Snapchat Saver | How to Save Snapchat Videos Easily

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People today are going gaga over Snapchat. Snapchat is a special type of multimedia and image messaging application.

Right now, Snapchat is among the top-rated apps in both the App Store and Play Store.

But, many users still want to learn how they can save Snapchat videos, save Snapchat pics, messages, photos, etc., with the professional Snapchat Video Saver.

Snapchat & Why Do We Need Snapchat Saver?

Among the main concepts of Snapchat is that messages and pictures can only be seen for such a period of time before these become inaccessible for good. Due to the app’s unique nature, it is not a big surprise that this rose to become more and more popular all over the world.

The only thing is that they have no idea how they will be able to keep the short-lived snaps forever. Since Snapchat is not like many of the social networking apps you can find right now, its self-deleting feature is the very thing that makes it popular and infamous at the same time.

The good news is that there are now numerous ways available on the market to help and let users save their snaps. So, what are these ways to help you save your snaps on your device before they disappear for good?

Part 1. Top Snapchat Video Savers to Save Snapchat Videos

1. Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder

When SnapSave stopped working, tons of people did not know about other alternatives to save Snapchat.

Fortunately, there is a great toolkit from Dr.fone, which can help you in saving snaps. It is called Dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder, which is a trusted and reliable Snapchat Saver and easy to use.

What makes this toolkit amazing is that it can record your screen on a computer flexibly and easily.

The Snapchat Saver also offers the following:

  • Supports iPad, iPod, and iPhone that operates on iOS 7.1 and above.
  • Supports un-jailbroken and jailbroken devices.
  • Record videos, mobile games, Facetime, and so on.
  • The Snapchat Saver mirrors your device to the projector or computer wirelessly.

Ways to Save Snapchat Videos Using iOS Screen Recorder

Here are the steps to the best Snapchat Video Saver with the use of dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder:

1. Install iOS Screen Recorder on your device. Then, you’ll be asked for permission to continue the installation. Tap the “Confirm” button and wait until the installation is over.

2. In this second step, go to Settings directly when the installation is over and look for Device Management.

Tap the developer’s name that has listed Screen Recorder. After that, tap the “Trust” button.

3. Start recording your screen. Once the installation is done, run the app. Tap the Next button for you to record the screen on the iOS device.

The video will be saved in the camera roll when it’s done. You will also find your HD video recordings.

Download dr.fone iOS Screen Recorder

2. MirrorGo

If you are wondering how to connect the Android device with the Snapchat Saver – MirrorGo, follow these steps:

1. Open the MirrorGo on your computer, and click the shortcut icon twice to launch the toolkit.

Click the Snapchat Video Saver – MirrorGo among the other tools.

2. Connect your Android to your computer. You can do this by using a USB cable. See to it that you have enabled the USB debugging on the device. If not, you may follow the instructions below to enable the USB debut.

If the device runs on Android 4.2 and above, it’ll ask you to enable USB Debugging. You only need to tap the Allow button on the popup message on the Android device.

In just a few seconds, the Android Video Downloader will recognize and connect your Android device successfully.

Steps to Record and Mirror Android Screen on Your Computer:

1. Mirror the Android Screen on your Computer

After your Android device is successfully connected, this Android Screen Recorder begins to mirror the Android screen automatically.

If you do the operation on the Android screen, you’ll see it on the computer. In addition, you may also use the mouse to control anything on an Android device.

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2. Record the Android Screen on Your Computer with the Snapchat Saver

Suppose you like to record any Android video, game, or operation on an Android device. In that case, you only need to click on the Android Recorder button, which can be found above the Settings button on the right part of the navigation bar.

There would be a popup message to confirm the recording. You only need to click Start Now, and the Android Screen Recorder will begin recording anything on the Android screen.

You may see how long it’s been recording and hit the red button for it to stop recording. The recorded videos are saved automatically on the computer. You may change the save location through the settings.

Download MirrorGo Android Screen Recorder

3. QuickTime Player

If you have a Mac, you have another choice to save SnapChat videos by taking the assistance of QuickTime.

It’s a reliable method of using QuickTime, as Apple owns it. Besides, it’s effortless to use.

Then just follow up with simple steps to learn how to save Snapchat videos via QuickTime.

Step 1. Download and install QuickTime on your Mac. And then, connect your iPhone to the system by a lightning cable.

Step 2. Select the “New Movie Recording” option to initiate the process.

Step 3. And now, it will request you to select a source for your recording. Just click on the down arrow to get all the options.

And then, you will need to choose your iPhone as a source for Snapchat saves.

Step 4. In minutes, QuickTime will mirror your iPhone’s screen. Then, open Snapchat and start recording on QuickTime before opening the video.

It will seamlessly record the videos. Once the job is finished, please click the Stop button and save the video.

4. Casper for Android

For Android users, you can choose Casper to save Snapchat videos. It’s very popular too, with an interface similar to Snapchat, and it can save Snapchat with just simple clicks.

But, unlike other methods, its constant use might block your account. So if you prefer to record Snapchat videos without connecting your Android to any system, this is a great choice.

Follow below simple steps to save Snapchat videos now.

Step 1. Download Casper here and launch it. After that, please provide your Snapchat credentials to import your videos.

Step 2. It’s similar to Snapchat. Open the video that you would like to save. Tap on the Download icon in the top right corner, and the job starts.

Step 3. Please go to Settings and open the “Saved Snaps” folder to access your videos. You can video your video there and transfer it to other devices.

Having the best Snapchat saver will surely offer you lots of benefits. Just make sure to follow the steps properly to save Snapchat videos, photos, messages, and the like.

Part 2. How to Save Snapchat Photos Simply?

Take a look at some easy ways to save Snapchat videos, photos, and stories to your phone via professional Snapchat Saver so you can see them again later on.

1. Save Snapchat Photos by Taking Screenshots

The first and probably the easiest method to save Snapchat photos is by taking a screenshot of your snap or photo.

While it is allowed in Snapchat to take screenshots, you have to note that every time you take a screenshot, an alert will be sent to the sender.

A screenshot icon will tell the sender that someone took a screenshot of his or her snap.

If you have no idea how to take screenshots, you just have to hold down the home and power buttons simultaneously for several seconds.

In Android devices, you can press the volume up/down and power buttons simultaneously.

But, when a snap has been set to expire in a matter of seconds, it’s very hard to find some time to take that screenshot.

For this, you will need to have really quick fingers for you to do it. Aside from that, this method will only let you save Snapchat photos, not videos.

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2. Save Snapchat Photos in Flight Mode

The following method to save Snapchat photos is a bit complicated compared to taking mere screenshots.

This will involve setting your device in an airplane or flight mode.

  • Once done right, the sender will not be notified when you take a screenshot of his or her photos.
  • In this example, an iPhone will be used, although the process is pretty much similar for Android devices.
  • For starters, you have to ensure that the snap is really the one you like to take a screenshot of.
  • Snapchat does not let you preview a snap; all you have here is to take a chance. Snaps from a specific sender who often sends you snaps that are worthy of a screenshot are the best target for this.
  • Once you get a hunch that the particular snap you are about to open is worthy of being saved, you can proceed.
  • Without closing your Snapchat app, you have to swipe up from the lower part of your phone screen to open the control center of your device.
  • You will see the small airplane icon on the upper left. Click on this to activate flight or airplane mode.

For Android phones, it is often done with a mere downward swipe from the top of the phone screen. You will see the same icon as in iPhones for activating flight mode.

  • When you are already in flight or airplane mode, your phone will no longer be connected to any particular network. All the communication and networking features of your device will be shut down.
  • Now, on the inbox screen in Snapchat, open the specific Snap you would like to save. Just take a screenshot of that snap before the time runs out.
  • After taking the screenshot, you can log out of your Snapchat.
  • When logging out of Snapchat, go home or the camera screen on Snapchat. Click on the ghost icon found on top of the screen to bring up the profile screen.
  • Click on the gear icon to proceed to Snapchat settings. Look for the Log Out link by scrolling down. Tap on this for you to log out.
  • Since you are still in airplane mode, there is a chance that you cannot log out. But still, click on that LogOut icon just the same.

You can now close your Snapchat app.

To close the app, just double-press your iPhone’s home button and then swipe away from the app.

For Android devices, it is often done by tapping on the icon left or right to the home icon so that all of the currently open apps will be shown as a list.

Swipe away the app for you to close it.

You can now turn off your phone’s flight mode.

Once you are connected to the Internet, just open the Snapchat app to log back in.

You will see that the particular snap you took a screenshot of remains unopened, and its sender will have no idea what you just did.

3. Save Snapchat Photos by SnapSave

SnapSave for Snapchat is basically an app to screenshot and save that enables everyone to save photos without notifying the sender. It’s another exceptional feature is it enables the user to see as some people’s snaps as many as they want.

SnapSave app for Android was available previously in the play store, yet not anymore. However, it is still available in the iOS App Store. This app works as a replacement for Snapchat.

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Here are some of the steps that you may follow to save Snapchat using SnapSave:

  • SnapSave isn’t affiliated with Snapchat, and its usage could violate the terms and conditions of Snapchat. Thus, proper login into a Snapchat account is very crucial.
  • The users may log in using their Snapchat account through the SnapSave with the use of Snapchat information.
  • Both apps can be accessed simultaneously. As the user opens an app, it leads to logging out automatically from the other app.
  • Once the user has opened a snap with the use of the official Snapchat app, it cannot be saved using SnapSave.
  • For you to save Snapchat, there’s a download icon found on the lower left side.
  • Once the stories are saved, users get notified, and this is saved in the folder of My Stories.
  • According to reports recently, there have been some negative reports on SnapSave online, which forced Google to get rid of it from Google Play Store.

If the SnapSave isn’t working properly, there are several things you can do. There have been reports that the SnapSave app isn’t working or has several log issues. However, the most common error shows that it can’t connect to the internet or the phone is always offline, even if it is connected to the Internet.

The reason behind it is that Snapchat doesn’t provide any third-party developer official access to their APIs. Nevertheless, the presence of many third-party apps makes it clear that reverse engineering is not very difficult.

Snapchat is now paying attention to this problem, and they have started shutting down every third-party app. They also declared the usage of third-party apps illegal as well as its usage is against Snapchat’s terms and conditions. This is why SnapSave for Android was removed from Google Play Store.