How to Sell Tickets from Ticketmaster on StubHub


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How To Sell Tickets From Ticketmaster On Stubhub

We’ve all been there—you purchase a ticket for a concert or sporting event, but something comes up, and you can’t make it. Or perhaps you managed to score extra tickets with the intention of selling them. What do you do?

Well, if you bought your tickets from Ticketmaster, you can easily resell them on StubHub. But how do you go about it? This article will walk you through the process step by step.

Understanding the Ticket Selling Platforms

Before we dive into the process, let’s clarify what Ticketmaster and StubHub are.

What is Ticketmaster?


Ticketmaster is a leading ticket sales and distribution company. Whether you’re a fan looking to see your favorite band or team, Ticketmaster is one of the go-to platforms for ticket purchases.

What is StubHub?

StubHub logo

StubHub, on the other hand, is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of tickets. If you have a ticket that you can no longer use or want to sell for profit, StubHub is a great place to list it.

Preparing to Sell

Now that we’re clear on what these platforms are let’s prepare to sell.

Validate the Resale and Transferability of Your Tickets

It’s critical to recognize that not all tickets bought via Ticketmaster are available for resale or transferrable to a different individual. Certain tickets may be subject to limitations or restrictions set by the event organizer, venue, artist, or even Ticketmaster itself. For instance, some tickets could be non-transferable, implying that only the original purchaser or a named individual can use them.

Furthermore, some tickets may only be accessible in paperless or mobile form, necessitating a particular device or verification method to gain entry to the event. To ascertain whether your tickets can be resold or transferred, sign into your Ticketmaster account and navigate to your order history.

Locate the event you intend to sell and click on the “Sell” or “Transfer” option adjacent to it. If these choices are absent, it signifies that your tickets cannot be resold or transferred.

Ticketmaster Sell or Transfer

Ensuring the eligibility of your tickets for resale and transfer can spare you from future complications. If ineligible tickets are listed on StubHub, you could be subjected to penalties or charges from Ticketmaster or StubHub or risk losing your tickets altogether.

Additionally, it could lead to frustration or anger for the buyer, who might not be able to utilize the tickets or receive a refund. Hence, it is always wiser to verify before you list.

Create an Account on StubHub

First things first, you need to have a StubHub account. If you don’t already have one, you can quickly create it by visiting the StubHub website.

Understand the Policies of Both Platforms

Ensure you’re familiar with the policies of both platforms. This will help you navigate any potential issues down the line and ensure a smooth selling process.

Besides, here, we will learn about StubHub, the popular online ticket reselling platform. Is it reliable? Is StubHub legit? Find out more about buying tickets through StubHub here.

How to List Your Tickets on StubHub from Ticketmaster

Register Your Tickets on StubHub

Should your tickets qualify for resale and transfer, you can proceed to list them on StubHub. For this, you will need to establish a free account on StubHub or log in if you’re already a member. Afterward, visit the “Sell Tickets” page and search for the event you wish to sell.

Choose the date and time of the event and provide your ticket details, such as section, row, seat number, quantity, and price. You can also decide if you want the price to fluctuate based on market demand or remain constant. Subsequently, choose your preferred payment method for your tickets—direct deposit, PayPal, or a StubHub credit. Lastly, review and confirm your listing.

Pricing your tickets is a crucial aspect when listing them on StubHub. You’ll want to establish a price that is enticing for buyers but also ensures a profit for you. Several factors can influence your ticket price, including the event’s popularity, seat location, and quality, event date and time, the availability of and competition from other sellers, and StubHub’s fees.

You can utilize StubHub’s pricing tools and suggestions to help establish a fair and competitive price for your tickets. Furthermore, keep an eye on market trends and adjust your price as necessary.

Set your price StubHub

Also, in this article, we will discover how to cancel a StubHub order as a buyer or seller. Learn to retract listings, request refunds, and understand the replacement policy on StubHub.

Shift Your Tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub

Following the listing of your tickets on StubHub, the subsequent step is transferring them from Ticketmaster to StubHub. This allows the buyer to obtain and utilize them.

Here’s the process for relocating tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub:

  • Hold off until your tickets are sold on StubHub, and a confirmation email from them is received.
  • Navigate to your Ticketmaster account and locate the order that you wish to shift.
  • Press the “Transfer” button adjoining the order. Key in the buyer’s email address, as provided by StubHub. Hit the “Send Tickets” option and affirm the transfer.
  • Receive an additional email from Ticketmaster confirming the successful transfer. The duration required to transfer your tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub is reliant on multiple factors, such as the method of ticket delivery (e.g., electronic vs. physical), the internet connection speed (e.g., Wi-Fi vs. cellular), and the number of transfers (e.g., peak vs. off-peak hours).
Shift Your Tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub-01
Shift Your Tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub-02
Shift Your Tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub-03

Typically, the transfer should not exceed a few minutes. Nonetheless, in some instances, it might take longer or demand supplementary steps.

The shift of tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub is advantageous to both you and the buyer. For you, it signifies a secure and convenient selling of your tickets, devoid of shipping or delivery complications. You also sidestep potential frauds or scams that might occur if you sell your tickets directly to an unknown buyer. For the buyer, it ensures they receive their tickets promptly and easily, without doubts about authenticity or validity.

Reap Your Profits

After shifting your tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub, you’ll receive your payment from StubHub within 5-8 business days post the event date. You can verify the status of your payment on your StubHub account under “My Tickets” > “Sales“.

Additionally, you can monitor your sales history and performance via StubHub’s Seller Dashboard. Congratulations! You have successfully sold your Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub.

The sum of money you procure from selling your Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub depends on multiple factors, like the price you set for your tickets, the service fees charged by StubHub, and your chosen payment method.


There you have it—a simple guide on how to sell your Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but once you’ve gone through the process, it’s quite straightforward. Just remember to stay on top of your listing and keep up with any changes in demand. Happy selling!


Generally, yes. But some tickets may have restrictions, so it’s best to check the specific terms and conditions of your ticket.

After the buyer receives the tickets, payment is typically processed within 5-8 business days.

Yes, you can cancel your listing at any time as long as your tickets haven’t sold.

If you run into any issues transferring tickets, it’s best to contact StubHub’s customer service right away.

Yes, StubHub charges a fee for selling tickets on their platform. This is usually a percentage of the selling price.

Selling your tickets on Ticketmaster is straightforward. Sign in to your Ticketmaster account, navigate to ‘My Tickets‘ and find the event you wish to sell. If the ‘Sell‘ button is visible, your tickets are eligible for resale. Click ‘Sell‘, set your price, choose your payout method, and list them.

Ticketmaster Sell

If Ticketmaster isn’t allowing you to sell your tickets, it could be due to restrictions set by the event organizer, venue, or artist. Tickets could also be non-transferrable or only available in specific formats. Always verify the event’s resale rules on Ticketmaster’s website.

Other than Ticketmaster, you can resell your tickets on platforms like StubHub. After confirming your tickets’ eligibility for resale, you can list them on StubHub, set your price, and wait for them to sell. Upon sale, you will have to transfer the tickets to the buyer using the provided information.


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