Three versions of this software are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, respectively. Then you can rotate the videos by using any of the two methods.

1. Import the desired video file.

2. Mark the imported file, dragging it to the editing timeline.

3. Select the effect of 3D DVE, followed by selecting the control effect of Z rotation for adjusting the video orientation.

4. Move the cursor along the Z-axis to set the video orientation at 90 degrees. You can set any other angle by entering the value into the dedicated box near the Z-axis line.

Method Two:

1. Select the desired frame rate, and you can choose it from the many frame rates pre-set in this software for making the adjustments accordingly.

Methods of using the Lightworks tool for rotating videos

2. In the video, crop the part that you want to be rotated, and you can skip this part if you want the entire video to be rotated. Just select the entire video at once.

Methods of using the Lightworks tool for rotating videos

3. Hit on the Effect option located on the right side of the tool interface.

Methods of using the Lightworks tool for rotating videos

4. In the tab of Effect, select the option of DVE.

Methods of using the Lightworks tool for rotating videos

5. Select the options of Flip-Flop and Slope at the same time for rotating the selected video.

Methods of using the Lightworks tool for rotating videos

Besides, let’s figure out how to record the screen on Windows 10.

Benefits of using the Lightworks Rotate Video Editing tool

The Lightworks rotate video feature is the most professional way to fix the video orientation. Here are some of the benefits of using this tool:

  • The functionality of this software is very simple, with just one feature that does it all. The 3D DVE effect, along with the Z rotation control, gives you the most customized and permanently fixed videos that will be error-free in their outlook.
  • The output videos are fine-tuned and super smooth with the right orientation.
  • You can export the videos in a wide variety of formats.

Downsides of the Lightworks Rotate Video Editing tool

As per the users’ reviews, this tool also noticed several issues. Some of the downsides of this tool are:

  • The Lightworks rotate video feature has a little complicated functioning as the steps may get confusing.
  • The 3D DVE effect stops halfway and isn’t much effective for dissolving or wiping the transitions.
  • Data loss and the need for re-encoding are some other issues, and there is no assistance available for them.

Given the difficulty of this software and the ineffectiveness it has displayed in delivering the results, you might need to take a look at the alternative video rotating tools available. We are going to talk about them now.

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate – Another Great Alternative

If you want software that does the job of rotating videos very professionally and effectively, then the FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate will work out great for you.

This can be another great alternative to the Lightworks rotate video editing tool to try as it comes with comprehensive functionality, including features like compression of the video format, trimming audio, merging the video files, adding subtitles in the videos, and so on.

The feature of video rotation is also present in it and does the job much more conveniently. Other than that, the tool can convert videos and audio of any format into several other formats with ease and speed, giving the best quality outputs.

It supports a wide variety of video resolutions like 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

Get FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

Please just follow below simple guide for rotating the video using this software:

1. Download the FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate tool on a PC and finish its installation. Launch the tool.

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

2. Hit the Add File button to import the desired video file.

3. Now hit the button Edit located at the top, followed by clicking the icon of Rotate.

4. To adjust the video, hit the rotation button on the right.

5. Once all the changes are made, hit the button Apply to save them.

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

6. Lastly, click the button Convert to bring the changes into effect and produce the final video.

Some Other Alternative Video Rotating Tools

There are endless options available in the market for editing video orientation, and here are some more such tools you can try.

Adobe Premiere

This is another professional tool that can help you to fix the orientation of video clips, just like the Lightworks rotate video tool. Here is how to use it:

1. Launch the tool and open the tab File. Select the option Import, choose the desired video file and then open it.

Adobe Premiere

2. Drag that file to the timeline, followed by selecting it. Select the option of Effect Controls, and then hit Motion, followed by the option Rotation.

Adobe Premiere

3. Make an adjustment in the degrees.

4. Save the changes.

The only problem with this tool is that it is not that simple to operate.

Photos App for Windows

This is an in-built program of the Windows OS which allows viewing the media files. However, it can do more than that, and you can rotate the videos with its help too. Here is how:

1. Launch the app on your PC. Hit the button New Video and then choose the option Start a new video project.

2. Drag the desired video to the library and the timeline.

3. Hit the button Rotate to adjust the file orientation.

4. Hit the option Finish Video and select the quality setting.

5. Save the changes.

iMovie for macOS

This is a great tool for Mac users that can rotate the videos easily with some simple steps:

1. Launch the software on the Mac PC.

2. Import the video file and then drag it onto the timeline.

3. Hit the button Crop, and then the buttons rotate to adjust the inclination.

4. Save the changes.

Online Tools

If downloading and using the software seems like a big task for you, try these online video rotating tools that can do the work easily.

Just open any of them in the browser and follow the instructions for rotating the videos. Some such online tools are:

  • Clideo
  • Kapwing
  • RotateVideo


The high-end features of the Lightworks rotate video editing tool strive to give the best results for video rotation but prove to be restrictive.

Alternative tools like FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate make the task of rotating videos not only easier but also promise the best results in the least time.

Some easily available tools can also be tried if you want something simpler and free of cost.