How to Remove/Delete Samsung Account Without Password?

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Is there a possibility to remove the Samsung account without a password? If yes, what are the steps I should take?

I am curious about this as I have lost my password recently and feel helpless. So, I would appreciate it if someone could assist me. Thanks a million!

As you may already know, Samsung accounts are a valuable addition to the overall user experience. An account on Samsung helps you access some amazing features. But what if you have lost the password due to some reason or another?

There can be many reasons for you to lose a password. Regardless of the reason, you might be wondering how to delete a Samsung account without a password.

In fact, there are many individuals who want to remove their Samsung accounts without a password. So, let’s read this article and learn what you can do about it.

With that said, you can go ahead and read this article to find practical solutions to address this situation. In other words, let’s learn how to remove your Samsung account without a password.  

Solution 1: Remove Samsung Account Without a Password using the Official Method

We can generally ask Samsung to discover and erase any accounts associated with the phone. It is true, particularly if we don’t have the password.

Follow the thorough instructions below if you’d want to get started on your Samsung phone.

  • Open the Samsung device’s settings app located in its app drawer after unlocking your phone.
  • Click “Cloud & Accounts” on your way down the page now. The tab labeled “Accounts” can be found on the following screen.
Remove Samsung Account Without Password using the Official Method
  • After that, select Samsung Account under “options” and select “My profile” from the following list.
  • Assume that you have forgotten the password or email. In that case, you can click “Forgot ID & Password” on the account interface. You’ll be presented with a choice of browsers in a pop-up window.
  • When prompted by the browser, enter the email address in the ID & password fields. Your password will be reset in an email from Samsung.
  • Back in the Samsung account’s settings, select “Remove Account” in the top-right position.  

Solution 2: Remove Samsung Account Without a Password using the Official Website

Here’s another official method if you wonder how to delete a Samsung account without a password. You can try this tool simply by visiting their official website straightaway.

Mentioned below is what you should do in order to follow these steps.

  • Go to its login page first. Then, you should go to “Sign in” on your PC or mobile browser. The option called “Forget ID/Reset Password” is located underneath the sign-in option. Click on that link.
Sign in to Samsung Account
  • To find your ID or reset your password, you should now be led to a dedicated page. Select “Reset Password” from the drop-down menu. Press “Next” after entering the ID (your Email).
Reset Password on Samsung website
  • An email with a link to “Reset Passwords” will now be sent with the instructions. Enter and confirm a new password that is more secure. Be sure that you enter a good password that cannot be guessed by strangers. Then, you should press “Reset.”
  • Once you have reset the password, you should go to the option called “Samsung Account.” You can remove your account by clicking “Remove Account” in the three dots menu.
  • Removing your Samsung device requires you to enter the Samsung account password and confirm your action.
Remove Samsung Account Without Password using the Official Website

Solution 3: Get in Touch with Samsung Support and Delete the Account

You’ve complete control over the deletion of your Samsung Webpage account. And you can do it whenever you want to do so. However, what if you’ve forgotten your password?

In that case, your only option is to contact Samsung and request that your account be deleted. There’re a few ways to get in touch with customer service.

Samsung will request some additional information to verify your identity before deleting your account. So, keep that in mind if you wonder how to remove your Samsung account without a password.

Important: Removing Google Lock on a Samsung Device Without a Password

Some users prefer to utilize their Google accounts instead of using Samsung accounts on their devices. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a powerful tool designed to circumvent Google lock installed on Samsung devices if you wish.

4uKey removes your Samsung account’s password in a few simple steps. Thanks to this amazing feature, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the password of your Google lock.

  • Once the installation is completed, you should launch the 4uKey application on the PC. Then, you should plug the respective smartphone into that PC. Be sure that you use a genuine USB cable. After the connection is established, go to “Remove Google Lock.” You should do that after the device is identified.
4uKey for Android
  • Select and verify the necessary data. To begin, click the green-hued “Send Notifications” button.
Select OS Version
  • On the connected phone, hit “view” when you get the notification.
Setup Samsung Device
  • It will take you a few minutes to complete. You will get a message saying that the lock is bypassed successfully at the end of this process.
Removing Google Lock on a Samsung Device Without a Password Using 4uKey

Obvious to Protect Your Phone with a Security Lock (Password/PIN/Fingerprint Etc.)

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why everyone should have a security lock on their phones.

01. Distractions Can Be Reduced by Locking Your Screen

Additionally, if you’re concerned about identity theft, you may want to consider locking your phone. The temptation to check social media, email, and play some games will be strong when the device is unlocked. When you are at home, you don’t have to worry about this as much. While at school or work, you don’t want to be distracted by other things.

We can assume that your smartphone is unlocked while you are working, studying, or in a meeting. You make the fast decision to glance at your Facebook news stream. Only to discover that you’ve been passed in your preferred game. As a result, you opt to launch that app and get an advantage over the other party.

You could lose out on essential information during a conference or a class, which is terrible enough. Worse yet, you could get caught by your boss or teacher. When you’re out and about, locking your device is the best course of action.

02. Battery Life Can Be Improved with the Use of Screen Locking

Locking your screen might also slow down the rate at which your battery drains. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use the phone and seeing that it’s dead. Charging your phone isn’t an issue; it’s fine to do so. It’s critical to conserve your phone’s battery if you’re out trekking and need to use it as a guide.

Think about turning off alerts, reducing the brightness of the screen, and going into airplane mode. In fact, they are all strategies to save battery life while we’re addressing power conservation here. Installing a battery-saving app on your phone is another option.

03. Protect Your Data by Locking Your Screen

Let’s take a look at one more compelling reason to keep your phone locked. There’s no need to be concerned if you’re fortunate enough to use unlimited data through the phone plan. On the other hand, data overages are a major annoyance for those who have limited data plans. 

When you are bored, it’s easy to lose track of your data. However, you are less likely to use your phone if you’ve locked your screen.

04. Protecting Your Phone by Locking the Screen is a Good Idea

In the end, let’s be honest with ourselves. At work, social gatherings, restaurants, retail establishments, and bars alike, we can’t be without our smartphones. It’s not uncommon to be out in public locations while worrying about someone snooping on your phone.

Assume that your phone is stolen. In that case, you may find that your phone account includes charges for strange calls that you didn’t make. You can avoid this issue by locking your phone.

Even if you lose or misplace your phone, you may still have private information protected. When it comes to avoiding embarrassment, locking the smartphone can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mentioned below are some of the most frequently asked questions about “how to remove Samsung account without password.”

With a factory reset, you can reset your device. However, it doesn’t remove the password. That means you should enter the password to access the Samsung account even after the factory reset.

No. You cannot remove the Google lock just because you reset the device. Even if you perform a factory reset, you are required to provide the password to access it.

This feature is known as Google FRP. So, it is a much better approach for a professional tool like Tenorshare 4uKey to accomplish the same.

It is always important to remember that neither Samsung nor Google allows you to remove passwords officially. So, in this case, you should use a professional application like 4uKey.

This amazing tool has the ability to remove patterns, fingerprints, PINs, and even passwords from your device.


Finally, deleting a Samsung account without a password isn’t something that can be done with any certainty. To delete your Samsung account, please follow the instructions in the preceding section as well.

If you’ve forgotten your Samsung Google account or screen lock password, you might try utilizing the 4uKey tool. In other words, if you want to remove/delete a Samsung account without a password, 4uKey is a lifesaver.


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