DaVinci Resolve Speed Up Clip – How to Do It & Its Best Alternatives


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DaVinci Resolve Speed Up Clip

“Does anyone know how to change DaVinci resolve playback speed? I am new to this application and wondering how to speed up a clip using it. Also, if there’s a better alternative, please let me know. Thanks in advance!” 

Does the above query applies to you? If not, in simplest terms, do you wonder how to increase DaVinci resolve clip speed?

If so, this article explains how to accomplish that task easily. Moreover, we explain the best alternatives here so you can consider them if DaVinci Resolve fails.

We may need to boost the speed of a video to accomplish various goals. For instance, we might want to do so to keep the audience interested.

For the most part, adjusting the speed of your video will make it more appealing. Using DaVinci Resolve, we’ll look at the method for speeding up a video. 

As per the general acceptance, DaVinci Resolve is a good application that can edit your videos with various effects.

Also, we have mentioned a better app to use in place of DaVinci Resolve playback speed.

Part 1: DaVinci Resolve Clip Speed – Four Different Ways to Do It

You may use DaVinci Resolve in various ways to speed up your videos. Using DaVinci Resolve, we will teach you the methods to boost the speed of a video. Start now.

PS: here is the Davinci Resolve vs. Premiere Pro full comparison for your reference.

Increase Davinci Resolve Playback Speed with the Following Methods – Common Steps

  • First, you should launch DaVinci Resolve on your computer to see the main screen. After that, you can click on the option called “Untitled Project.”
  • Now, you should go to the option called “File.” After that, you can click on the option called “Import Media” as well. Then, you can import that file whose speed should be increased. You can then drag the clip onto the timeline.

Now, you can use any of the methods mentioned below to DaVinci resolve the speed-up clip. Choose a method that matches your requirement.

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Method 01: Use the Edit Page and Increase Davinci Resolve Clip Speed 

  • First, you should launch the Edit Page. Then, go to the screen’s timeline and perform right-click on that respective clip. Now, you can change the speed of the clip.
Use the Edit Page and increase DaVinci resolve clip speed 
  • Now, you can input the amount of speed needed. Please note that you should enter it in percentages. For instance, if you enter 200%, your DaVinci resolve playback speed will be 2X faster. So, keep that in mind and enter the speeds. Moreover, you can see the respective durations and FPS (Frames Per Second).
  • Now, you can click on the option called “Change.” That’s how to change DaVinci resolve clip speed with “Edit Page.”

Method 02: Davinci Resolve Speed-Up Clip using the Speed Adjustment

  • To use this option, you should go to the option called “Cut Page.” After that, you can see an equalizer icon as well. Just click on that icon so you can see the speedometer to proceed. Now, you should click on that icon to define the speed parameters.
  • Now, you can provide video speed. You can enter any value you prefer and check the speed-ups. It also shows the duration of the clip as per the speed. Moreover, it also allows you to choose the speed curve.
DaVinci Resolve speed up clip using the Speed Adjustment

That’s it. With that, you can use Speed Adjustment to change the speed of a video clip.

Method 03: Use the Retime Control

  • To use this option and increase DaVinci resolve clip speed, go to the “Edit” page again. Then, perform a right-click on the respective clip. You can then click on the option called “Retime Controls.” If you prefer to access the same feature using a keyboard shortcut, you can press “Ctrl” + “R.”
Use the Retime Control
  • After accessing Retime Control using either of the aforesaid methods, click on the percentage icon. It is located at the base of the screen (in your timeline).
  • Now, you should click on the option that appears as a drop-down menu. Then, you should go to the option called “Change Speed” as well. You can then select the speed as you wish.
Change Speed on Retime Control

● An Alternate Method for a Davinci Resolve Speed-Up Clip 

As an alternate method, you can simply move the screen’s Play-Head. Stop the play-head, where you should create a specific “speed point” to proceed.

In that specific drop-down menu, you can click on the option “Add Speed Point.” After that, you can drag that specific speed point and change the required speed.

Method 04: Use the Option Called “Retime Curve”

  • Locate the video on the timeline and perform right-click on it to proceed. After that, you can click on the option “Retime Curve.”
Use the option called "Retime Curve" for a DaVinci resolve speed up clip 
  • Observe the timeline, and you’ll notice that it curves. A Retime Frame button will appear on the timeline; click upon that down arrowhead to select Retime Speed. When you see the curve, it will show you how time and speed are related. It’s possible to alter the video’s speed by adjusting the curve.
Retime Frame

Our Final Saying About Davinci Resolve

Mentioned below are the main benefits and drawbacks of DaVinci Resolve.


  • For professionals, DaVinci Resolve seems to be a must-have. Text can be added to videos, audio can be edited, and transitions can be added using DaVinci Resolve. Also, there are many effects included in this application.
  • The color grading in the DaVinci Resolve application is unmatched by any other application.


  • Most users believe that this application is quite difficult to use. For beginners, it’s difficult to operate and causes complications during installation.
  • DaVinci has crashed for several folks while they were using it. Many users say this application did not run as smoothly as expected.

Part 2: Alternatives to Increase Davinci Resolve Playback Speed 

DaVinci Resolve is undoubtedly a superb video editor, but it is quite difficult for novices to use. Many people believe it causes a slew of issues for brand-new clients. Because of this, it is quite pricey.

As a result, it is not accessible to everyone. We’ll show you how to speed up a video in several ways. Using additional software/tools to speed up video is easy with our help.

01. Filmora – for Both Mac and Windows

Movie editing has never been easier than with Filmora. This specific application lets you change the speed of your video in only a few seconds or minutes.

Filmora has a simple user interface. When it comes to editing videos, you don’t even need to have any previous knowledge of video editing. Using Filmora, these are the basic methods to speed up a video.

  • First, you should download and install Filmora. Then, launch it to see the mains screen. After that, choose “File” and click on “New Project.”
  • When you open the window, you’ll notice an Import option in the upper right. Click on Import Media Files in the drop-down menu to begin the process.
import video audio files
  • By dragging the video from its media library to the timeline, add it to the video timeline.
  • Now access the speedometer by clicking on its Speed and Duration icon in the toolbar above the timeline. The speed can be altered by clicking on the icon. You’ll be presented with a menu where you can pick your preferred speed. Then, press the OK button to finalize your selection.
custom speed panel
  • When you’ve changed the speed, have a look at the results. Any issues with the speed can be corrected easily by resetting it if necessary. When you’ve finished editing, save the file.

An easy-to-use editing program, Filmora, is available. This tool can also rotate, divide, and crop video, among other basic editing functions. The video can also be enhanced with animations, effects, transitions, and typefaces.

02. QuickTime Player – for Mac

QuickTime Player is an excellent tool for playing videos. Movies can be viewed and enjoyed without difficulty. The software’s user-friendly design is its greatest asset.

It’s simple to use and does everything for you. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use video player for your Mac, go no further than QuickTime Player.

The playback speed can be adjusted using QuickTime Player. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can easily slow down or speed the video up. So, you can consider it as an alternative to the DaVinci Resolve speed-up clip.  

  • QuickTime Player can be used to play a file in high-speed mode as well. To open the file, select File > Open File from the menu.
  • On the screen, you’ll see options for playing back your recordings. Fast-forwarding will be available, but if you press it, the video will speed up by ten times. Hold on to the option key and then use the fast-forward button to get more precise results.

Video speed can be altered in just two simple actions. QuickTime Player’s flaw is that it causes some audio errors. When the speed is increased, the sound quality suffers.

QuickTime Player

03. EZGif – a Web-based Tool

A web-based application called EZGif can increase the speed of your video in a matter of seconds. Video speed can be easily altered using this method.

It isn’t necessary to download any program to modify the speed. You’re ready to go as soon as you click on the link. It’s ideal for those who only need to convert a few videos simultaneously.

  • Open the EZGif application.
  • Select a file from the drop-down menu. Choose the file you wish to work on. To add a video, click the Upload Video button.
  • The multiplier can be entered after uploading. The multiplier must be bigger than one if you would like to increase the speed of the video. Click on the Change Video Speed button and type in the multiplier.
  • The final result will take some time to download. You can download the file as soon as it’s ready.

This web-based program saves you a lot of time and effort. Video editing is a breeze with this app. There is, however, a limit to how much you may upload; you can’t exceed 100MB. Consider upgrading your plan so that you can store more data.

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1. Can I speed up clips without affecting their quality?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve offers advanced speed adjustment tools that maintain the quality of your clips while altering their playback speed. You can achieve faster speeds without compromising visual integrity.

2. Do I need to upgrade my computer to use DaVinci Resolve efficiently?

While DaVinci Resolve can run on various hardware configurations, upgrading your computer’s RAM, CPU, and GPU can greatly enhance its performance. Consider optimizing your hardware for smoother editing.

3. How do proxy files improve editing speed?

Proxy files are lower-resolution versions of your original clips, reducing the computational load on your system. They facilitate faster editing by providing smoother playback and responsiveness.

4. Can I revert back to the original high-resolution clips after using proxy files?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve allows you to seamlessly switch between proxy files and the original high-resolution clips during the editing process. You can easily toggle between the two as per your requirements.

5. Are GPU drivers important for DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, GPU drivers play a crucial role in maximizing performance in DaVinci Resolve. It is recommended to keep your GPU drivers up to date for optimal functionality.


As a complex tool, DaVinci Resolve requires a detailed explanation of how to use it. This is particularly true if you are a beginner. So, if you are a novice, you will obviously find it difficult to use DaVinci Resolve. Also, it comes with a pretty expensive price tag.

But, to help you speed up your films, we’ve listed a few of the greatest options. We recommend Filmora, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

You can use it to perform any video editing tasks. That means you can use it as an alternative to increasing DaVinci resolve clip speed.  


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