How to Find a Music Video by Describing It Easily?


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How to Find a Music Video by Describing It

Ever wondered about the best way to find a music video by describing it? Well, there are several different ways to do that, and we will explain them below.

If you are a music lover, you will find this article useful. So, go ahead and find those forgotten music videos that are hard to find.

Most Practical Ways to Find Music Videos by Describing It  

You may have hundreds of songs in your mind, but sometimes, you may forget even your favorite songs. You may only remember some of their words.

If it is a music video, you might forget the song but will remember some of the clips. If that has happened to you, below is how to find a music video by describing it.

That means we are here to give you the good news. You can go through the methods mentioned below and find forgotten music videos.

01. Go for a Google Search

how to find a music video by describing it

This method is easy if you remember at least a line of the song played in the music video. In this case, all you need is to type those words in the Google search engine. Type the words you remember and click the “Search” button.

If any of those lyrics are correct, Google can bring a large range of results. Then, you can see if that relates to the video you are searching for. Choosing the most relevant search result out of the rest is up to you.

If nothing works, you can modify the search by changing the words. Also, you can go for the advanced search tool and check if it works. But you should not worry because there are other ways to accomplish this task.

02. Use YouTube to Find a Music Video by Describing It

Well, there is another easy way to find music videos by using a description. This time, you can do it through YouTube. You can use YouTube as a search engine in this case. However, you don’t type it into the search bar and hit enter this time.

Instead, you will have to refine your search to get more accurate results. Did you know that some advanced search options are also included on YouTube? You can use those options to narrow your search results and get the desired result.

When it comes to advanced search operators, you can include parameters like upload date and duration. Also, you can use search operators such as features and type. Then, the exact words you intend to search for should be included within inverted commas.

In addition, you can press the button called “Filter” so your results will be refined. You can get accurate results with those filters.

All you need is to enter the keywords within the search results. When you wonder how to find a music video by describing it, “Features” and “Duration” are extremely handy.

03. Try to Get Assistance from a Community

Try to Get Assistance from a Community

If you are still unable to find music videos even after searching on YouTube or Google, here’s another method. This method will work if you are able to find the correct community on the internet.

There are plenty of song-naming communities on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, etc. If not, you can use an online resource like Wat Zat Song.

Be sure that you choose active communities to post your songs, however. When you post a song to a community, you must try to provide details as much as possible. In addition to that, you can describe the sequences as well as the lyrics. You can also tell them the parts that you already remember.

If you still remember some of the characters found in the video, be sure to explain them as well. That should be described in your description. If you remember the release date or any other specific details related to that matter, provide them as well.

04. Go for an Advanced Search on Google

Go for an Advanced Search on Google

When you perform a Google search, there are some advanced options to try, like on YouTube. You can filter the results more and get more accurate results. When you perform an Advanced Search on Google, you can go for advanced results.

For instance, you can choose the region, the updated time, key phrases, and other relevant parameters. In addition, you can also give the search engine various examples.

05. Get the Assistance of a Song Identifier

Get the Assistance of a Song Identifier

Well, you can find plenty of apps that can identify songs. These apps are designed to assist individuals who love to search for their favorite music videos and songs.

Compared to pretty much all the other search engines, song identifiers have a different method. In this case, you should hum or whistle to the microphone. Some apps require you to press the “Search a song,” and some use voice commands.

You can hum that song for about 10 seconds when the mic is activated. Then, the results will be displayed.

SoundHound is one of those tools you can use and find music videos using audio assistance. If not, you can use Google Assistant to find music videos. If your search engine can identify the voice, you can see that it is redirected to a results page.

06. Look for the Discography of the Respective Artist

There are many instances in which you remember the artist’s name but not the song. If that’s the case, you can search through the biography of the respective artist. Then, you can go through the songs he or she has done throughout her career.

You can also rely on search engines to achieve the same purpose. For instance, you can check the respective artist’s Wikipedia and the songs and music videos.

The Apple Music page and Spotify are two more options because the songs can be there. Also, if you remember any of the actors performed in the song, that will make things easier.

In addition to that, do you remember at least one of the actors in that video? If so, you can simply search for their details in the video. That will return some handy results and more information related to the music video.

07. How to Find a Music Video by Describing It Using Musipedia

how to find a music video by describing it Using Musipedia

It is always possible to use a tool like Musipedia to find music videos. You can use this tool to search for a specific song by whistling or playing it on a piano. In this case, you don’t have to use lyrics; instead, you can use just the tone.

However, you should remember that Musipedia is handy for finding songs that exactly match the recording. It is possible to identify the music that has a specific melody.

08. How to Find a Music Video by Describing It by Bome


Just like the name suggests, Bome lets you play the melody of a song and identify the video song.

This tool can search for the respective music in the cloud. It has an onscreen keyboard, and it is so simple. You can enter a specific melody or do the same using the mouse.

If you intend to enter a melody, you can use the mouse. Then, click on the “Search” button. Then, you will see a large range of matching songs. You don’t have to use the entire melody in this case. All you need is the first 6-8 notes.

09. How to Find a Music Video by Describing It by AHA Music

how to find a music video by describing it Via AHA Music

Do you want to know how to find a music video by describing it? But what if you don’t remember the lyrics of it? Don’t worry; this specific song will use a music identifier. Basically, it is an identifier that works on browsers.

In fact, there are two main options in AHA Music to identify the music you prefer. As per the first method, you will have to play the music video for another device to “listen.” All you need is to hum it or sing the words you remember with the correct melody.

10. Use Midomi to Find Music Videos 

how to find a music video by describing it Using Midomi

This is another excellent tool that can be used to find the songs you love. If you have a song in your head, that will make things easier for you. If you intend to track down a song that you don’t remember, Midomi can help you out.

To accomplish this task, just go ahead and hum your melody to the microphone. Then, Midomi will do the needful. It will perform a comprehensive search on the internet and see if it can yield a result.

Unlike many other apps, Midomi is a different web app that lets you hum or sing. You should do it for about 10 seconds, and you will get the list of songs to match melodies. All you need is to ensure that the volume is loud enough and sing in a quiet environment.

It is possible to use the Midomi service for free. However, it comes with a mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iPhones. So, you can go ahead and identify the songs using this app.

11. How to Find a Music Video by Describing It via Shazam

How to Find a Music Video by Describing It via Shazam

Shazam is another superb app that is available for both Android and iPhone users. All you need is to go ahead and install the app through the respective app store.

Then, just hold the device to the source of the respective song’s audio. Then, you should click on the tag button to proceed. Shazam will then identify the music that is played.

You don’t have to pay for their service if the respective song is not identified. You can even track five songs for free every month. Shazam also has a paid version for them that offers unlimited tracking for $4.99.

One downside associated with Shazam is that it plays only pre-recorded music. You cannot search for songs using live music.

Learn more about top Shazam alternative for iOS and Android.

12. Using MusicID


In this method, let’s learn how to find a music video by describing it using MusicID. If you have no clue about the lyrics, you can use this option to find those videos.

This app will explain what sort of song is playing. You can get MusicID for a price of $3 on iPhones across the globe. On the other hand, you can use any device on AT&T.

One downside of this option is that it works with pre-recorded music. They offer a service with SMS. This service allows you to place the phone next to a music player. Then, your smartphone will “listen” to the music and find similar melodies.

After getting that message on your device, you can access the song you were waiting for.

13. Using AudioTag

how to find a music video by describing it Using

This option is handy for those who wonder how to find a music video by describing it. You only need to record a brief clip of the music song you intend to find.

Then, AudioTag will find the title of that song. You can upload a short audio clip as well. Even the full audio clip can be uploaded to this app, and get the music video.

You can extract a portion from the middle if you want the best results. If not, you can even upload the entire song. That will let the respective search engine crawl for your song.

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Finding a music video by describing it might seem like a challenging task, but with the right tools and strategies, it becomes more achievable. Remember to focus on descriptive keywords, leverage video streaming platforms, search engines, social media, and music recognition apps.

Additionally, tap into online communities, use advanced search operators, and check official channels and websites. By combining these approaches, you’ll enhance your chances of discovering that elusive music video.


Q1: Can I find a music video if I only remember a few lyrics?

A: Yes, you can. Try entering those lyrics in a search engine or using music recognition apps to identify the song and potentially find the music video.

Q2: Are there any specific apps for finding music videos?

A: While there aren’t dedicated apps solely for finding music videos, video streaming platforms like YouTube and social media apps offer extensive music video collections.

Q3: How long does it usually take to find a music video using these methods?

A: The time it takes varies depending on the amount of information you remember, the popularity of the song, and your search skills. Persistence is key.

Q4: What if I remember the music video but not the song title or artist?

A: Descriptive keywords related to the video’s visuals or themes can help you in your search. Use these keywords in combination with the methods mentioned in this article.

Q5: Can I use voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to find music videos?

A: Yes, voice assistants can be helpful. Describe the music video to the assistant, and they may provide you with relevant search results or direct you to video streaming platforms.


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